Ukrainian armored personnel carrier — a likely contender our promising platforms Kurganets-25 and Boomerang

In 2002, according to the results of tests ending on BTR-3U is in the United Arab Emirates and with the requirements of potential customers in KMDB in an active manner began the development of a promising BTR-4. It was conducted by internal staff and resources received code development activities (R & D) "Boat". Model cars for the first time shown at the exhibition "Aerosvit" in Kiev in 2006. In the design before designers were delivered following tasks: increased armor protection compared with the BTR-3, providing troops out over the stern, improved habitability criteria for the crew, keeping open the possibility to force the swimming water barriers, increase mobility and average speeds of movement, the creation of a single chassis family of armored vehicles.

According to the expressed wishes of the prospective buyers armored personnel KMDB elected assembly with front office management, middle office logistics and deployment of combined military and the troop compartment at the rear, so that the Marines could leave the car through the feed hatches.

Purpose and Assembly

BTR-4 is designed to transport personnel of mechanized infantry units and to provide fire support in combat, fighting in different weather criteria, as in the case of the introduction of the enemy weapons of mass destruction. Armored personnel carrier can be used as a day or so and NIGHT MODE, to march on the road with a different cover and move around the area where reigns a complete off-road.

Ukrainian armored personnel carrier - a possible competitor to our future platforms "Kurganets-25" and "Boomerang"

The range of ambient operating temperature of -40 to +55 degrees Celsius.

Amphibious capabilities BTR-4 allow him to overcome water spots, including sea, with waves up to 3 points (which makes the car pretty for the Marine Corps). Dimensions armored guarantee its transportation on the railway routes and aircraft military transport aircraft respective duty, as moving cars on tracks unaccompanied.

Machine a 8×8. Assembly, as previously mentioned, the location of the driver's compartment (OC) in the bow, the power pack (MTO) — in the middle, and the combined assault — combat (RBS) — in the rear of the machine.

Department of Management (DU). There are jobs driver and commander, as controls. For planting in the APC and exit commander and driver are mounted in the sides of the door with built-in bullet-proof glass blocks, and on the roof of the armored jobs — hatches. In head-window inserted bulletproof glass blocks, which can be locked armored covers (the same protection and glass blocks in the doorway.) The driver's seat is adapted to set the periscope observation devices and night-vision device for the movement of the black clock. In front of the compartment in front of the commander's loophole is armored with lid — for firing from personal auto guns.

In the engine-transmission compartment (ITO) is the engine with an automatic gearbox and hydraulic mechanical transfer case, as with other systems that support its work. Between the starboard bulkhead and MTO has prolazit of DU in amphibious combat compartment, allowing the commander to leave the armored vehicle and the driver through the stern doors in an emergency. In the MTO can be mounted engines with capacity 480-600 horsepower according to the customer's choice — 3TD, Deutz or Iveco (and other power plants of the respective class and power). If the customer chooses a two-stroke diesel cars 3TD, producing Malyshev Plant and developed KMDB, an armored personnel carrier with a roof MTO injection cooling system and the exhaust on the left side. When used of imported four-stroke engines cooling system fan section with access to the right muffler board. The car has a top speed on the ground to 110 km per hour, afloat — 10.

In amphibious fighting compartment (RBS) has double-leaf doors fodder, and roof — hatches for landing. At the sides of the RBS placed loopholes, closing armored covers for firing from personal auto guns. Loophole exists in the right landing door, and each upper hatch. Individual seats are attached to the roof of the infantry troop compartment and can be placed along the sides opposite each other on either side of the center of the machine to the boards. These quick-release seat, allowing you to transform the landing bay for different tasks and freight.

Ukrainian armored personnel carrier - a possible competitor to our future platforms "Kurganets-25" and "Boomerang"Armored personnel carriers supplied with different tower design modules as KMDB (BAU-23 "Thunder", "Squall", "Storm", "Sail"), and other manufacturers are the products of the respective class. Properties of combat units and their features — a topic for another article that will be posted later.

The regular crew of 2-3 people: a driver and commander — the operator combat module (driver, commander, operator). Plus 6 to eight infantry combat regardless of the installed module.

Armored personnel carrier, as mentioned above, is able to swim across water obstacles. Afloat driven with 2 water jet mounted in the rear of the hull on the sides. Before forcing driver, the comfort of the car, activates vodootrazhatelny plate and includes the bilge pumps.

Resettled hydraulic steering. To increase the maneuverability of four front wheels are managers. Armored personnel carrier equipped with a centralized system of tire-pressure regulation, which allows the driver to quickly change the pressure to overcome the heavy off-road areas. In the MTO installed automatic fire-fighting equipment and air conditioning system. From inside the OC and RB lined with Kevlar to prevent injury fighter chipped armor. A similar assembly can rapidly transform RBS without changing the layout solutions for the power plant and a box for the creation of a broad family of vehicles. Duty chassis ensures not only that, and an extra armor protection from shells hit small-caliber automatic guns.

Assessment given early, but …

At the current time based on the BTR-4 developed a number of models of equipment, including a command vehicle BTR-4K repair and recovery vehicle (ARV), command post vehicle BTR-4KSH, sanitary and armored recovery vehicle BSEM-4K. Perhaps the creation of machine fire support MOS 4K battle reconnaissance vehicle BRM-4K, and other products.

In 2009, the international exhibition of defense technology demonstrated IDEX second layout BTR-4 with a combat module "Sail", which was adopted as a basis for serial production and supplies to Iraq modification BTR-4E after the necessary improvements. Now according to the signed agreement in 2009, held the production and shipment of BTR-4 filled with combat module with remote control "Sail", special machinery — commander, command staff, honey, and repair and recovery, maintenance, and training simulators. The developer of these products and the top performer of works under this agreement is KMDB

BTR-4 made in the facilities and KMDB Malyshev Plant in the supply of devices involving a great number of Ukrainian companies. Armored troop-carrier was adopted by the Ukrainian army July 24, 2012.

To evaluate the project so far, because there is no more operating experience in the military APCs. But the mass of 19 tons has given armored amphibious properties, going to the limit of buoyancy. To use it as a police car in the city's criteria for probable extra armor and protective lattice screens, mounting points for which cleanly installed on the hull, but buoyant with all this will be lost. Chassis allows you to bring the weight of BTR-4 to 27 tons and has a store for upgrades. When corresponding financing units and components, processed at BTR-4, will be applied to the development of the latest generation of armored personnel carriers — BTR-5.

Editors' military-industrial complex "has asked to express opinion about the BTR-4 1st of Russian professionals in the field of armored vehicles. According to him, the available information suggests that the machine is able to make Ukrainian Russian konkurentnst promising platforms "Kurganets-25" and "Boomerang."

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