Ukrainian-Chinese cooperation: to whom it is profitable

Ukrainian-Chinese cooperation: who benefitsIn the period from 18 to 20 June 2011 in Ukraine on an official visit, Chinese President Hu Jintao. This was the second in the last 18 months personal meeting between the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and the favorite of the PRC. First accomplished during the visit of the President of Ukraine to China in September 2010.

During the first meeting, the main topic of discussion was the implementation of the project on the creation of short-range missiles. Ukrainian CB "South" and "Pivdenmash" speak no small experience in the design and construction of ballistic missiles, while at the same time, tactical missiles Ukrainian factories were never fulfilled. Already in April 2011, was launched in the creation of missile "Peregrine Falcon", the basis of which lie in the design development of the Chinese engineers. Here cooperation with China is crucial for Ukraine, and does not exclude the fact that the work will last and the upcoming.

The results of both visits were marked by subsequent factors: the lack of detailed disk imaging on matters that open a discussion at the highest political level; excess declarative statements of intent and the lack of specificity, both sides avoided public comment on the prospects of military-technical cooperation, and cooperation on security issues.

The development of Ukrainian-Chinese dialogue, as China's foreign policy initiatives of the former Soviet Union in particular to interest the Russian Federation, because Moscow sees China not only as a promising market for the implementation of the Russian energoelementov, and the potential for its own territorial integrity and sovereignty. In this regard, the principal is a declaration on strategic partnership between Ukraine and China, signed on June 20, 2011 in Kiev during Hu's visit to Ukraine. This declaration, namely, contains a provision prohibiting a third party to use its terrain to implement activities that would violate the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of the other party. Fixing this situation is usmotritelnym Moscow hint that Beijing staring at the economic and political integration processes with the role of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

During the visit, Hu Jintao signed contracts worth about 3.5 billion. U.S. dollars for the implementation in Ukraine a number of infrastructure projects for the respective holding of the European Football Championship EURO 2012. Namely, the Export-Import Bank of China will invest in the construction of the railroad that will connect with the international airport Borispol Kiev.

There is also information that Ukraine and China have signed a number of long-term agreements in the sphere of military-technical cooperation, in accordance with which China will acquire Ukrainian radar systems, missiles of "air-to-air" and the amphibious landing.
Beijing has already found a way to acquire such means in Russian Federation. But the Russian side has to step change its negotiating position with the undisguised eagerness to develop China's own radar systems and missiles that could be used against Russia in the hypothetical conflict with China.

Even before the idea was announced, that the Chinese model airplane, "SU-27" was carried out with Ukrainian engine "Motor Sich", and it approved the specialists of the Air Force. Completely possible that these aircraft will be established partly Russian and Ukrainian military equipment, such as missiles "air-to-air." A similar approach is advantageous for Ukraine in the coming term, this will help to change the fleet of airships. This is perhaps the only project of which read aloud before signing the agreement. And he really deserves to it and in more detail in the upcoming open a discussion.

In co-operation between Ukraine and China, there are significant difficulties. China will not take the big party. The main objective of China — the procurement of Ukraine technology. And this is a real threat and, as a consequence, a particular problem. In this regard, Ukraine needs to be very careful. After all, China making large investments in exploration and development of technology. With this in mind, may occur subsequent. Having been in the possession of a certain amount of limited and unimportant products, painstakingly researched technology China fully can start general and Load these products at home, under its brand. And later export these products as your own, to the world market, especially ahead of both Russia and Ukraine. And this is a real threat on all fronts defense from aircraft, sonar, engine building, and so on.

Visit Chairman of the People's Republic of China Hu Jintao to Ukraine has allocated a number of fundamental geopolitical trends, namely, China significantly activated in the former Soviet space, where so far continues to dominate our homeland. The purpose of such activation — to limit the retreat of the Russian Federation in the West direction and the Caucasus in the case of the Russian-Chinese conflict with the aim of annexing the eastern part of China, Russian territories.

Conclusion between Ukraine and China agreements on military-technical cooperation, the continued implementation of the Ukraine-NATO also nedavneshnie military exercises in the waters of the Black Sea continue to alarm Moscow.

It is possible that during the meetings of the President Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the Crimea, June 25, 2011 results open a discussion of Hu Jintao, namely, military-technical nuance of Ukrainian-Chinese cooperation.

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