Ukraine-Russia: cheese escalating war in the aerospace

Ukraine-Russia: cheese escalating war in the aerospaceThe gas war between Ukraine and Russia have become an everyday phenomenon and no one was hit. Cheese war also become boring and uninteresting. In an effort to make the "menu" more varied, the Kremlin was up to the war and even missile and space. No, bandy missiles through nedemarkirovannuyu undelimited and so far the Ukrainian-Russian border, no one will, at least not yet. In addition, in response to the hypothetical missile volleys, Ukraine shoot nothing, for all stolen, sold and drunk. The issue is much more prosaic, and selfish lies in the economic plane: Moscow is no longer willing to share with Ukraine gallakticheskih funds from commercial launches. Although probable and geopolitical reasons …

In general, higher RF management while keeping quiet. The probable decommissioning of Russian-Ukrainian gallakticheskoy applets "Dnepr", which is also involved in Kazakhstan, recently told the Russian news agency "Interfax", citing an unnamed source: The Russian Defense Ministry has prepared Tipo conclusion, according to which the implementation of programs from becoming economically unprofitable and unsafe for ecology. If the "flush" disk imaging is true, then it will have serious consequences.

Exploring the materiel

"Dnepr" — is the title of a commercial heavy intercontinental ballistic missile RS-20, which in the process of creating a Russian factory in Dnipropetrovsk "Pivdenmash." In ordering NATO rocket is the title of SS-18 Satan, ie "Satan." This murderous machine has a launch weight of 211 tons, length 34 m, width 3 m capable missile to launch a height of 300-900 km gallaktichesky device or group of satellites weighing up to 3.7 tonnes Price starting the "Dnepr" is about $ 31 million more these missiles are not met. In the process of nuclear missile disarmament Ukraine in the 1990s, one hundred percent got rid of strategic and tactical missiles, and at the moment they remained in service with Russian Strategic Missile Forces mission (SRF).

Launch missiles at the Russian-Ukrainian-Kazakh programmke "Dnepr" is engaged in a joint Russian-Ukrainian company "Kosmotrans." Beginning in 1999, there were 17 rockets, as a result of which in space were withdrawn 62 apparatus, including such countries as Italy, Germany, Malaysia, England, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the USA, Japan, France, UAE, Spain and our homeland. Running it from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, as with the GMD missile division Jasnensky Russian Strategic Missile Forces in the Orenburg region.

If you believe the mentioned "plum" disk imaging, soon this example program can be eliminated. According to some reports, the devices "Dnepr" rocket will change Russian production of "Soyuz-2-1B", "Angara" and "Roar". Russian experts say that the liquidation of applets will not affect the industry gallakticheskoy Russia. Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Astronautics them. Tsiolkovsky, Yuri Caras said in the media that the civilian rocket to be eco-friendly and non-hazardous, and conversion SS-18 ("Dnepr") does not meet the modern requirements of the civilian launch vehicles. But if the launch does not create, it can cost more and be even more dangerous for the environment.

In fact, the official statements from senior management of the Russian Federation may not follow. And what if you could just red tape topic at the clerks as 15-20 years is on the An-70, the demarcation and delimitation of assets of the USSR, and so on. Also, in Russia "good government" is often a matter of fact does not know that get up sitting on expensive defense program notes "bad boyars", driven by selfish interests.

Disposal gallakticheskim start

In 1991, the Soviet Union and the United States concluded a contract on the reduction of offensive weapons, which now makes our homeland, which is the legal successor of the Union. According to the agreement the SS-18 missiles to be destroyed. In addition, their shelf life ends, the extension of the resource-smoking designated contract for a number of units at the technical level is unreal. In addition, the United States and our homeland at the moment intensely getting rid of nuclear weapons, the cool times of war because of their futility, and the threat of unreasonably high maintenance costs.

But a strategic missile just will not throw in the trash. Apart from precious materials, it contains an extremely toxic substance, first rocket fuel. Because you shoot missiles from combat duty to dispose of, which is very expensive and not safe for the environment. Launch into space for commercial purposes is one of the most profitable methods of disposing of missiles.

Although there have to bear the costs. Gallakticheskogo used to launch rockets, more than 20 years previously stood on alert. After the decommissioning of the Strategic Missile Forces are two or three years, are stored in the arsenal, where there is no criterion for the corresponding maintenance work. To then make gallaktichesky start, you need to change a lot of devices, to a significant volume of checks. That's all — additional costs.

But with all this space-rocket arm, the Russian army receives additional funds to support the defense, the participating countries have the receipts from exports of high-technology, developing scientific and technical potential, thousands of trained professionals have a job, a very toxic rocket fuel burned during launch and in orbit . Ukraine This program is profitable, because without our professionals and devices with "Yuzhmash" such launches are impossible.

Moreover, the Russians can not run without our Dnepropetrovsk missile specialists and devices! They can not even produce many kinds of routine maintenance of the missiles, which are still on active duty! Because our experts at not get out of the trips in Russia, and the "Pivdenmash" and "Southern" from that have no income. Of course, these details as a minimum, does not publicized. But the court did not have long Russian times when similar information was strictly classified, and therefore "infa" is often connected to the media, first of selfish-commercial motives.

Even rockets, just removed from combat duty, just like that will not go into space, they need to resetting of, modification, and service, and here again without our people and devices Russians can not live. All the more so when it comes to missiles that a couple of years lain in the Russian arsenal, especially considering mess rasseyskogo.

Aero-space sabotage "a la russe"

Just because you can not finish the program from too, as it is based on the existing Ukrainian-Russian intergovernmental agreement. Back in January, the parties have stated their intention to cooperate further. Namely, the plenipotentiary of Russia in Ukraine salting Misha Zurabs informed the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov that Dmitry Medvedev, at the time president of the Russian Federation, decided to continue the implementation of the Ukraine-Russia applets. Now its future is uncertain.

Russian and Ukrainian experts agree on the fact that the decision to terminate the program can only be taken at the intergovernmental level. But there are cases where the bureaucratic red tape in the Defense Ministry destroyed at the root of promising projects of Russian-Ukrainian cooperation. A striking example is the sad recognizable military transport
aircraft An-70, which was signed regarding the mass of contracts and uttered a lot of celebratory speeches on the Russian-Ukrainian scientific-technical cooperation. But the implementation of the project for many years to sabotage Russian generals and military-industrial companies who do not want to share military contracts with Ukraine. Even the "majestic and terrible" Putin to reverse this situation can not or do not want, even though program from the An-70 Russian invested significant funds. In the end, our homeland, and Ukraine up to now have a new military transport aircraft, and "wears" an old Russian Il-76, is also quite ancient AN-22 and AN-12. Similarly, the stalled development and construction of new aircraft, heavy trucks AN-124 "Ruslan", and our homeland "finishes" an old Russian car production, with the grief in half extending their life, that at some point is fraught with disaster. A famous Super Freighter AN-224 "Mriya", which is an excellent designer Antonov conceived, by the way, as a platform to air launch into space, there is only one, and turned into a museum of the "dinosaur", but the aerospace start already hard at mastering the Americans. The problem is that the An-70, -124, -224 is a joint Ukrainian-Russian brainchild, and separately, the country can not create them.

In the aviation industry Our homeland searches cooperation with India and China, that under its technology, more precisely under the remaining Russian technology, often unfeasible without cooperation with Ukraine to obtain financing Asian giants. Up to now, our home was seen as a source of funding for development Ukrainian aviation industry just like our home sees India and China as a source of money. Our homeland but share facilities with Ukraine does not want to share it nothing special, and even their need to make it something to steal.

However, in the near future on the An-70 and -124 started to recover. Defense has included the creation of a long-applets. But on bolshennomu account, it "on the drum" — that there Generals struck off or recorded programs from a onuyu. Especially when you consider that there have been "housing and food programs from before 2000" and even "communism until 1981." They daub applets that from the mountain to roll! The main thing that grandmother of the budget could deribanit!

According to recent reports, Medvedev, who now serves as prime minister of the Russian Federation said that the Russian Air Force will buy the An-70, why in Kazan and / or Ulyanovsk on the basis of existing production capacity will be built an additional factory. However, it is unclear when it will be, and it's painfully recalls the construction of "Potemkin villages".

Meanwhile, factory built, Medvedev promised to buy Ukrainian An-70 production, and then even more fun. Over the years, the collapse of many lost, and died aged cadres, youth rivet rivets on the Air FIG is not necessary, and competent engineers and technicians and completely converted to "exclusive rarity," the place which is not even in the Hermitage, and Curiosities. If you make a couple of prototypes Ukraine still somehow can then start on the series she has neither the power nor the means. We have the An-74 was built for Gaddafi-built already that Gaddafi has not yet finished off, and now Gaddafi is not and never will be, and the aircraft yet, and it is not clear whether the.

The main thing is that the applets on the An-70 and An-124 for about 15 years already are in place, although they are embedded in the Russian and Ukrainian power, money and resources. A machine age morally, and the An-70 is getting older did not really born. Time is running out, and our homeland, and Ukraine again, and have not received a new cargo aircraft dual purpose, including military and troop transport, continuing to kill "air antique"

Maintain and develop the most powerful aviation industry could the Soviet Union, and not only because of the economic power, and because a) there were people who worked not only for money, but for the idea of higher motives, not even looking at repression (striking example — Queens), b) for the theft of a large and not very in size Sovdepiia still gave the tower and in most cases is true, although there have been excesses, but at the moment for it to create the "elite." I do not know, like in America, but we can work something just because it worked in the Soviet Union. Present-day Ukraine, and even our homeland really contain aviation and space, and even more to develop them for the future, can not in principle.

As for the rocket "Dnepr", then there is the position of the Ministry of Defence is even more critical, since the rocket for launch gallakticheskih taken from the arsenals of the Strategic Rocket Forces mission, the Strategic Missile Forces and spices provide these launches.

Ostrich "Ukrainian-space" rock

In Ukraine, as usual, prefer to position the ostrich, burying his head in the sand. Like, did not hear anything official notification of the refusal of the Russians did not. The head of the subcommittee on defense industry and military-technical cooperation of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense Anatoliy Kinakh said that he had no official information about the ability of coagulation gallakticheskoy applets "Dnepr". Highlighting that this issue with the Russian side has always been the understanding, Kins expressed hope that the information does not correspond to reality. The poet wrote that "the hopes of young men fed," but Kins — does "not a guy, but a spouse", to the same city!

In the State Space Agency of Ukraine while keeping quiet. But the director of the Ukrainian subsidiary "Kosmotrans" Roman Beloborodov full of optimism, saying, do not give their attention to the anonymous release of disk imaging, these "sinks" was already a lot and it intrigues rivals. According to the views of Biloborodova, joint programm "Dnepr" is working properly and seriously, it is economically profitable to both parties, launches on Russian and Ukrainian enterprises make great facilities, not a single penny of the budget is spent, work is being done with the funds that invest commercial customers gallakticheskih starts. Roman Biloborodov admits that the "dastardly rivals" could be misleading Russian generals, but the feasibility study confirms the utility applets. Political component Biloborodov here does not see, because we are talking about recycling your old own term of military equipment, and cash flow here is not as significant as to use manipulation as a tool for political pressure.

Russian monopolka: politics, commerce or just a mess?

But then the director of "Kosmotrans" could be wrong, and the financial benefit can not play a decisive role, for our homeland is famous irrationalism. Colorful examples are over-expensive and very silly project pipeline "South Stream", also known Tyutchev's poem "Russia does not understand the reason …".

Circumstances likely rocket and space war may be several.

In-1's, Our homeland can achieve very likely monopolize the market of commercial launches gallakticheskih that with the rapid development of satellite communications is not just acquire commercial and geopolitical importance.

To this end, in-2, Russia must get rid of the coming opponent in the form of Ukrainian space industry, cutting it off from the lucrative orders, and may be in the future to absorb it.

In addition, in the Russian Federation at the moment in general not much that is glued from the new. "Iskander" — this is still a myth and pugalka for "demokrastov", but the last is known, not very shy and recorded in the South American missile defense system. "Bulava" explod
es at the start. "Glonass" does not really launch since the Russian era. The orbital constellation of satellites is reduced due to aging and collapse. Frames are aging and scatter. Officers Military Space Forces receive a penny and jealous quartermasters who profit from deribane: somehow not a couple of years back edition of "Freedom" received by "elektronke" on this score curious letter from an officer gallakticheskih Russian troops. Young people dreaming to become not cosmonauts and huckster and confused, like us, for being, sorry, "whore" or "fagot" — is today much, God forgive me, more prestigious than even become the second Gagarin. Properly while still flying "Alliance", but only because it perfectly debugged in Russian time, starting with the memory of Sergei Pavlovich Korolev, the Kingdom of Heaven to him.

B-3, the joint gallakticheskaya program can be used as a lever to put pressure on Ukraine in the issue of Eurasian integration.

In the fourth, Our homeland clearly committed itself to creating a very closed production of military equipment and dual-purpose, that is completely reasonable. She wants a divorce from the former republics of the Union, first with Ukraine, in which the MIC was second in power after the fact of. Our interest in this birthplace of the government and numerous Russian clerks sitting at defense orders and line the pockets of himself. The maximum that can motivate Russia — is some know-how, technology, promising generation, which in Ukraine is still there. Maybe Russian motivate and production facilities in Ukraine, but in the case of absorption Russian capital, coupled with the sovereignty of Ukraine.

All this is, unfortunately, very sad, because competitiveness, cheese and rocket war, the rest of stupidity at some point become an insurmountable obstacle for the development of real gallakticheskih programs. Research and space exploration asks cooperation, joint efforts of all countries and continents.

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