UK: some monkeys are found to reproduce the makings of speech




Scientists from the British University of St. Andrew (University of St Andrews), the German Humboldt University (Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin) and the Baltimore Zoo (Baltimore Zoo) published a study that showed that some of the structures in the throat that are required for people to talk about, were already present in our primate ancestors millions of years ago.

The authors studied the acoustic paths monkey-Dian (Cercopithecus diana), which are known for its varied and melodic signals.

Scientists have carefully analyzed the X-ray images of several monkeys and the autopsy a dead monkey from the zoo Baltimore.

Biologists have created a dynamic (with the muscles), a computer model of the vocal tract, which would be consistent with the observed anatomical features and the sounds that emit these monkeys.

It was found that this path is more complex than most animals and has some similarities to the human.

Although the throat Dian still can not play it — the way it works when playing monkey "tunes" — close to those abilities that are necessary for speech.

This, the researchers believe, indicates that the physiological features, allowing people to speak — formed a very, very long time.

Now a team of biologists from the UK, USA and Germany is going to look at the vocal tracts of chimpanzees — our closest relatives.

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