Ukrainian Citadel, the delivery to Thailand bluff?

Ukrainian "MBT" delivery to Thailand bluff?

Three months back all the Ukrainian media wrote about vostrgom won by Thailand's tender to supply 200 tanks "Stronghold. "Watered the slop Russian T-90, made all the appropriate gestures in that case.'s Been three months. Only to find a link — on what-a Thai yellow leaf. No disk imaging and until now there is no agreement. Director Malyshev Borysyuk removed from office.

Incidentally, "Stronghold"Was created within the framework of programs from the USSR" Perfection-88 ". 23rd year improve.

I would like to know all the same, how long people will be fed in parables? New tank for 1.15 million dollars can buy can only dream. As well as raising funds for the construction of Ukrainian corvette in Ukraine, offering to give a portion of their salary.

For reference. The Ministry of Defence situated at the Malyshev Plant Order 10 tanks at the ready. Price contract, which was concluded in the spring of 2009, is 295 million USD (37 million dollars). 3.7 million dollars for tank — this is sverhkorruptsiya (estimated price of the tank professionals in Ukraine — 1.7 million dollars!). And for Thailand 1150000? Absurd.

Similarly, with plans to build a terminal for liquefied natural gas, or the development of shale gas. Until the government of Ukraine will live and feed the fantasies of people with tales?

Vorachivayas tanks wish to ask. How can you associate 10 made by Ukraine for 11 years, "pillars" with tyschami only sold abroad T-90. That's not counting the troops arrived. Our homeland because according to SIPRI ranks first in the world on sold tanks.

What does happen in Ukraine? Well-organized destruction of the pieces with the following distribution of homeland everyone to neighbors?

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