Ukrainian musicians sing for Belarus

In Ukraine, the company begins campaign "Ukrainian music for Belarus"Within the framework of which the Ukrainian musicians sing songs on whiteRussian language on the subject of the protest.

The initiator of the campaign was NGO Centre for Regional Development "Cooperation without Borders". Belarusians sang for the first group of "Violet" from Luck. According to the leader of the "Violet" by Sergei Martyniuk idea to sing a song on the Belarusian language appeared in the group for a long time.

Martynuk: "It Belarusian-song" The place of suffering "authorship It Mauser, vocalist of the famous Belarusian alternative group" MAUZER ", who gave it to us. Idea to sing a song on the Belarusian-themed protest arose after the presidential elections in Belarus in late last year. And after the violent dispersal of a peaceful protest in Minsk. This way we show our solidarity with the people of Belarus. The fact that our initiative has decided to support NGO Center "Cooperation without Borders", we added an additional fuse for our creative work on this song. "

You can hear the song HERE.

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