Ukrainian army: how to survive this year?

Ukrainian army: how to survive this year?

As elections to the Ukrainian parliament were held, and the government and the Party of Regions somehow immediately forgot about his own promises, which so generously handed out the other day. Well, about the social initiatives that tried to capture the sympathy of ordinary people, no one reads. This discrepancy words with the case could not be reflected on the new municipal budget, which is adopted in a big hurry Rada previous convocation.

Among those who are more often than not had luck with the budget, you can call the Ukrainian military, and if more precisely — the part that continued to believe in the government and the pro-presidential party pre-election promises and most of the country led by Viktor Yanukovych. Recall promised to create an effective army euro standard.

At this point, it became quite evident that all that was said earlier about the revival of the armed forces and the government's concern about the army — less than empty words. On the contrary — it was clear that all of the tasks that are in the army, the difficulties of the defense and the people who are related to the military sphere, quite indifferent government. This just make if adopted to analyze the Ukrainian military departments budget for 2013 year.

First, it is worth noting that the military funding has been significantly curtailed. Instead of the expected 18.5 billion hryvnia army will receive only 15.3 billion, which is even less than the military got last year (when the development of the armed forces has been allocated 16.3 billion). Cut funds for the development of the military sphere: in the past year, the volume of these funds were 2.14 billion, in the coming — they will be equal only 1.9 billion at first glance it may seem that such a reduction slightly, but if you dig deeper The problem … is that from the beginning of Yanukovych presidency, given its resounding statements in the military budget has increased the volume of funds, which, roughly speaking, "eaten away" (refers to the money that is allocated to ensure viability of the Army). For comparison: in 2006 this sum was 69 per cent of the total budget in 2008 — about 77 per cent in 2010 and 2011 — about 88 percent. All that remained was spent on the training of troops and the purchase of new weapons. The amounts that were on it, you see, it is very minor.

And if you take into account that according to international standards, the armed forces can not squander the maintenance of more than half of the allocated funds in order to avoid degradation of the … In such a situation, explain the upcoming budget cuts is unrealistic. It is more like a crazy experience.

With this funding Ukrainian army can clearly forgotten about military training, and brand new weapons. All of the problem lies in the fact that at the time, until the government declares loudly on the improvement of the technical base of the army and holding a mass repair and modernization has long been obsolete weapons and equipment, projects promising new arms slowly slip away. The eye-catching example of this — program of construction of corvettes. The program has been estimated at more than 16 billion hryvnia, with all this in the past year on its development has been allocated about 11 million (!) Hryvnia. With this funding will need more than a century, to complete the construction. Another example — the construction of a new functional missile complex "Peregrine Falcon" on which has been allocated fewer resources. If you take into account the military budget for the new year, it is completely obvious that about these applets can be easily forgotten.

Special cynicism showed the government in terms of financing social services personnel, and this despite the fact that this problem of vowed to solve. Namely, in the last couple of years the government has promised to increment currency composition of the military — to increment the salaries by 55 percent, equating such Makar, war with municipal officials. But until the next time nobody was doing anything in this direction. And just before the elections were doubled the salaries of pilots and navigators. Similar in the world I have not seen — is there was a need to think of increasing social welfare 1 of the first kind of troops to the detriment of the rest! All this could not affect the morale in the Army, most of all the countless branches. But the authorities, especially before elections, promised by the summer of 2013 they will also be upgraded salary, and also doubled. But how does it plan to do — not quite understandable, because in a new budget to fund salary was laid down by only half a billion more funds than in the past (7.4 billion vs. 6.9). Of course, you say, in the forthcoming reduction of army it would be easy enough to do. But because in fact, contrary to the ingrained opinion, maintaining the army is always much cheaper than the reduction. Judge: getting laid off, each warrant officer and every officer should receive severance pay, which will depend on the rank, the life and position, and that the order of several thousand hryvnia per abbreviated. In such a situation, it may be either an increase in foreign currency to the detriment of the content reduced, which is sure to become a prerequisite for social tension among those who were laid off, or which times "amnesia" …

The situation is even worse in terms of military housing. In 2011, the military government has promised to build in 2012 for six thousand apartments for servicemen. When it was in 2012 — this figure was reduced by three times, and when the year came to an end, the Minister Salamatin said that during this period of time has been built just a thousand apartments. Where are the others — quite confusing …

Under such "high" rate of construction of course, to ensure that the 45 thousand troops for improvement of housing criteria, the military authorities will need more than a dozen years. In addition, each year after the end of military schools in the army come new frames that are also in need of housing. As can be seen, all for apartments will continue to grow, it is very fast, especially if you look at the numbers: in the past year, the construction of one thousand apartments were allocated 500 million hryvnia, then in a new budget this amount is simply ridiculous — only 12 million hryvnia …

A lot of enthusiasm is not even that, and the judgment, which was first signed in October last year. According to him, a soldier, having enough years of service, but not received at the time of service housing, has the right not to wait for the apartment, and receive monetary compensation for it. A similar decision provoked a storm of emotions in a military environment: even this amount and not enough to buy the latest flat, but still it's nice facilities, and save a few thousand missing is not so difficult. But the satisfaction was short-lived military. Immediately after the elections, the authorities have once again shown that they do not care at all and everything. President Yanukovych, congratulating the military with Prof. prazdnichkom (remember, it is celebrated on December 6), uttered the phrase, from which many felt sick, saying that the government will do everything possible to provide military housing. Make it a plan by the mortgage. (!) So Makarov, it appears that instead of building a new home or at least compensate by military authorities propose to accumulate on the flat. The question arises: how to save an amount equal to several hundreds of thousands of hryvnia at existing salaries? Do not forget
that most of the military who do not have their own homes, are obliged to rent it at the same time for a lot of money (which, of course, no one compensates). And contact with mortgage lending does not make sense, because a similar practice has already been proven and not with the best hand (program there is a question of "social affordable housing" — all those who believed in it, will this year look for a lot of money in order to to pay the mortgage.)

Ex-minister Dmitry Salamatin not leave behind nothing except scheme squandering the military budget, which was rassredotachivanii defense orders between "their" companies. In this case, the funny thing is that it was conducted rassredotachivanie quite openly.

For example, one of the great success of their own Salamatin referred to higher volumes of repair of military equipment to the Ukrainian Navy. With all of this is easy to see that most of the orders were not municipal enterprises that are on the verge of bankruptcy and who could stay afloat thanks to new contracts, and the Black Sea Shipyard, which is owned by Vadim Novinsky. In addition, it is unclear exactly why the army instead of solving problems, the last minister so zealously interested in the Ukrainian defense industry contracts. Disregard Salamatina in its direct obligations reflected also in the fact that he did not react to the adoption of the new budget …

But nothing quite good, According to experts, can not be expected, and the new Minister of War — Paul Lebedev, of which a large part of the military found out only after the mission, so as he had previously never "lit up." In his biography there are many things that frankly staggering and alarming. Lebedev was a military and financier, rising to chief of the division of money, went into business. The question arises — what will come out of it the minister? Of course, no one says that the minister of defense has to be behind a harsh army school. But the man who intercedes for the post, or should know perfectly well aware of the army from the inside and the existing problems, or have a big leaders have experience in the state sector. Unfortunately, neither the one nor the other at the new minister there.

As Salamatin, Lebedev belongs to the so-called environment "Russian business", owning a good business acumen (judging by how quickly he was able to "roll out" of business).

Naturally, some representatives of the Party of Regions note that the new military Minister — is an effective manager and managing hard, and that one of the priorities of its activity profile is building, including military housing (several projects to build apartments for the military they have been successfully implemented in Sevastopol). Only now is it clear how it is that Lebedev will use their talents in the field of construction of military housing with this funding, because to engage in confrontation with the power to knock out additional funds in the absence of the political weight it, as they say specialists who will not. And how much more do not have the funds to allocate their own pockets …

So Makar, just saying that with such facilities and thus control the Ukrainian army will go far in their own development, if not degraded even more. Very hunt to place that in the future the situation will change, and that all the speculation about the new management prove to be incorrect. In another of the defense of the Ukrainian armed forces can be easy to forget …

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