Ukrainian army: a new motion vector

Ukrainian army: a new motion vector Representatives of the Ukrainian authorities believe the main goal of power itself. And it is, of course, need to be protected. This is the main reason for the reshuffle in the government, namely in the armed forces.

In connection with the designation of the new War Minister President bolshennymi ran into difficulties. This is based on, first, the fact that the very Ministry, and the armed forces are in a languid state. This is probably one of the few statements that no one is hesitation. The end result was that, even despite the fact that the military branch is considered to be a priority for the guarantor, neuvvyazkami military department has neither the time nor the will nor the resources to deal with.

In this situation, specifically the right choice of control will help solve the problem. At the present time it can be argued that the activities of the previous Minister M. Yezhel has led to the emergence of even more problems. The Ministry took the last position in terms of implementation and the number of charges in relation to the development of a really off scale corruption schemes.

The ex-minister was dismissed as quickly as assigned. And while it is not clear statement of his brand new mission, although the president has officially announced that it will provide the latest post. Experts so far do not understand what Yanukovych thanked the ex-minister, as most of them believes that military Minister engaged in their own industry only occasionally. Naturally, one would not have to touch the former chief of the military establishment, if not the existence of a fundamentally moments. In-1's, during his administration significantly worsened the case between the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff, which was caused by different gaze out what should be a modern Ukrainian army. In-2, the lack of strategy for the armed forces. Third, a very bad state of military equipment. Substantiate the veracity of these things does not make sense. One has only to look at some numbers. So, in 2009, of the 200 aircraft are in service with the Ukrainian Army, 88 podymali not due to a fault in the air. In 2011 it was planned to reduce the number of combat aircraft to 160, but it turned out that 100 of them already, and in working condition — only 18. The situation is not better and with helicopters. Of the 80 combat vehicles are serviceable as 18 units, and of the 55 anti-aircraft missile complexes in operation only 21 SAM. Is noteworthy that during this period no latest equipment purchased was not, though, of course, the question should be asked is not the minister.

An important factor that can greatly affect the success of the new minister, is the case with the generals. Recall that the specific difficulties that have emerged with the establishment of relations between the General Staff and the first civilian defense minister, led to the fact that the latter resigned. Another issue that needs to be controlled — is the armed forces of Ukraine. Recall M. Ezhel said that by 2017, the number of Ukrainian army should reach 130 thousand people. So makarom planned to increment the size of salaries of the army, since such a reduction will allow to save up to 720 million hryvnia. But while this is only the figure is not supported by any documents or respectively the real base. If you take into account the puzzle of building the European model of the army, which the president has put D.Salamatinu, it completely possible that State located between such mechanisms as the military bolshennymi Our homeland and NATO, would be enough to completely and 100 thousand, provided tribute to provide weapons . But it is clear that a similar concept study and requested additional calculations.

According to experts, the Minister newcomer went to the army, which in fact has lost credibility in the community. Because D.Salamatin have a tight schedule of the forthcoming program from obmyslit own activities and to begin its implementation. But the successful implementation of similar tasks requested the presence of a team of experts in the military industry that posodeystvuyut minister likely to overcome some difficulties for him in the modern sector. When taking into account the experience of his previous work, one can come to the conclusion that the people who were in the proximal environment, will be able to assist only in matters of weapons. But to completely solve the problem of the army, they can not.

The West believes Ukrainian army of one of the most backward at a technical level in Europe. This is logical, since the middle of all the European countries, Ukrainian armed forces have a very small budget, which amounts to about 17 billion hryvnia (about 2 billion dollars). For comparison: the South American military 2012 budget — 662 billion dollars, the Israeli — 14000000000, Turkish — about 11 billion Swedish-about 7 billion dollars. You can, of course, make the objection that the Ukraine — not America or Israel, which is constantly at war with someone, but that Sweden is also completely peaceful state …

M. Yezhel than once and said that in the next 5 years will be given more attention to military equipment and armament. Work will continue to repair and upgrade the available samples will also be made buying new ones. It was also planned to strengthen the NCO corps to the substitution of certain officers in the initial posts.

Alignment D.Salamatina about similar decisions not yet clear. Experts also believe that the allocated funds would be sufficient only for the maintenance of the third part of the whole army. A view of the Ukrainian army now does not meet the European standard. In addition, in its composition there are certain units that are frankly at a loss and completely unnecessary in modern conditions.

Based on the situation in D.Salamatina have only three choices: to squeeze everything possible from those funds that are allocated to use their influence and reach additional funding or look for an opportunity to earn extra money by the agency. Unfortunately, the third option has never been fully realized, but he contributed to the development of corruption in the middle of its employees.

So Makar, the situation will depend on whether the control of the defense industry itself minister or it will be made at the level of the Ministry. If the questions will be addressed specifically the defense ministry, then, in the case of an experienced rassredotachivaniya municipal defense contracts and promotion of transactions in the global military market, will be able to significantly enhance the supply of resources for the army. Resource capacity exists in the case of a transfer of money from the sale of military equipment from the arsenals of the Ministry, which can be induced to re. Similarly, the funds can be obtained from sale of land and the military establishment, but in this case the need tight control on the part of the authorities and by society. An important role could be played and interaction with Russia: an increase in the level of the role in the production of military equipment (Yak-130), the modernization of air defense missile systems "Buk" and S-300.

An important role could be played by co-operation with NATO. Implementation of joint repair the BMP-1, T-72, the introduction of military transport vehicles, recycling or recovery of ammunition, creation of an international peacekeeping training center for Yavoriv range. All these areas require huge amounts of income and real technical benefits to
the Ukrainian army. In order to realize at least some of them, it takes a little — one at the policy of the Ministry of Defence.

So Makarov, saying that seriously take up the reform of the Ukrainian army, it is completely possible to solve at least the main difficulties. And now everything will depend on the new minister of war, from his desire to move the business off the ground.

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