UFO-driven clouds and secret experiments

February 25, 2013 16:58

This is a very strange story, which I suspect most people interested in ufology, never even heard of. But, it is certainly a fascinating story, it is filled with stories about the FBI, secret sources and informants, government secrets, mysterious "controlled the clouds," and even "dead worm" (yeah, right!), And more. I delved into the essence for quite some time …

I need to briefly summarize some twenty pages. That's what happens in the end: in the first week of July 1947, FBI agents based in Los Angeles, California, have been busy investigating a very strange story. It all started when the newspaper Los Angeles Herald Examiner, received a letter a few days ago. The odd thing was that it was not a science fiction story … All of this was true. Alleged actually happened.

The letter stated that they are influenced by a very unusual story, which led them to believe "flying discs" and linked it to anyone other than the Soviet military. Storyteller claimed that recently found in the "harbor of Los Angeles" with an officer on board the Russian tanker. During the first dinner meeting, the Russian asked the question, "where he can sell 18 skins of polar bears that he was a very dangerous job."

Mysterious Russian said, as the authors divided the mysterious letter that the Soviets are conducting research that go beyond the ordinary, and that this was related to the above "is a very dangerous job." "This study also had to do with the" experiments with controlled radioactive clouds in the Arctic, where the birds, animals and even the worms died. "

In addition, the experiments also involved alleged "planes at the atomic power, resembling flying saucers" that controlled the movement of the clouds. Very talkative (perhaps suspiciously too talkative) Russian said the plane-plate thickness was barely a few feet (90 cm), and he did not have any screws. As for the driver, the officer assured his American Communist contactees that "the pilot is on his stomach and his artificially cooled by the heat generated during the movement of the device."

In a letter to the Examiner has an additional explanation: "The outer surface of the [aircraft] is very smooth. Both surfaces of the upper and lower — convex, like a giant lens. The device goes into the air, using a completely different principle than is common in aviation. His description of the discovered about 10 years ago, among the unpublished works of the Russian chemist. The energy required for lifting into the air, but do not need to keep working when the plane moves along the lines of terrestrial gravity circuit.

Why Russian officer knew all this? He said that he was ordered to "move the radioactive cloud that is in the area of Lake Baikal, and pick up dead animals. They downloaded a few small animals and redirected cloud. "

During the experiment, the Soviet officer said, "a great storm cloud blew away to the north, to the tundra, but before it dissipated, it destroyed every living thing in its path." As for the cloud, they can "manage to land, the commander of the manned aircraft or robot."

"I understand," said the man, who drew the attention of the FBI, "are used in the management of the electromagnetic waves, and the clouds are made up of two components: a" carrier "and" murderers. "

And, in a few brief mentions in other publications, which quickly responded to an article in the Examiner, the story is about to expire. Was it true, fiction, Soviet disinformation strange deception or something else? Who knows? But, no doubt a fascinating story. After all, how could it be otherwise?

Indeed, for a writer like myself, this story is filled with details of the works of the Knights "cloak and dagger»: (A) a mysterious Russian informant; (B), Soviet studies, reminiscent of certain aspects of the technology of Wilhelm Reich; (C) an FBI agent chasing a strange truth; (D) strange and futuristic Soviet aircraft; (E) dead animals under unusual circumstances; (F) the mysterious "Russian chemist," and, of course, do not forget, (G), which was "very dangerous job," and , in this case, there were "18 hides of polar bears!"

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