Ukrainian aviation: is there a prospect?

Ukrainian aviation: is there a prospect?

April 6, 2012 in the Ukrainian system of military aviation back two MiG-29. They were at the factory for repair Repairs municipal plant in the town of Lviv. After repairs they were delivered to the airfield crews Command "South" of the Air Force of Ukraine in Crimea. According to the disk imaging, acquired by the Ministry of Defence, these aircraft will participate in the maintenance of security in the framework of the end of Euro 2012.

In the process of repair work has been carried out a complete disassembly of combat vehicles, also repaired the main components of aircraft. After the test flights fighters back into the army.

The smallness of the earlier, in March, Mirgorodskaya Aviation Brigade received from Zaporozhye "MiGremont" plane Su-27 "Valentin Cullen." Another modernized Sou-27 passed flight tests and returned to the Air Force. It is also planned that the same plant will repair even 2-Su-27 aircraft by the end of 2012. By the end of May in order to be brought back a couple of MiG-29 aircraft, which are being renovated at the Lviv aircraft plant. Also coming to the end of work on repair of military transport aircraft Il-76 and Su-24M modernization. It is also understood that until June of this year, will be completed repair work 2 IL-39, and by the end of the year the same work will be conducted on 12 aircraft and carried out modernization of four aircraft of this class. Also, the Ministry of Defence has planned to carry out the repair work of the Mi-24, Mi-2 and Mi-8. In addition, the terminating stage tests are municipal helicopter Mi-24P, which being upgraded to "AVIAKON."

This activity of the Ministry of Defence can not inspire optimism, if not one "but": if to reflect on what was left of Ukrainian aviation after 20 years of independence — it is clear that rejoice, then there is nothing particularly because it is a return to order only a few military vehicles. At that time, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine considers such D.Salamatin aviation unparalleled pace of recovery, noting that over the last decade there was nothing of the sort.

But before everything was completely different. In March 2012, the Ukrainian Air Force celebrated its twentieth anniversary: in 1992 were made by the Ukrainian Air Force. At the time, the terrain of the country, there were 10 air divisions, 4 Air Army, 11 separate squadrons, 49 air regiments, a total difficulties around 600, about 120 thousand soldiers, 2,800 combat vehicles. Ukrainian military aviation Since then, was the largest in Europe, behind only the leading position the United States, China and Russia. In the middle of military aircraft, which was at that time in the arsenal of the Ukrainian Air Force, we can note the Tu-22 and Tu-16 and Tu-22M and MiG-23, MiG-29, Yak-28, Sou-27, MiG-25, Su-14 and Su-24, MiG-21.

First was transferred to the Russian Federation or subject to liquidation bombers Tu-95MS and Tu-160 air-launched cruise missiles X-55. But the greatest shame in the process of general disarmament of the Ukrainian Air Force — is the liquidation of the Tu-23M3, bombers, who insisted on winding up the United States of America and that even given this a lot of money. First, in 2006 were sent to scrap the Tu-22 and cruise missiles X-22, which were in service of the military vehicles. Is noteworthy that the elimination of the Tu-22 was brought under the Cooperative Threat Reduction program from, despite the fact that the Tu-22 has never equaled kind of strategic offensive arms. Moreover, even in times of Russian was rising over the question of whether to consider this plane strategic. Then they decided — no, but it's not got the best of Ukrainian aircraft from destruction.

And then the process has begun, "fun", no more help from the outside. By that time, came to power Yanukovych regime, from Ukrainian air force virtually nothing left, in general, as well as from the naval. According to statistics, in 2009, of the 200 combat vehicles which were in the state, 88 aircraft did not fly. In 2010, when the President arrives in air brigade in the Crimea, it is very taken aback when he was told of the 2-s-10 aircraft will be able to take off only one. Then held a critical meeting of the National Security Council of Ukraine, where the decision for immediate action to remedy the situation.

But all that was said then, and remains in words. And already in 2011 year iz112 regular aircraft in good condition was only 18, in the middle of 80 combat aircraft could fly as much.

At present, Ukrainian Air Force presented assault Su-25 and Su-25M1, Su-24MR reconnaissance, combat-capable R-39 and R-39M1, transport aircraft An-26, An-24, Il-76MD and An-30 helicopters Mi-8MTs. By the way, all this military equipment more Russian production. It is also necessary to recall the fact that fully formally in 2000, was introduced in the state of An-70, but beheld him exclusively in the course of the trial.

If you do not take into account the combat readiness of the Ukrainian Air Force, it is only in terms of the number of former strong structure virtually nothing left. And that's not all. Ukrainian army continues to decline — since the beginning of the presidency of Yanukovych took effect already the third law on the reduction of armed forces. At the same time, it is only on the reduction of personnel, arms reduction while nothing is being said. And so it is clear that if the army will be cut by 2.5 times (up to 70 thousand people, as stated earlier), then keep the number of vehicles does not work.

Not everything went smoothly from a technical serviceability of aircraft, especially military vehicles. On the purchase of new aircraft and helicopters now in the criteria for a complete under-funding of the armed forces, one can only dream. Hardly able to upgrade (which, incidentally, is 10 times cheaper than new samples). It should also be noted that Ukrainian enterprises of the defense-industrial complex of the existing scheme of modernization of all types of avia. But at this point we can talk about except that, to somehow repair and return to the state of airplanes and helicopters.

Hence imposed very normal output: modernization of military aircraft, not to mention the purchase of new models, continues to remain a pipe dream Ukrainian pilots. But very soon will be Euro 2012 and with the help of which they will have to ensure the safety of air space — remains a mystery …

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