UFO filled the sky over Denver

November 13, 2012 8:05

Strange objects were photographed recently over the U.S. city of Denver. In the studio of local news with videozapsyami man came with his camera and told me that he regularly writes the UFO phenomenon in the same area.

In order to verify the truth of the words of the operator, the correspondent set your camera in the same place and also photographed a levitating object in the sky.

Objects appeared regularly in the afternoon and in the morning, at least once a week. And they move so quickly that they could see only in slow scrolling.

According to aviation expert Steve Cole, it is certainly not birds or insects and airplanes. "Maybe some debris raised by the wind into the clouds, but most of all it looks like a standard UFO."

On channel request sent in the North American Aerospace Defense Center (North American Aerospace Defense Command) in Colorado Springs, it was discussed that any activity in the sky flying any of their devices according to the specified time has been noted.

By the way, according to the statement, he noted that most of takeoffs and landings objects were made in the area between 56th Ave and Clay Street. But on the map in this area are limited to conventional residential neighborhoods.


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