Ukrainian military doctrine in the context of national security: the real and the contrived danger

Ukrainian military doctrine in the context of national security: the real and imaginary threats

In June 2012, the Ukrainian head of state Viktor Yanukovych was put in place brand-new edition of the Military Doctrine of the country and national security policy. This is stated in the Presidential Decree of June 8, 2012. But if you believe the press, these documents were approved Yanukovych in April, but their occurrence was said back in September of last year.

First, it must be said that in the past few years in internal and external policy of Ukraine there have been significant changes. Thus, the Law "On the basis of internal and external policy" has been removed from consideration the issue of integration into NATO and the order of the day or a new — non-aligned status of Ukraine. With all this neither the Ukraine nor the rest of the world is not fully realize what this status means. Because there is a need to bring with compliance with the law, all documents of the strategic nature. Which are in the field of national security.

In addition, the reform of the security sector and the state army has only led to their degradation and reduction. So Makar, the necessity to find strategic value in this field in order to plan and implement effective reforms.

Moreover, the foreign policy of the country and deal with the adjacent countries, frankly, have stalled. Therefore, there is a need of new or refreshed benchmarks for Ukraine …

Prior to examine these documents, you must first find what military doctrine and state safety.

As for the state security system, in every state, it is based on a conceptual regulatory framework, documents are set out in an official look at the place and the country's role in the global community, defined by its national values, goals, interests, resources and techniques to internal warfare and external threats. With all of this in different states, these documents are of a different title. For example, in the United States of America — they are called "national security strategy", in Germany, the Land of the Rising Sun, China, England — the "White Book" in Italy — "The strategic concept of national defense." Specifically, these documents are the basis for the formation and implementation of public policy in the military, economic, socio-political, environmental, and information fields.

As for the military doctrine, it is a system of official positions and views, which sets the direction of military construction, military training, and the country's armed forces to military action and defines the forms and methods of management. The essence of the latest edition of Ukrainian military doctrine is defined as a system of official views on the nature, background and character of modern military conflicts and the ways and principles of prevention, preparing the country for possible military conflicts, and, in addition — the use of military force to protect the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and other public interests. Note — not the 1st word on military construction …

If we talk about the military doctrine and strategy of national security as a whole, it is worth noting that they are declarative in nature, providing a letter of intent, far from an exact plan of action. And there is no indication of exact timing of tasks, as well as a framework acts of these documents.

The documents are not provided with any close to reality and analyzes the mechanism of the implementation of strategic objectives, principles rassredotachivaniya budget funds. So, that is unrealistic in rather short time to implement such tasks as the achievement and consolidation of national unity, an increase in the efficiency of government and public administration, decent level of economic security. In addition, there is no clear strategy for overcoming the economic crisis in the country and the criteria for assessing the results achieved.

In addition, it creates a feeling that the creation of an effective system of governance in Ukrainian army never engaged, and the interaction forces with other agencies in the event of the introduction of special provisions never were worked out. This is evident, namely, the lack of a single view disk imaging, YPI-compatible technologies and formats telecommunications, both in the army and in its assistance to the concerned agencies.

Apparently, the prerequisite for this is the belief that no one threatens Ukraine. Simply no other explanation, if you remember that a group of Romanian troops (most armed in Europe), which had gathered at the Ukrainian border, is opposed by a small number of Ukrainian Border troops. But we should not forget that the official Romanian authorities have stated more than once about his own desire to return majestically Romania in its previous borders. At the current time is focused on the Danube large Romanian fleet. Because it makes sense to think about building a military presence in the region, or at least to think about ensuring continuous monitoring of military security.

Ukrainian military strategists or are unwilling or unable to recognize that when the "unipolar era" is over, the number of external threats has increased significantly, so how in the world, new dangers associated with both global redistribution accessories, as well as to the conduct of resource wars. In this case, if the enemy is not clearly expressed, to support the military security of the country considerably more difficult since their number should include all countries that aspire to military-political, economic, intellectual and geopolitical dominance. More attention should be paid to such a concept, and as municipal boundaries, so as to modern realities emerged and that determination as the protection of virtual borders. If you do not, you can lose the war, not knowing about their own participation in it. And if the border guards try to somehow cope with this neuvvyazkami physically, other army units to their decision not even begun.

So Makar, on the views of some analysts, the Ukrainian government should do nothing, except how to make the very latest, sverhtehnologichny army, which would be an effective means of waging new wars and just as well could provide state sovereignty. This task, according to experts, is fully vypolnyaema if fit to start building troops frisky response, which would be armed only with highly intelligent robotic systems and unmanned systems, fully automatic computer equipped by the fifth generation.

But first, before creating a digital instrument, it is necessary to reflect on the development of centers of military development: situational — in order to fit to respond to current and emerging hazards, situational — for pre-emptive measures in accordance with the alleged threats and conceptual — evidence-based continuous modernization of the military potential by increasing mental invulnerability and mobility. For example, the Americans arrive, which have their headquarters in the European country under the pretext of testing Hadron Collider. These centers are much stronger than the web and the very identical to the structure of software system management by the U.S. Army. But the one-sided approach to the combat mission which is to enhance the computing power in the new criteria is ineffective — to the creation of new computer systems that will be able to build first mental potential. This will allow not only to make decisions faster, and to react to new

As for the Ukrainian army, all the samples do situational centers that are applicable only to solve minor problems without understanding the nature of modern warfare, are meaningless, so as telecommunication satellite support in Ukraine so far does not exist. So Makarov, no mobility of troops and no, and to the confrontation in the network wars they are also not able to.

Brand new concept of warfare involves not physical destruction of equipment and manpower, and the first one mental breakdown and information space (the so-called concept of "peace enforcement"). To provide an effective confrontation, you need to have the mental and technological capabilities of the enemy.

As pointed out by the military practice shortly, modern military conflicts, usually beginning with the establishment of the information advantages, and only then begins the struggle for territorial fire and an advantage. Thus, a large part of U.S. military schools have courses in information wars. So Makar, the U.S. can strengthen its an advantage at the expense of the championship in the information, and, as it should acquire the ability to set the global control of information in the world.

If army unable to provide effective protection of the information space, you may need to lure civilians professionals specifically for the needs of the Ministry of Defence.

So, it is no secret that about 80 percent of classified disk imaging circulating in the network. Because the experience of Prof. programmers and hackers could bring huge benefits in terms of development of tools and methods to protect this hidden disk imaging on the network, and in the development and improvement of existing methods and techniques of conducting electrical prospecting. So Makar, the main essence of the implementation of an information tool comes down to the ability to resolve conflicts without military implementation of major military forces.

In addition, if we analyze the local war shortly, becomes natural that Professor army, due to natural circumstances, is unable to sustain long-term. The system of mobilization and training, which exists at the present time, largely ineffective and wasteful. With all of this during the deployment of mobilized troops takes a very long time. Because, according to the views of Ukrainian professionals, it would be reasonable to make the latest system that would be able to target civilian clothing industry to create new kinds of weapons, if necessary, also include mobile facilities for the production of military equipment with a long production cycle.

If, however, specifically to analyze what is happening in the current time in the Ukrainian armed forces, an idea that soon they turned into a disciplined and hierarchically built an army of almost unemployed, which can be used except for resource mobilization. Against the background of a few stand out border guards, and they are very vulnerable because of the lack of a monitoring system aqua and air space. In addition, they did not lead the interaction with other genera and species of troops.

So Makar, of course, you need to drastically, but at the same, right to change the principles of the army, and all agencies and departments, which are responsible for the national safety. Solely in this case, you can achieve unity in the government as an integrated system of state and not find "extreme" in the variety of existing agencies that do not have any real opportunities and there are only "for show".

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