UFO — this is reality!

About Unidentified Flying Objects write all and sundry, and a lot, maybe even too much, but it is interesting to find out what they say about the true professionals.

In contrast to the Soviet (now Russian) astronauts, U.S. astronauts always quite freely about his encounters with UFOs. We have already written many times, and today (due to the fact that nowadays a large number of materials for the "space" declassified) tell and testimonies of our fellow citizens on the subject.

But first a few facts of which we have never been contacted.

Let's start with the fact that at a press conference in Los Angeles in 1973 Astronaut Cernan said the following: "I think that UFOs come from another civilization." But the astronaut Gordon Cooper wrote in a letter read at the meeting of the Political Committee of the United Nations in November 1978, as follows: "I am confident that our planet visited by crews led by the spacecraft, the makers are immeasurably ahead of us in their development."

Much has been published materials about allegedly occurred sightings of extraterrestrial objects by the Americans during their flights to the Moon. Thus, according to these reports, "Apollo 8" twice be affected by a UFO.

The first time was during the cosmic night, when the astronauts Borman, Lowell and Andrew suddenly saw a disc-shaped object that was flying parallel to the course "Apollo" at 11,000 km / h. With the advent of the instruments UFO spacecraft Americans immediately ceased to function, and communication with the Control Center in Houston interrupted.

Then pour over the mysterious object "Apollo" blinding light, causing the ship lurched heavily, and at the same time there was an unbearable sound, which caused a sharp pain in the ears of all the members of the crew. Only a few minutes later, an unidentified aircraft suddenly disappeared, and with it the disappearance of the noise and the light immediately stopped. However, the rate of the U.S. space shuttle was severely impaired. Only the inclusion of astronauts correction engine allowed them to return to the previous trajectory.

It was not long, and near the "Apollo 8" has a new disc-shaped UFO that was much larger than the first. He, like the first, radiated a dazzling bright light. Because of this ship off course again. His control was given absolutely devastating failures. In addition, the astronauts began extreme pain: unbearably weighed on his chest, shaking hands, a splitting headache, it became difficult to breathe and there were some strange not having anything to do with the fulfillment of their tasks hallucinations.

This went on for 11minutes, after which the UFO was gone, and all abnormalities immediately stopped. By the way, and the connection with Houston immediately restored. Through it, the astronauts learned to their surprise that their ship pretty much off course. Even a computer center could no longer get it back to normal "mainstream." This is done by the members of the crew, guided by the stars.

In March 2002, the American city Locklin (Nevada) passed the next International UFO Congress. There, among other materials, and demonstrated our domestic documentary, which told of encounters with UFOs.

Hero of the Soviet Union Pavel Popovich in 1978 while flying plane from Washington to Moscow at 10,000 feet saw approximately 1500 meters from the side of the object flying parallel course in the form of an equilateral triangle, resembling a sail, which is then simply overtaken airliner and disappeared field of view.

May 5, 1981 Hero of the Soviet Union Vladimir Kovalenok as a member of the crew of "Salyut-6", was at 18.00 in the porthole just south of South Africa, some strange huge glowing object that has an elliptical shape, was flying at the same altitude with the station and the same course. However, some time later, the flying machine flashed a dazzling, becoming a shining golden ball. Two seconds later the astronaut said, but at a considerable distance from the ship is the same bright golden ball. After that appeared in the sky hazy cloud, soon acquired a spherical shape. Then the vision suddenly disappeared without leaving any trace. But as it turned out, none of the crew members (except Kovalenko), this phenomenon is not seen at all.

In 1990, at the station "Mir" cosmonaut Gennady Strekalov (twice Hero of the Soviet Union) once saw something similar to a small sphere, which in brilliance and brightness reminiscent of Christmas toy. He beckoned to the window, Gennady Manakova. Both are within a few seconds admiring the unusual spectacle, but nothing, unfortunately, because of the unwillingness of photographic equipment to photograph does not have time. Speaking later on this phenomenon, Strekalov described it as an unusual, but not as a UFO.

Initially, in 1991 Cosmonaut Musa Makarov (Hero of the Soviet Union), being on the orbital complex "Mir", remarked suddenly under Near the station ship subject to the antenna. Then he looked closer and realized that it was not what he at first thought. But this "detail" in a few seconds was rapidly removed to the side. "What was really — the answer is no.

Gennady Resetnicov (Colonel-General, Head of the Academy of the high command of air defense in the city of Tver) once said that in his youth he went up into the air to intercept targets identified by radar stations, but they never check on the inquiry, "I own" and almost did not answer immediately disappeared. Yet colleagues Resetnicov sometimes able to go out to intercept a "target". But as soon as an interceptor approached her on the distance at which the work should have been automatic launching missiles "air-to-air", for some reason every time she broke down, and the purpose for it immediately disappeared.

To date, the Russian military has accumulated a huge collection of UFOs, which, quite frankly, no one to handle, because the intelligence necessary for it either become extinct or "faded" to the West, and the young and not the people.

Vasily Alexeyev, head of the Center of Space Communications, has recently said: "During my military service, I have heard many times about the various events that are now called UFOs. Usually such cases are thoroughly investigated the forces and means not only the Ministry of Defense, but also a number of other government agencies. I must say that this is some unknowable nature of human beings. "

And ancient Russian city of Vologda recently flown as lightning news over the city showed up and showed itself quite revealing UFO. Eyewitnesses have described this way: "The object initially introduced a small but very bright point of light in the sky. Then it has grown from a few bright rays, and only after that are hit the pillar of light, very similar to a searchlight. The object several times changed its direction of movement, while spotlighting around anything that could be seen, then abruptly turned around and rapidly soared, and soon disappeared altogether. "

Ufologists have long known that UFOs tend to appear above the earth where mankind faces some kind of mortal danger. Such objects are tested for their new ultra-hazardous to humans weapons, large clusters of modern military equipment, accidents at nuclear power plants and so on. After all, only some of the media have decided, for example, to make public the fact that over the Chernobyl reactor during the whole time of the disaster the most alarming hung well seen a UFO. So, apparently, the cause of the luminous object in the sky over Vologda to look for something extraordinary, what was happening at that time in the city.

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