Trial against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym, Eremenko. The third day

29 April, the Partyzansky Minsk continued consideration of the criminal case against protesters December 19, 2010.

During abvechshany break until 10:00 am on May 4.

17:16 Next Witness Julian Sarachuk.

"It was a peaceful demonstration to demand a new election without Lukashenko. I went there to express their civic position," — says the witness Sarachuk.

16:45 The next witness Andrew Staletav. He said that on December 19 was exclusively peaceful action.

Independence Square on the witness saw a man in the crowd shouted, "Follow me!" "On the storm!" He grabbed the flag and ran. It was clear that this man is not out of the encirclement of candidates.

Peter Kuchko

16:20 Kuchko explained the "Radio Liberty", that night he was not arrested, as was seen for her. He was free to watch the area after dispersal, where there was no vzusim items.

Later in the film "Iron Glass" showed that in this area were allegedly different shovels, bottles, iron sticks, cans of flammable liquid. A bunch is outraged and so he decided to deny it in court.

Photo of Peter Kuchko

Area after the crackdown on December 19: no shovels, no bottles

16:00 Next Witness — Elena Vishnevskaya.

Vishnevskaya told a mass riot police beating and ill people in the Square.

15:57 The judge refused the recess number at this stage of the court. As yet started studying the evidence in the case.

15:25 The Court went to the jury room.

15:26 Mirzayanav A bunch thanked for the fact that the witness has retained materials that prove fraud case. This provoked applause in the hall. The judge warned that visitors can drive out of the room.

The judge refused the application to adduce photos, since they do not have the time.

Lawyers naystoyvayuts on what is needed to study the notch camera when the files were created.

14:1015:17The process resumed. Peter testifies Kuchko. Kuchko witness said he was at the rally on December 19 — came to hear the speeches of the candidates. The action was peaceful. He learned about the action of the meetings with opposition candidates. Walked one. Was on October Square in 19-hours.

"Opposition candidates came about 20 hours. Meeting does not have enough space in the Square, protesters prevented music, ice skating," — says a witness.

When people came to Independence Avenue, they would have privacy. During the march there was an atmosphere of inspiration and enthusiasm.

Kuchko said that he remained in Independence Square after the crackdown. At him, an elderly man, riot police did not pay attention. He said that after the crackdown on the Square there were no butelekt, ledarubav, cans and anything else that later showed BT in the movie "iron on the glass." The witness described the movie fake and said that on the evening after the dissolution of the mobile phone has made five shots Square after the crackdown, in which the columns are fixed police car and do not see anything that showed BT and referred to in the record.

Kuchko asked to join these pictures to the case. The prosecutor opposed. Lawyers supported Kuchko.

The judge finds out the details of creating these images.

Some in the audience zaapladiravali deed witnesses.

Lawyers for the defendants and familiarized with the pictures Squares made by Peter Kuchko.

Kuchko says he is ready to give fotaparat for examination. Judge wonders how the police did not witness aryshtvali on the night of the 20th of December.

13:35 Adjourned to 14:00

12:40 The next witness — a lawyer Vladimir Labkovich. Labkovich said that he was present at a peace rally on December 19 by the time the procession passes in front of the KGB before the crackdown and detention of members:

By action I knew I had planned a peaceful gathering to wait for the outcome of the election campaign with the candidates and their agents. I watched as a human rights activist, as far as the power of the people will be provided with the right to peaceful assembly. I joined the procession to the observation in the KGB building, people were including the roadway in the direction of Independence Square.

It was impossible to fit only on the sidewalks. People were calm, there was no aggressive slogans and things like sticks or crowbar.

The police did not interfere with the march and did not call to stop.

Independence Square on the witness heard the speeches of some of the candidates — Sannikov Kastusiou. Sannikov said that we are a peaceful people who came to the peaceful rally, we do not have confidence in the results of the elections, we will stay here — and called for order and tranquility, not to succumb to provocations.

Heard the sound of glass, looked around, and later went to those who hit the glass, there were about 10 people, is not familiar. There has been 30-40 journalists security services. The officers were standing near. We went up to him and Gulak they asked why did not you vmeshvaetsesya not restore order, as a peaceful rally, only a small group of citizens violates the order. To this they replied that they were just standing there and it suits them, do not care that they are not going to interfere in the activities of these people. "

12:05On the process were two students from the group BGEU Mirzayanava. They came to support their fellow students. Lead out of the courtroom through a mobile phone its online coverage chatting with classmates who were in the classroom.

11:43 — 12:35 The next witness — legal expert Ales Bialiatski. Bialiatski is testifying in Belarusian. Bialiatski told the court that he knew Sannikov, but a close relationship with him had not. He says that as a human rights activist followed events on December 19, was monitoring was present at the action from the first to the last minute.

The witness said that the rally was peaceful on December 19, was held to protest against violations of the electoral law.

"What I saw on Dec. 19, including the preparation stage, did not differ from previous actions that I've seen," — says Bialiatski.

Arson, riots were not, they were not prepared.

There are no grounds or evidence on the eve of this event was that it was possible to assume that this action will not be peaceful.

"Metal rods, wooden sticks, Molotov cocktails, and was nothing like that. There was not a drunk. Atmasefra was not nervous, it was a peaceful assembly. "

Conditions for the shares on October Square were not, as there was music, so that nothing was heard, and it was done on purpose. The situation for the rally was hopeless, people came to listen to the candidates, but to hear there was something impossible. In addition there was a large ice rink, people do not have enough space. No calls from law enforcement agencies that share unauthorized and that the requirements were not disperse.

Bialiatski said that with the exception of traffic demonstrators did not do any crime. Operation of large commercial establishments they do not interfere — and the GUM department store "Central" work.

"At t
he Independence Square, the mood of the people was also calm any objects they had no displays of aggression was not" — says a witness. From the speakers at the rally for? Calling for violence, pogroms, capturing the building was not. Including from Sannikov. The demonstrators expressed willingness to negotiate with the authorities.

Performances of the presidential candidates have been peaceful to arganiaztsyi riots relationship they had.

The event was poorly organized. Especially since there was not any extremist groups that would qualify to fight with the police. Guide the police did not go to the contact with the demonstrators.

In this situation, the behavior of the police I regard as absolutely irresponsible, much of what happened at the Government House, was made possible due to police inaction and lack of contact with the demonstrators. Would this contact, we would not be sitting here.

Force against the demonstrators used disproportionately. The people had nothing in his hands. Demonstrators were severely beaten. Injured police officers had not seen before.

"There were no riots, why are you writing articles?" — Addressed to the prosecutor's witness Bialiatski Zagorski.

As an observer at the elections Bialiatski said that the campaign was unfair: the formation of election commissions happened subjective, representatives of opposition candidates and parties are not included, they were formed under the dictation of the authorities, there were restrictions in access to the media for the opposition candidate, forced early galasvanne. The vote count was not visible — they simply cast and wrote what they wanted. Therefore, candidates are entitled to claim unfair elections.

The judge is trying to eliminate questions about the elections, supposedly they are not relevant.

10:10 — 11:40 The first witness — journalist Oleg Hruzdzilovich. He is testifying in Belarusian. Says he knows two of the charges. Sannikov and Eremenko. December 19, he worked at the October Square and Independence Square. He says that the action was peaceful.

Recounts what happened at the Plaza: how to beat Neklyaeva that the people at the rally demanded fair elections. Says that people came out en masse to the roadway, as they are not placed in the square. DPS chain on the avenue was small, about 10 people, and does not interfere with citizens to go.

During the procession of the witness did not see the violation of the rule of law. The speakers at the rally it was a political struggle within the law. People expressed the need for free and democratic elections. At the time of the whipping of glasses at the door of Government House there were no people of protesters, said a witness — were the ones who came there once before. First, there was 2-3 people that after the glass broke, disappeared.

The demonstrators remained at the monument to Lenin, which was organized rally. And then began to smash windows at another time. These were amazing people who are mechanically pecked the glass with an unknown purpose, does not talking to each other. Then they were approached by these protesters, said a witness. Politicians say that this is a provocation and not have it padadvatstsa, it is necessary to stop parvakatsyyu. Politicians, too, said that negotiations will begin shortly.

The demonstrators did not put resistance when they pressed the Special Forces for the first time. Later, when the police started beating them with batons, those defending poles. Fittings, ice ax, shovel, jerry cans, gas canisters at the demonstrators witness did not see. People chanted "Police with people" — it was an emotional response to the fact that they attacked the police, it was a call not to use force, do not hit people. The witness said that none of the politicians did not call for the use of force by police officers.

People had fled, and went to meet the special forces and beat everybody. It was a massacre, trampled on, especially getting any younger. Resistance was impossible, says witness Hruzdzilovich.

Police prepare for dispersal of the rally in the center of it was a lot of buses and paddy wagons, the witness said.

Hruzdzilovich says some of those who hit the glass, is not among the defendants — either in this or in other courts. On the part of the presidential candidates was not incitement to violence, pogroms, arson, resisting police.

The judge asked the witness, on which negotiations candidates could go. He replied that in every weekend, especially in choosing the institution are on duty at the level of deputy prime minister.

When asked Hruzdzilovich Sannikov said he did not know anything about any joint plan of the opposition in the Square. It could not be, he says. A crackdown campaign was unmotivated, people will be dispersed. Hruzdzilovich questioning ended.

10:05 The judge decided to grant the application. Will be questioned those witnesses who have appeared in court. Some of the witnesses had already come to the court.

10:00 The process resumed.

The lawyer asks to call as witnesses:

• journalist Oleg Hruzdzilovich
• human rights defender Ales Bialiatski
• human rights activist Aleh Hulak
• Human rights activist Elena Tonkacheva
• lawyer Vladimir Labkovich
• Peter Kuchko
• Helen Wisniewski
• Oleg Volchek
• Alina Rodachinskaya
• Irina Mazur
• Paul Yukhnevich
• Igor Simbirova
• Vitaly Gulyaka
• Olga Kravchuk
• Svetlana Bareychuk
• Victor Ptashnik
• Aleksei Shein
• Andrew Stoletova
• Julian Sarachuka

A total of 19 people. According to the lawyer, the witnesses will explain the nature of the actions and events in the Square, as they were direct witnesses.

9:58BRSMovtsy not recognized with which they are college or university, said they were drawn because they are "fun to attend." They were allowed to enter the hall without a queue under the guise of relatives. Because of this, the hall was barely able to get the mother Mirzayanava Lyudmila.

"Take me to my disdain — let it be your first reward" — addressed to BRSMovtsev Vladimir Khalip.

9:55On the court found the head of the U.S. mission dyaplyamatychnay Michael Scanlan. From politicians — Ivashkevich. With defenders — Lyudmila Graznova.


9:45 Three rows in the courtroom occupied by members of the pro-governmental organization Youth Union. Relatives of the accused resent that. In the hall there are also diplomats and journalists.

Trial against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym Eremenko. The first day

Trial against Sannikov, Vasilevich, Hnedchyk, Mirzayanavym Eremenko. The second day

Courts for Square

The defendants in the case:

• Former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov
• Ilya Vasilevich
• Oleg Hnedchyk
• Fedor Mirzayanav
• Vladimir Eremenok


• Sannikov — Varvashevich Kovalevskaya
• Vasilyevich — White,
• Mirzayanava, Hnedchyk — Ivanov.

The case examines Judge Natalia Chatsvertakova.

Public prosecutor— Zagorski.


prisoners, the area, the court

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