Transplatatsiya soul

December 19, 2011 11:18

There is growing evidence that, together with the transplant man gets habits, temperament and memory donor. Maybe — a part of his soul. And sometimes even transferred operation repeats the fate of the donor … It happened to Sonny Graham, 69-year-old American. It was a fun and adventurous people, is a rare luck.

No luck failed him on the table cardiac surgery: donor heart was found quickly (it belonged to 33-year-old Terry Cauldron, who committed suicide by shooting a gun to the head), the operation is successful, the rehabilitation period was brief. A couple of months Sonny was discharged from the hospital, and even younger.

Soon Graham, a wealthy widow, contacted the donor family to thank. He began to write letters to the widow of the Cauldron, 39-year-old Cheryl. Between them struck up a romance, and they married. But then again, Mrs. Graham became a widow — her new husband shot himself in circumstances similar to the suicide of the former. Friends say that Sonny Graham did not suffer from depression, and are at a loss, which could lead to its voluntary withdrawal from life. There was nothing that could somehow explain the fatal decision is always cheerful and balanced Sonny.

Experts explain this phenomenon is the theory of "cellular memory." At its core — an assumption that cells remember and repeat the previous owner personality. Renowned professor of psychology and medicine, Gary Schwartz, founder of the University of Arizona Human Energy Systems Laboratory, has written several books on the subject. According to him, at least 10 percent of people who have had organ transplants, there are changes in the psyche. "Prescribed cases — said Gary Schwartz — when transplant patients are completely changing the eating habits and lifestyle. As it turns out, the new features in the behavior characterized the donor, from which the organs. "

36 year old transplanted heart and lung 20-year-old girl who died in an accident when she was in a hurry for a date.

After that, she began to dream often happy with his dear young man. "Happiness overwhelms me — she says. — So often, as now, I never laughed. This claim all who know me from a young age. "

Young ballet dancer from New York Sylvia Clare transplanted complex "heart — lungs." After discharge from the hospital, the first thing she did — stuffed in a fast food restaurant burgers. Sylvia earlier this would not have allowed himself.

In addition, she became aggressive and hot-tempered. At night she became obsessive dream attractive guy with a tattoo on his arm, "TL". She decided to find out who her donor, and found that a 18-year-old boy, died in a motorcycle. His name was Timothy Leary, he was aggressive, violent and loved hamburgers.

They have even been found near the scene of his death, in the road otletevshey bag.
"People are waiting for organ transplants, should be warned about the possible changes of personality" — said Professor Schwartz.

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