Ukrainian and Russian engine builders just managed the implementation of orders for aircraft engines

Ukrainian and Russian engine manufacturers are struggling to cope with the implementation of orders for aircraft engines

As reported by "Ukrspecexport" (Ukrainian municipal company for import and export of services and special purpose military and products), referring to the statement of Igor Kravchenko (Chief Designer and Managing GP "Ivchenko-Progress"), JSC "Motor Sich" (Ukraine) and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Capital Industrial Engineering Association "Salute" (MMPP "Salut"), together manufactures engines Class AI-222-2.5 for aircraft Yak-130; engines D-436 for the Be-200 and An-148 are very busy with orders.

Kravchenko commented: "In modern history, a fact that we have so many orders for our engines, is for the first time. Two of our factory a little time to do them. At the moment, has made engines class AI-222-2.5 of 70 units that are designed for the new Russian combat training aircraft Yak-130. "

In addition, the chief designer said that in the upcoming production of aircraft engines Class AI-222-2.5 will be increased, so as to promising Russian Air Force plans to provide in the coming years, buying 65 type aircraft Yak-130. I. Kravchenko said: "It is also for this plane increases and the number of foreign customers. "

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