U.S. women are genetically incapable of Science




The President of Harvard University (Harvard University) Larry Summers (Larry Summers) said that women can not make significant progress in the natural sciences and mathematics because of the significant genetic differences from men, not because of social inequality. About this newspaper The Independent.

According to Dr. Summers, who spoke last Friday at a closed economic conference between the sexes there is an overwhelming difference. In particular, he believes, is the main reason why women do not hold high office, is that they are not willing to work hard, because they are constantly thinking about the children.

Some of the women attending the conference broke and demonstratively left the hall.

Nancy Hopkins (Nancy Hopkins), a graduate of the University biologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Summers commented on it, saying, "It is very sad that all these talented young women at Harvard, led by a man with a similar point of view."

The organizers of the conference, which was attended by 50 economists from across the U.S., immediately distanced themselves from inflammatory rhetoric doctor, saying that he acted not as a representative of the university, but as a private person.

The theme of the conference was the position of females and minorities in science and industry.

Battery News, 19.01.2005 13:10
Source: lenta.ru

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