Ukrainian mercenaries in Libya: Truth or Myth

Ukrainian mercenaries in Libya: Fact or myth

According to the European press, in Libya with the forces of Muammar Gaddafi's mercenaries are fighting a war of Ukraine. The authorities in Kiev did not confirm nor deny this information. Experts do not rule out such capabilities.

The authorities of Ukraine shall be removed to confirm or deny reports of the presence of Ukrainian mercenary troops of soldiers in the middle of the Libyan Muammar favorite Gaddafi. A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ukraine at the time of reporting was not available for comment.

As said in the Tuesday, April 26, edition, in Libya side Gaddafi, Tipo, fighting a war from 300 to 500 European mercenary soldier, mostly from Belarus, Serbia and Ukraine. Also reports on the military from the states of the Euro Union — the Belgians, the British, the Poles, the French, the Greeks. The publication refers to the Greek professional on organized crime, who traveled to North Africa in February and March of this year.

Ukrainian mercenaries in Libya: Fact or myth

Meanwhile, the Deputy Director of Press and disk imaging Defense Ministry of Ukraine Konstantin Sadilov said his agency is only active military personnel and tracks down the information on the activities of hired soldiers, "members of the armed forces on the territory of Ukraine Libya is not … As for the mercenaries, it is not our question. We are not keen on the issues of mercenaries. "

Judge in question is not only about Ukrainians

Another first military conflict in Libya was reported extensively on the use of mercenaries Gaddafi regime on the side of the government troops, said the wave of German political analyst at the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Volodymyr Horbach. As can be seen, the grounds for speculation and the existence of Ukrainians among them is, the expert said: "It is a question not only of Ukrainian pilots, military instructors or spices, serving sophisticated military equipment, and a Belarusian, Russian and about the citizens of the EU Member States" .

Ukrainian mercenaries in Libya: Fact or myth

Gorbach said Ukraine had contracts for the repair and service of military equipment Libya before the start of the armed conflict in the country. A Ukrainian pilots recent years been involved in extensive work in Africa, in the main, in the field of air transport. Gorbach immediately ruled out the role of men in combat Ukraine, which are on permanent military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In his view, in the midst of mercenaries in the army of Gaddafi may be only Ukrainian soldiers supplies.

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