UFO pilots — the neighbors on the planet

March 29, 2012 17:54

According to common belief, the man is the crown of creation, and has no rivals in the level of consciousness and intelligence. However, at all times, this paradigm opposed assertion based on the everyday experience of mankind, that people may assigned a secondary role, they are only a part of the unknown, of which it is not lawful to know. Gradually, and this little bit of knowledge about the existence of a different but related race with a phenomenal intellect and psychic powers were reduced to the level of myth. But as you know, there is nothing truer than myths.

In September 1235 Japanese general Eritsume after a long transition gave his orders to the army camp to rest. As darkness fell, the sky appeared strange lights, similar to the drop. They flew around the camp, bringing terror to the soldiers. General gathered his advisers, ordered them to understand what is happening and to answer how dangerous these fires and their nature. Soon advisors again appeared before the General and said that they are watching a usual phenomenon: "It's only the wind blows star," writes sunhome.ru

Ancient philosophers believed mysterious creatures, flying through the sky in their gleaming vehicles and sometimes down to the earth, demons, ethereal race, reigning over mortal men. Plutarch and Paracelsus a theory, revealing the nature of these creatures, which were based on observations and experiences of people of many generations with representatives of other worlds. The chronicles of the Emperor Charlemagne says silfsah — a form of inhuman creatures kind that sometimes abducted people on earth. They showed people wonderful abode, tells how in their states, hidden from the eyes of mortals, and then return the stolen, dropping them from the celestial chariot in nooks on the condition that they tell everyone about this trip. But many people still continue to believe that silfsy and the like — insidious, unpredictable and evil creatures. Paracelsus in his writings, warned that contact with them is dangerous, because nature has endowed their magical abilities, and a sophisticated understanding of these subjects and inhibits the creation of any of the mortals.

American anthropologist Evans-Wentz, who wrote a thesis in 1909 on the traditions of the Celts in Britain, notes that in 1846-1847. People are often met with supernatural beings — the gentry who considered themselves part of the elite superhuman race, appeared on Earth long before humans. Their abode were mountains and the sea. Gentry claimed that their race is different not only from men, but from the human spirit, and that they could destroy half of the human race, but would not do so because the big changes that will decide the fate of the human race. "We're taking the young and smart people are changing their bodies and do like ours, giving them part of our being, then their life, in human terms, it would seem like an eternity."

Priests and scholars have devoted their time a lot of books these creatures. They do not contain evidence of a religious nature, they have something more compelling: a detailed and documented description onbkemh strange aliens. The most authoritative scholar of the second half of the XVII century., Doctor of Theology Robert Kirk, created treatise "Secret State", in which he went on to describe varieties of creatures superhuman race: "These intelligent creatures are made of material unknown to us, which allows them to change their appearance at the sole discretion . They once inhabited the entire globe, in those days the world was dominated by vast forests and animals. Even then, their civilization far exceeded all conceivable possibilities of the human race. They did not quarrel with the people, and went into the depths of the seas and the mountains, but pride causes them to remind people about themselves, so that they know whose mind commands the mortals in this corner of the divine world. They have a hierarchy of leaders, but there is no apparent dedication to God and religion. Their philosophy is based on the following ideas: nothing dies, all things are cyclical so that in each cycle of updated and improved. The movement is a universal law. "

Kirk comes to the conclusion that people are faced with each century of the same mystery that takes into account the next century. After all, these people being offered the apparent world, which will dominate their will, or the destruction of half of our country, the lower, as they believe the race. Mysterious aliens claim that man is made mainly of rough, bone matter, while they are able to make your body light as air, hard as metal, and at the same time get through rough matter, intruding into people's homes, or be invisible.

The existence of non-human in the world, along Didactic race talk and now, after three centuries after Kirk. Take, for example, the investigation into the kidnapping Pat Price of California. Professor James Harder wrote: "Under hypnosis, he remembered Pat telepathic conversation with the leader of the creatures with a UFO. He drew a circle and held parallel to the line, saying that people can live with someone and not know about this secret. "

Richard Thompson cites the case, which was investigating Trevor Whitaker in the UK. Some parts of the story are sometimes found in kidnapping scenarios. The driver "Ambulance" Reg M. describes the country aliens who have entered his bedroom in February 1976 It was 2 higher beings with gray faces and big cat's eyes, who treated him as an experimental animal. First Reggie ordered to lie face down on the bed, and then paralyzed. It seemed to him that the body compresses some power, if he dove into the water at a greater depth. One of the creatures sent by Reg beam of red light out of the device, similar to a flashlight. Outlines of objects are blurred, its sick.

He felt up in the air, and passing through the ceiling, flies to soaring in the sky UFOs. On board the "dish" Reg underwent medical examinations and telepathically "heard" a lot of statements about the Alpha and Omega in the biblical spirit. He was told: "Your thousand years — for us only one day" — and added that measly worms like him do not have to ask strangers about who they are and where. Later, he was again in his bedroom. After medek ~ Reg without hypnosis remembered what happened to him.

Despite such a radical difference from the human race, the representatives of other worlds are able to create hybrid creatures, using women as an incubator for the development of the fetus within the three and a half months, therefore, they are biologically compatible with us.

Although abduction and hybridization have now become the main aspect of UFO research, of any progress in this area is too early. It should be noted that the UFO progress is possible only if the study of the UFO phenomenon will be dealt with by professionals who are not burdened blinkers of dogmatic thinking.

If science has nothing to say, even when the facts are clear, it is, of course, can not allow an open and public discussion of the issue. Despite some progress in the field of applied military-technological aspects, achieved as a result of secret UFO projects, "open" ufology marking time. Paradoxically, the professionals involved in the secret projects, the nature of the phenomenon as such is interested in the least. With good reason to agree with the statement by Jacques Vallee: "Neither the failed program, including 20 Nobel laureates staff or computer billion poor correlation observed parameters UFO or mental telepathy with higher" space "exists, no study of the sky with binoculars — all makes it impossible to cope with the problem that has evaded our radars, aircraft, astronomers and physical theory. "

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