UFOs and hole teleportation

The small size of the UFO suggests that these ships are not designed for long flights, which even at speeds close to the speed of light take dozens (hundreds of) years. In addition, we need large amounts of fuel and food, strong protection from meteors. At speeds approaching the speed of light, even a speck of dust can destroy the ship.

So it is natural to assume that UFOs arrive using the method of instantaneous teleportation. The following is a hypothesis about the method of teleportation UFO able to instantly teleport large masses without destroying them (scanning), which by the way explains their spherical shape — the sphere of the ideal form for the entrance to the null space.

Some properties of the teleportation can be seen in the example of a simple mechanical movement. Let the body M moves uniformly in a straight line in space. The body of M can take infinite distance S in time dT without any cost of energy, hence the teleportation of the body at any distance possible without energy. Changes in the kinetic energy of motion appear in the force field between two points with different capacities, so teleportation is not possible if the points 1 and 2 are different values of the potential force field.

As will be shown below, in which case the law of conservation of energy. But how do we reduce the time dT? Movement through space faster than light is forbidden theory of relativity. Therefore it is necessary engine in the space where time does not exist. As will be shown below, this null space exists.

The null space and vacuum holes

First of all it is necessary to consider the properties of the universe as a whole, especially the absence or presence of a boundary in the universe. According to the theory of Big Bang universe emerged after the explosion, "superato." Expanding the universe in finite time will take the final volume, which, as any body of finite volume must have a border, at least in the form of a point. What could be the objection to the presence of a boundary in the universe?

The universe is all the space along with all the existing bodies in space. The presence of boundaries means that something outside the universe can exist, which is unacceptable.

The following objection has been known since ancient times. In the case of the boundaries of the universe must be a "wall" in the space, which can not be overcome. The presence of insurmountable "wall" in the space is unacceptable from the point of view of modern physics and cosmology.

No more objections to the existence of a boundary of the universe does not exist. As shown in (2), these claims are unfounded. What could be abroad universe? Most of the authors (1) state that "there is nothing outside the universe, no galaxies, no matter, there's no nothing, no space, no time."

Thus beyond the universe absolute emptiness where there is not even the properties of length and time, this space is the zero-point measurement, we call it a zero-space or a hole. Furthermore, the boundary of the universe can not be fixed in one place, as will be disrupted cosmological principle that the universe can not exist preference points and directions. Therefore, the vacuum holes in virtual space and time must be at any arbitrary point in space.

What happens if you throw a body outside of the universe M (2)? Since outside the universe can not exist any body, the body A in the same time appear in the real universe, at any point, as the vacuum holes exist everywhere. Thus the act of teleportation done, the body thrown into the zero-space at 1 and appeared at an arbitrary point 2.

We make the following thought experiment. In order to throw the body out of the universe And should surround the body and the closed surface of the vacuum holes for a small time dt. Then we ask, where was all this time And dt? Within the scope of the hole it is not, as is the universe can be any body. Consequently, the object A is located in another part of the universe 2. If you break the surface around the hole A, then we thereby destroy the channel connecting points 1 and 2, and A body will remain at the new location 2. The act of teleportation implemented.

Within the scope of the hole (or any other closed surface of the holes) there geometry close to the black hole geometry. This place is completely isolated from the external universe. There is some radiation is able to penetrate through a hole in space and time.

To an observer inside the hole sphere distance from the center of the sphere to the boundary infinitely far away, so that the metric space is constantly changing from tsetra to the boundary, ie the distance between two points continuously decreases from the center to the edge, so that the hole on the very surface of the distances between any two points is equal to zero. Thus for teleportation to create around teleported body geometry close to the black hole geometry.

The transmitter may be a matter of internal and external surface of the hole. In the first case, the station on teleportation has a spherical camera, which GIVING items for teleportation. (The sphere has the lowest surface, because the production of the holes is very difficult and expensive). Equipment for the production of the holes located on the outer side of the sphere.

Such a plant is able to make hundreds of runs per day, throwing spaceships in very deep space, at distances of hundreds of millions of light years away instantly. And there is nothing wrong with that endpoint 2 accident. The universe is isotropic and uniform, and does it matter in what part we first encounter extraterrestrial intelligence, or find a suitable planet for colonization.

Can first be teleported receiver, then the receiver will appear in the following loads or people. In contrast to quantum teleportation here, no one will have to disassemble the atoms, then back together. Hole teleportation will allow humanity to learn the entire universe, the planet will be populated by people even in the corners of the universe, which are now the most powerful telescopes available.

In the second case, the equipment for the production of holes located inside the sphere, and the station produces a hole around itself, so it can teleport himself repeatedly in random points of the universe. This option is better, because in case of failure "touchdown" can teleport to another location, etc.

The receiver of matter can be constructed for the following reasons. And after teleporting body only appear there, KDE does not violate the laws of conservation, ie potential force field must be strictly the same in points 1 and 2. For example the body may disappear from the surface and emerge at a height of 100m above the ground. Then the body and makes the work falls, whereupon all the processes are repeated.

We have a "perpetual motion", producing energy from nothing. And so the body occur only where it does not violate all the laws of conservation. If the transmitter and receiver to simulate the same rare potentials force fields, the ring A can occur only at the receiver because nowhere in other parts of the universe is not a combination of fields.

As shown above, the energy required for bending of space-time and not for the movement of the body from 1 to 2. Therefore, all the energy spent stays in place in the form of an explosion. On the power of the explosion and the composition of the emitted particles can be judged on the parameters of the teleported body.

This applies especially spherical UFOs, the spherical shape of which is clearly intended to enter the null space. . Failures of SETI in search of radio signals from other civilizations explained by the fact that they are not in use for interstellar radio communications. Who will wait for decades until a radio signal from a nearby star WILL RETURN when teleportation can be established instantaneously.

There is a possibility that there may be "natural" teleportation. Vacuum holes exist everywhere. There is a possibility that as a result of vacuum fluctuations arise closed hole surface around the body and it will disappear. Some descriptions of disappearances in the triangle Bermundskom very similar hole teleportation.

For example disappears first radio communication, poor visibility, fog around, after which the aircraft disappeared from radar screen. This obyasnyaetsya fact that the plane is partially surrounded by a vacuum holes, why, and lost contact. As shown above, to teleport to completely isolate the body from the external universe.

On the advantages of hole teleportation

The rate of transport of cargo is the largest of all the methods known to mankind movement (instantaneous at any distance).

Accident, stolknovleniya with meteorites or comets, black holes, or other traps space for us not dangerous, because there is no transportation between points 1 and 2. The only danger is that it is likely that rather than to get to your home you will be listed, for example, in the spiral galaxy N located just a hundred light-years farther destination.

When on earth will be a network teleportation stations can transfer part of turnover by teleportation. Oil resources are running out, and the hole teleportation not nuzhdaetsya in the oil. It will be possible to reduce the number of planes / trains / cars and factories for their production, reduce environmental pollution of the planet. Teleportation will change the face of our planet.

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