Ukrainian armored KRAZ MPV for India

Ukrainian armored KRAZ MPV for IndiaUkrainian company "KrAZ", located in Kremenchug, together with the Indian company «SLDSL», located in the town of Kapnur, made a new type of armored car armored transporter multi-purpose KrAZ-01-1-11/SLDSL. Machine created on the model of MRAP, in India machine will be named «KRAZ MPV». Main purpose — not dangerous movement of personnel of Indian armed units, vehicles and equipment. In addition, on KRAZ MPV likely to install additional weapons and equipment.

Reinforced machine developed on the basis of all-wheel drive KraAZ-5233VE the formula 4×4 wheel and right wheel. The engine JAMZ-238DE2 has a capacity of 330 hp As you know, the platform of the new Ukrainian armored car book Indian designers are. There is information that will be created and tested a model of the formula KRAZ MPV 6X6 wheels. Work on the reservation on the model of MRAP vehicles will be carried out in India, where the Ukrainian chassis will receive an aggregate reservation, there will install an armored unit to transport personnel.

Protection against small gun, grenade, ammunition and weapons of mass destruction will provide:
— whole-body type of the supporting structure, equipped with reinforced bronelistami;
— double-door performance;
— double side wall;
— inside the door and wall mounted 25 mm explosion-proof material;
— underbody comprising wall 3 forms a bottom of a wedge-shaped type;

Ukrainian armored KRAZ MPV for IndiaAbility of the new armored car KrAZ-01-1-11/SLDSL — Transportation 12 well-equipped people, swivel tower «Rigel MK1» with free horizontal rotation, 8 embrasures inside an armored unit and communication equipment and surveillance, which goes:
— AV system;
— Camera: Rear View, Night Vision Sight Range up to 500 meters.

By the level of protection of the vertical walls and bulletproof glass on NATO standards comparable with the level 3A (STANAG 4569). Explosion-proof material used slightly higher than the level of protection of NATO standard (STANAG 4569) Level 2.
On the development of the layout said in a press release, issued 13.06.2012 year. Budding armored conveyor positioned to promote Indian company «Shri Lakshmi Defence Solutions» municipal law enforcement agencies and departments.

Hunt to mention how sad for Ukraine is that for its own armed forces, it is not currently a lot of designs and practically does not buy the newest armored vehicles of its own production (well zabugornogo production, too), are working on the development and production of military equipment for export. This is despite the desire and funding will enable do the required equipment on used technology to ensure their Ukrainian armed forces of the country.

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