Ukrainian arms exports: features of the structure and development

Ukrainian arms exports: features of the structure and development

According to the results of international research Stockholm Peace Research Institute, the volume of Ukrainian exports of weapons and military equipment in 2011 amounted to about 484 million dollars. Accordingly, the Ukraine was on the 12th spot among global exporters of AME.

In 2011, in the Ukraine, according to the decree of President Viktor Yanukovych, was created concern "Ukroboronprom", the structure of which was merged 7 municipal companies, which are engaged in the creation of weapons and military equipment. Among them and "Ukrspecexport", "Ukrinmash", "Ukroboronservis", "Spetstehnoservis" special company "Progress", "Promoboroneksport", also a foreign trade company "TASK-export" (even despite the fact that back in 2010 it was decided decision on its liquidation).

According voiced by state controlled company "Ukrspecexport" her income with subsidiaries of export-import operations in 2011 amounted to about one billion dollars. On the coming 5 years backlog "UkrSpetsExport" is estimated at more than $ 5 billion dollars.

According to CEO Dmitry Peregudova, last year Ukraine exported gun in 62 countries around the world. The main consumers of Ukrainian products to the military-industrial complex have become countries of Asia and Africa. Geography exports, according to information provided "Ukrospetseksportom" disk imaging, covers the main countries of the African continent, namely, Algeria, Congo, Uganda, Chad, Egypt, Kenya. The region accounts for about 37 percent of total exports. Slightly smallest shred of military shipments accounted for Asian countries — it is 32 percent. In this region, Ukraine cooperates with 16 countries, among them more active importers are India, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Iraq. 26 per cent of deliveries of weapons and military equipment accounted for the CIS countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus. The rest of the euro continent — Poland, Britain, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Germany — account for only 3 per cent of total exports.

In the middle of all types of weapons and military equipment, which supplies the Ukrainian defense industry in the first place was to nedavneshnego time aircraft equipment (a little more than 43 percent), followed by — machinery for land forces (over 36 percent). The top three favorites close the air defense (10 percent). In addition to the supply of technology itself is foreseen as the provision of services related to the repair and modernization of the data samples.

But the treaties that were signed during 2011, indicate that the Ukrainian arms exports showed some configuration. Earlier on the best seller was aeronautical engineering, it was followed by armored vehicles, then at the moment, according to unofficial data, these types of technology have changed places. As a result, the so-called tank breakthrough came in the leading position, "armored complex."

In the main, Ukraine has as an export product offers naval weapons and equipment, airplanes, rocket and space equipment, ammunition and armored vehicles, and air defense missile and artillery weapons standards. Great demand in the world market for Ukrainian rocket, light armored vehicles, military vehicles and gas turbines for warships. At the current time Ukrainian exports in the main consists of modernized outdated weapons even Russian production.

So, on the African continent are supplied tanks and self-propelled artillery Russian production, combat helicopters, assault rifles, machine guns and rifles, mortars. Management of the Republic of Chad zopoluchilo two Su-25 assault.

Certain part of the Ukrainian military export of brand new or upgraded equipment (in the main, armored personnel carriers and tanks), which are supplied to Ethiopia, Iraq and Thailand. In the summer of 2011 between "UkrSpetsExport" and Thailand signed a contract under which the Ukrainian representatives pledged to do for his partner 121 APC 3-E1, together with the machines support. The total price of the contract was estimated at 140 million dollars. Earlier, the Thai armed forces took 95 armored vehicles of this model, so we decided to increment the number of park models tested. In addition, was signed contract Bangkok to supply the T-84U "Hold" in the amount of 49 units. Its price was 231 million dollars. Recall, the Ukrainian side has won the tender, with the middle rivals Russian T-90, the German "Leopard" and the Korean K1. This contract was voted the greatest since the signing of the "Contract of Pakistan", when it sold 320 T-80UD tanks. Then contract worth 650 million dollars.

Then there were contracts for the delivery of 67 T-72M1, 28 Mi-35 and Mi-24V, 64 BMP-2 to Algeria. In 2001 — contract for the supply of 16 helicopters Mi-8, Mi-35, Mi-17 and Mi-24V and 31 T-72 tanks Macedonia, export to Libya 2-transport aircraft An-124 and An-100. In 2004-2007 — cooperation with Azerbaijan, under which it was exported 18 BTR-80, 45 T-72 and 14 MiG-29. In 2005-2007 — Ukraine has provided Georgia 90 T-72 tanks, 21 MiG-21 and Su-12 22 Yemen. In 2006-2007 were sold anti-cruise missiles X-59 RF (100 units).

Regarding more recent contracts worth noting the export to Iraq of Ukrainian tanks. This agreement, in the event of success, was to become a big contract in the history of Ukrainian exports. But problems arose led to the deal was postponed.

In 2010, the more significant development was the agreement with Ethiopia to supply 200 upgraded T-72B. In addition, in the same year were implemented agreements with Congo on the delivery of 30 T-55 tanks and 100 T-72 tanks, and Sudan — 55 T-55 tanks and 60 T-72M. In addition, in the Congo have been exported as artillery BM-21 "Grad", 152-millimeter "Acacia", 122-millimeter "Pinks", howitzer D-30 (36 units) and 82-mm mortars (3 units). There have also been bought rifles, Kalashnikovs, light and languid machine guns, grenade and four Mi-24.

In Kenya was delivered 26 82-millimeter mortar, 2.5 thousand pieces of automatic weapons. In Uganda exported 40 thousand machines, and mounted grenade launchers, machine guns languid.

The biggest consumers of Ukrainian small guns, not including Uganda, the United States of America and Germany, which imported from Ukraine 95 and 33 thousand rifles and carbines respectively.

Very closed to Ukrainian exports is the Latin American region. It is clear that the planned delivery of armored vehicles and tanks Tifon-2 (deeply modernized T-54 and T-55), but no more disk imaging on these contracts do not. Brazil, which also wanted to buy Ukrainian tanks, and later refused to cooperate. In 2011, it was reported that the Ukrainian side is willing to make deliveries to Brazil armored "Watch-B", also intends to put on the consideration of the development of a joint venture specializing in the manufacture of armored vehicles.

In addition, Ukraine has long been known in the world as of the 1st of the favorites in the market gallakticheskih technologies. Thus, according to the agreement reached in 2011 with Brazil, planned and co-construction of the Baikonur launch Ukrainian carrier rocket "Cyclone-4". As noted by Azarov, Ukrainian side will take a specific role in all steps of the design and construction of the cosmodrome. Despite the fact that the launch of the first satell
ite was scheduled yet for 2010 year, but because of certain events and the absence of an agreement with Russia (remember, she is a partner of Ukraine in the construction of rocket), the project was postponed to 2013-2014 year.

Suffice Ukraine cooperates closely with India, especially in the near future. Representatives of the armed forces of India made a statement about his own intentions to convert the Indian Mi, equipping them Ukrainian anti-tank missiles "Barrier-In." They plan to change the missiles "Storm", which at this moment are in service. In addition, on helicopters will also establish a Ukrainian engines massive production of "Motor Sich".

It should be noted that representatives of foreign armed forces are not the first to turn their attention to the Ukrainian anti-missile systems, even in spite of the fact that the government only recently took for a batch of their creation. So, at first ordered Ukraine, Georgia 400 complexes "Combat", and later ordered Azerbaijan PRK "Skiff". Besides Azerbaijan, became interested in the same complex and the Defense Ministry of Belarus.

Regarding the enthusiastic Indian military to Ukrainian military equipment should be aware that there is a fairly fascinating situation. It is usually assumed that the main supplier of military equipment and weapons to India is our motherland. But India is obviously not in a hurry to use the proposals of the Russian Federation, and, according to the views of some professionals, set up to purchase the Ukraine defense systems. It is clear that such alignment is not really like the Russian side. On the other hand, for Ukraine it would be a stupidity to miss the chance to make the military-technical cooperation with India, which is considered more promising importer of weapons in the world.

By the way, in fact at one time with information about the Ukrainian intrigued by the Indian military defense systems was reported that Ukraine has developed 105-mm anti-tank guided missile «Falarick». The customer was a Belgian arms concern CM Idefense, which planned to establish a Ukrainian development by the Belgian artillery unit.

So Makarov, saying that apart from entering the Asian market is very promising arms Ukrainian the defense industry does not ignore and the western sector. This is very crucial for the Ukraine as it can serve as a real chance to break into the Western arms market (which, by the way, is very hard to do).

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