Ukrainian expert, Putin launched a torpedo at the national post-Soviet countries

Ukrainian expert, Putin launched a torpedo at the national post-Soviet statesUkrainian political scientist and editor-in-chief of "No.Ukraina" commented Simon Ural trucks for a REGNUM statement by President Vladimir Putin that all people born in the Soviet Union and the Russian Empire, the descendants of his subjects should receive Russian citizenship in a lightweight manner.

This initiative — a torpedo into the national post-Soviet countries such as Ukraine. The fact that all the rhetoric and rationale for instance Ukrainian nezalezhnosti ispokonvechnoy based on the struggle of the Ukrainian people with Russia. And in the end Tipo this struggle and appeared long-awaited independence. That there is, as can be seen with the naked eye Ukrainian basis of the country — is the negation of.

But for all that, a significant part of the Ukrainian people is fundamentally disagree with that statement of the issue and calls for reunification with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan in the Customs and later the Eurasian Union. The number of such makarom minded people ranged from 50% to 65%, if they believe in various opinion polls throughout the history of Ukraine's Independence Square.

In this case, the motivation of such makarom minded people as pragmatic and devoid of any ideological vysokomudryh. People just want to go to their relatives without borders, have the opportunity to work in RF legitimate, and not as a guest worker, etc.. And these citizens are the most awkward part of the Ukrainian people, because they do not fit into the project itself Ukrainian independence, as the Ukrainian elites are not going to open the border. They are satisfied with just a situation where only they — Ukrainian elite — one hundred percent uncontrolled that from Brussels that the part of Moscow. Ukrainian elitist in 20 years turned Ukraine of malehankih RF a huge Moldova, therefore any form of alliance Ukrainian elite are not satisfied until such time as they are privatizing the remains and is unable legalize own official status. In practice, we are dealing with dooformleniem ruling dynasties.

And therefore Ukrainian elitist are prevented under Union minded citizens. Accordingly, the entire 20-year history of the Ukrainian, Ukrainian elitist engaged in constant deception of this population. Because before every election created dummy projects, which included the same record about "the Russian language and Russian." Such projects accumulated voices of Union-minded citizens, and their favorites were dissolved in the depths of the Ukrainian authorities, not going to do pre-election commitments.

In practice, we are dealing with the municipal finomenom. In Ukraine there is about half of the "awkward" people from the standpoint of Ukrainian elite. Population, which has constantly prick, creating new and new political decoys.

Therefore, if realized what Putin said, the there is chance that such part of the Ukrainian people in the end will be able to realize that at least in some places there is power, which is the same as it understands the absurdity of the post-Soviet troubled times. And no official national doctrine divides the country and sees in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, all just different forms of the country on the territory of one country

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