Ukrainian army. Does it exist?

I wish to recall that after the collapse of the Soviet Union and its independence, Ukraine could be proud of one of the of strongest armies in the world with a population totaled 780,000 people. A technical capacity simply amazed — 6,5 thousand tanks, armored 7 thousand, 1.5 thousand combat aircraft, 350 ships, 1,272 nuclear warheads with intercontinental ballistic missiles, tactical nuclear weapon — 2,5 thousand

Squandering of military facilities began in the reign of Leonid Kravchuk. With his light hand and with the pressure of our "friendly" partners of the Russian Federation and the United States, we have renounced nuclear weapons and voluntarily gave all their nuclear weapons in Russia, mine blew ICBMs and strategic bombers are often transferred to the Russian Federation, and some just took on scrap.

At today army Ukraine is quite weak and hardly able vsepolnotsenno to defend the country in case of attack. In time Congratulations military president, in which again promised that in the next few years will increase significantly funding for Ukrainian army. In the same true time situation looks abysmal. Most of the enlisted men of the army — it's contractors, the wages of which is $ 250, and the salary of a junior officer — 375 bucks. Maybe if such funds to live on, apparently, very difficult.

Note that on the food package fighter on the day the government spends 17 hryvnia 60 kopecks. The number of current armed forces is 192 thousand people. Next year meant another reduction of up to 184 thousand. But Ukraine is now able to contain only 70 thousand fighter, in other words, the government can not afford to support themselves vsepolnotsennuyu efficient army, which in our time is very necessary.

Not so long ago the need for a strong army experienced our homeland and Georgia. Only after the real impact these countries increment financing its own armed forces. Russian military budget now stands at 70 million baksov.No back to Ukraine.

As can be seen, Ukrainian army left with nothing. According to professionals, now Ukraine to defend themselves, we need an army that would had about 380-400 thousand people personnel. At the current time there are parts of state boundaries that are not protected by air defenses. In the event of an attack, they can simply be taken. Apart from this, a lot of military equipment can be now safely put into a museum, it is unlikely it will use in combat.

Next to the fabulous promises of the president in Ukraine over plans to reduce the APU control by 25-30%. But there are positive aspects. So, to 2020, it is planned to build two corvettes, which izderzhut 14 billion dollars. Now is also developing Ukrainian missile system "Peregrine Falcon", the construction of the An-70. It is expected that within five years of so-called Ukrainian army will have an automatic control system. The soldiers also promise to raise wages. It remains to hope that all this time, we will bypass the enemies, and all the rosy plans come to life.

Ukrainian army.  Does it exist?

Ukrainian army.  Does it exist?

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