Trial against Sannikov: prosecution witnesses take the side of protection

May 10 in the trial of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, and four other members of the Plaza were the witnesses of the prosecution and defense. Still in the process there is no evidence of specific illegal acts of the defendants, and some prosecution witnesses had actually started to protect those who are in jail.

Igor Poluian, Director of Minsk by "Grand fort", which sells flowers in the underpass near October Square, a witness told the court that on December 19 he was asked to close shop vendors on an hour earlier than usual. So they recommended unknown in civilian clothes. The director listened. But the court rejected any claims against the demonstrators: "I'm used to that in Belarus the opposition rally held quietly," — he said. That was the last time, the store no one touched. Calculate any damages or lost profits director refused and said that on Sunday, and so few buyers, "Nothing bad will see shut down, so shut down."

Behaved similarly to the previous meetings of the other witnesses from commercial enterprises caused by the prosecutor. They said that any claims against the demonstrators do not have a representative of the Palace of Culture of Trade Unions even recanted his previous testimony. So a prosecution witness in the trial of the exhibition space is actually getting in the way of protection. It is noticed Olga Bondarenko, wife recently convicted prisoner Dmitry Bondarenko. It believes that its witnesses the prosecutor calls "for show":

"If I was not told in advance that this is the witness of the prosecution, and it is — from the defense, I would not even see the difference. Because the prosecution witnesses testified in favor of guys and Andrei Sannikov. "

Olga Bondarenko came to trial Sannikov, as she could be free from their vigilant cases arising after the announcement of the verdict for the size of her husband. At the moment, she appealed to the City Court and filed a complaint on a date with Dimitri.

The same opinion about the witnesses and the father of another of the accused for the Area journalist Irina Khalip, father of Andrei Sannikov Vladimir Khalip:

"This regime wants to break people and do all the scum. But that's not possible. A lot, a lot, a lot of people with honor and dignity. They do not want to lie, to be witnesses for the benefit of the absurd, crazy accusations. We have seen people who have come and told the truth, that they do not interfere with one that no loss they have suffered. "

May 11, at the district court of Minsk will Condo trial Vladimir's daughter Irina Khalip. A look at the processes from Mr. Khalip very grim:

They came up with this crazy attempt to "holy of holies" — the porch of the Government House, to destroy the opposition.

"This is a massive renewal of the traditions of the 37th, when invented Union for the Liberation of the Belarusian people and something else, and under it all exterminated intellectuals of all, who could resist at least morally. The same thing they are trying to do now. They came up with this crazy attempt to "holy of holies" — the porch of the Government House, to destroy the opposition. "

Surprisingly, in today's process was the accession to the case files of the Report of the international human rights observers, "Interim evaluation of the events on December 19 in Minsk," which concluded that there were no riots on that day was not. Since the petition in this regard to testify Elena Tonkacheva:

"I continue to believe that we have no evidence that there were at Square riots. Moreover, this international expertise, which was now attached to the case file, will be more good opinion of experts that there are serious questions about qualifications, which gave the investigation. "

Witness Galina Yurina today came to the court with a blue ribbon — the colors of the election campaign Andrei Sannikov:

"I want to Andrew saw it. And secondly, let them see everything. I'm not afraid. Not enough yet … It was quite peaceful action. No plans to storm were not. This is ridiculous. If we had planned, we would have taken it by storm … But this is a joke. "


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