UFO stories

October 26, 2012 18:23

UFO theme already for many years, and yet it remains one of the most popular and topical. We offer you the most striking cases of the appearance in our skies unidentified objects and mysterious creatures.

The aliens do not want to bring Earthlings worries and troubles. Their visit is peaceful and educational purposes


February 12, 2010, Roy Shaw of Devon (England) came out in the evening stroll with his beloved dog. It was already dark. Roy walked with the dog through the quiet and peaceful streets of Devon. He is slowly but surely approaching the bowling club, not far from his home. And at one point, Roy said over his head high in the sky hovering unusual object. At first, it seemed to him because of the very distant misty distance, but then the machine slowly but surely go down closer to the ground in the direction of the clubhouse. He was a round shape.

The object hovered over the club, and Roy went out on the lawn, to better examine the unknown unit. He considered himself a skeptic, but he just could not believe my eyes.

Roy felt shocked, considering the 30-meter ship, which, swaying from side to side, to land on the far end of the clearing near the bowling club. Then there was a kind of apparatus poluprosvechivayuscheesya creature in white, was like a ghost. Alien very low growth (about 120 cm), went straight to Roy. Whether the aircraft, or being whirring sounds. Roy was so shocked that I could not identify their source. A dog Roy Sidney, differing primarily peaceful disposition, suddenly grinned at this being a ghost and began to growl. But the Roy Shaw did not wait to contact a ghost, alien and bolted so that eventually sprained foot in the joint.

Another breeder from Devon gave a similar description of a UFO over the bowling club by adding the following detail: "The machine rose in the sky at an incredible speed and at an angle of 45 degrees." Curiously, the two witnesses gave very similar descriptions of UFOs, but consider themselves to those people who do not believe in such things, and are not interested in such stories.

The stranger with an accent

Evening, November 21, 1989 at the headquarters of the Royal Air Force in Britain Uottisheme received a phone call from a woman of middle age. Agitated voice she told that the day before met a strange-looking man near his home. At 10 hours 30 minutes at the lady walking her dog in her playground, when she was suddenly approached by a man in a light brown suit, costume resembles a military pilot. He spoke with a marked Scandinavian accent (with the same accent sang at the same time, the group ABBA).

Most recently, the UK National Archives declassified documents to the case. There we read: "A man asked the lady if she had heard about the great mysterious crop circles, planted crops. Next, he became calm and business-like to tell her that he came from a distant planet similar to Earth, and his words are not fiction. The man said that the circles in agricultural fields — the work of his colleagues, who occasionally visited by our planet. " The man told the lady that all his friends have strict orders — do not come into contact with humans, but he felt it necessary to tell anyone about the existence of other intelligent beings in the universe. Like, the aliens do not want to bring Earthlings worries and troubles. Their visit is peaceful and educational purposes. And the man immediately withdrew.

Soon the lady heard thunder, is like the roar of aircraft engines, and saw a bright glow. Leaving home, she turned around and saw the sky spherical object rising in the night sky. He came up with the trees and instantly disappeared.

The stranger calmly talked with the woman for about 10 minutes, and then quickly disappeared from whence suddenly appeared. The lady was shocked by what had happened and returned home in an excited state.

Case in Wyoming

In 1974, Carl Higdon was hunting in the National Park, Wyoming. And when he came across a huge moose, then immediately shot him. Higdon recalled later that something unexplainable was going on. He saw the bullet flies straight into moose, although I understand that this can not be. And when Higdon bent over elk carcass, I felt someone looking at themselves. Turning, Karl noticed some "humanoid", as he called it.

The creature looked like human growth of 185 cm It was in a black suit, a wide belt decorated with six-pointed star badge-and-yellow logo. He had medium length straight hair, but his face was not the eyebrows, his feet seemed thin and curves. Sticking out of his head antennoobraznyh two horns. But the most amazing thing is that he did not have hands, they were replaced by some pointy spines.

Being asked the Charles, "You hungry?" And immediately invited Karl four tablets, explaining to him that each tablet will satisfy his hunger for the whole day. Humanoid then pointed to the stump Higdon, who in no time was wearing a transparent jumpsuit and helmet.

Then out of the woods came two humanoid, carrying as many as five elk — they are, as it seemed to Charles, were in a frozen state. Creatures announced Carl that now go to his planet, to which no less than 160 000 light-years. And they all immediately disappeared.

Karl alien planet recalled its buildings city Seattle, but there is much warmer than in the U.S.. The next memory of Charles was his appearance in the National Park, Wyoming. The man claims that the missing two and a half hours. Before his eyes, all floating, dizzy, he could not find a military jeep, which was up to 3 miles from the place where he had left.

He came from a distant planet similar to Earth. The man said that the circles in agricultural fields — the work of his colleagues, who occasionally visited by the planet

Charles was forced to call the sheriff, who found Higdon after midnight when he was in the forest, madly muttering, "They took my elk." I had to take him to the hospital, where doctors found his blood is very high in vitamins, but Carl did not have dinner. But disappeared traces of tuberculosis in his lungs. Later, several volunteers were told that they had seen in the sky that night, green and yellow lights.

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