Tugboat received a set of innovative electrical

Branch "CSRI SET" FSUE "Krylovskiy State Scientific Center" (St. Petersburg) has successfully completed the work to create a set of electrical equipment for offshore tug project 745.1.

The equipment was sent to the customer. When you create an electric propulsion systems in this tug "CSRI SET" using a unique valve-inductor motor. The advantages of this engine as compared with induction motors consist in a higher efficiency.

The motor can be changed in a wide range of load and speed, but also has increased reliability due to the absence of windings on the rotor and the application for the excitation of the stator poles simple and reliable concentrated windings, which are virtually eliminate the possibility of cross-cutting faults in the inverter.

In this case, the switched-inductor motor structurally simpler and more reliable, and the cost of it — is much lower compared to the induction motor. As a result of innovative solutions implemented by creating a system of electric propulsion, lift 745.1 of the project is capable of movement without restriction on the resource and the duration of the work while swimming.

The tug can move in waves up to 5 points including any exchange rate angles to the direction of the waves and the wind speed at the highest possible speed, corresponding to the total power of the propeller motor.

745.1 Tug project has high seaworthy and able to work both in the seas and the oceans. The main purpose of the vessel:

  • towing vessels and ships in the sea areas, ports and roads;
  • refloating of ships and vessels;
  • performance of berthing and mooring operations;
  • putting out fires in the area of port facilities and marine applications;
  • implementation of the ice routing of ships.


The main technical characteristics of the new tugs are as follows:

  • displacement, t 1300
  • Length, m: 56.5
  • width, m: 12.64
  • mean draft at full displacement, m: 4.5
  • maximum speed, knots: 14
  • economic speed, knots: 11
  • cruising range with full fuel, miles: 5000
  • autonomy, day 30
  • Pull on the hook tug at normal displacement and ground speed of 6 knots in deep water and rough seas up to 3 points is not less than 230 kN.

For information about the designers and shipyards:

Designer: JSC "Design Bureau" Vympel "(Nizhny Novgorod)
Builder: OAO "Yaroslavl Shipyard" (Yaroslavl)

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