Ukrainian naval aviation — hard, but the outlook is

Ukrainian aviation there is really 20 years old. During this time period were not only successes, and misfortunes. And of those, and the other was a lot. It makes sense to analyze what is happening in aviation in the current time, and if she had a future …

In the current year in Ukraine conducted naval exercises Sea Breeze, whose main task was working out of action for the implementation of international maritime safety, namely, conducting the fight against piracy. Joined the exercises and the countries in which there are certain difficulties in this regard, among which Algeria, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bangladesh. The total number of States that have a role in the exercises, have gained 16. In this case, this includes both observers and specific participants, including the military and naval forces of Ukraine and South American 6th Fleet.

Ukrainian naval aircraft under the command of Acting Chief of the Ukrainian Navy Vice Admiral Yu.Ilina, exposed to the teachings of helicopters Mi-14 and Ka-27 amphibious aircraft Be-12. The use of aircraft produced, along with 3 hundred square meters of Marines, six ships and 36 units of equipment. So Makar, the total number of Ukrainian soldiers who took part in the exercises, was 1,300. The naval forces of the United States of America were presented basic patrol aircraft P-2C, which are part of the 9th patrol squadron Golden Eagles, stationed at the air base Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.

Most of the activities that were planned as part of the exercise was conducted in the Odessa region, also in the Black Sea, landfills, located in the northwestern part of it.

Recall that the naval exercise Sea Breeze held every year since 1997, in the framework of the signed in 1993 the Ukrainian-US agreement on cooperation in the field of defense. As stated by the commander of the 6th Fleet of the U.S. Navy Frank Pendolf, the purpose of the exercise is to achieve security in the region by co-operation in the field of defense and security. According to his Ukrainian counterpart Yuri Ilyin, modern military dangers are similar to the world. And in order to ensure security in the region, conduct such exercises simply need.

Ukrainian naval aviation - it's hard, but the outlook is

Worth more detail the brakes on military equipment, which introduced the Ukrainian side on the exercises. At first, this amphibious aircraft Be-12. Note that the Ukraine — is the only government except Russia, which continues to use this kind of technology. Adopted Russian troops began the technique has delivered first 60s of the last century. Then the aircraft were used for maritime patrol. Officially, the Be-12 was taken at the armament until 1968. Initially, the main purpose of the use of amphibious aircraft was to conduct anti-submarine warfare in the coastal area, but later these aircraft were converted for search and rescue.

These aircraft went Ukrainian aviation after the collapse of the Russian Alliance. In that period of time on the territory of Ukraine were three of the Be-12, based in Nikolaev. Later, when the agreement was signed, line the Black Sea Fleet, Ukrainian naval aviation Get 1 Be-12PS and 10 Be-12FL, but they were not equipped weapons. Then arm them with no ability, so as to 33rd in the pulp and paper industry were available only combat-part, in what was not foreseen by the presence of military kits for all vehicles. If we talk about the capabilities of the aircraft, they no longer meet the full requirements of conducting anti-submarine warfare in the modern criteria. In addition, their search engine can not provide the highest percentage of accuracy the location of boats under the water with a view to the forthcoming introduction of the gun.

Naturally, in a similar situation can not but appear quite legitimate question: why Ukraine needs such aircraft that do not meet modern requirements due to lack of weapons and new equipment? The answer is very simple: the other anti-submarine aircraft and in sufficient quantity is not there. And to establish their own mass to create and allocate huge sums of money does not make sense, so as the creation of anti-submarine aircraft for the closed sea zone, covering an area of 423 thousand square kilometers — no longer economically viable, since for the Ukrainian Navy will be quite enough only 10-12 such aircraft. With all of this to buy foreign-made anti-submarine aircraft — for the Ukrainian military is practically impossible, therefore, for example, the price of the 1st plane "Atlantic" is more than $ 50 million. Moreover, they must purchase an additional means of destruction and searching, spare parts and production equipment.

In these criteria better option would be to resume production of search and destruction of the Be-12. But, it turns out, this is unrealistic, so how many of their components are not made more than 20-30 years.

In such a situation, the only likely option is to upgrade the Be-12 with new equipment and weapons, much less that the planes possess a good opportunity for modification. Inside the plane there is quite a lot of space, so Makarov, there can be positioned completely modern anti-complex. Thus, according to experts, to improve the ability of Be-12 in terms of the identification of sites targeting and deployment tools, perform spoofing radar "Initiative-2B" in the modern station. The substitution of obsolete torpedoes and increase their number to 4-6 at the expense of a small mass will allow to improve the accuracy of target destruction.

In principle, also be noted that in Ukraine to modernize the Be-12 has all the ability, because this technique has long been renovated and is fully engaged successfully in Yalta. If we talk about the tools of search and discovery, in the days of old Ukraine took the leading position in production and development of sonar buoys that even at this point according to some characteristics superior to Western standards — RGB-15, RGB-75, RGB-16, RGB- 55, RGB-25.

The situation is somewhat more difficult to ensure Be-12 modern types of armament. Depth charges, which are used to attack submarines, so ineffective that even read about them is not necessary. At the same time establish the creation of air and marine torpedoes impractical, however as there is the possibility that their orders will be very low. It remains only to buy. There is a Russian torpedo UMGT-1, as torpedo rocket-APR-2, but their weight is large enough for the aircraft, well, they are expensive because of the power supply on the basis of silver. So you need to look at the more a cheap and easy torpedoes Mk-46 and Mk-50. This also applies to anti-ship missiles. Rockets like "Harpoon", "Exocet", also optimally buy in the West, so as to adjacent arms of the Russian Federation such universal and at the same time compact missiles at the present time there.

Ukrainian naval aviation - it's hard, but the outlook is

It seems that it may, Ukraine plans to use the Be-12 for at least another 6 years after that to replace them should come military transport aircraft An-26. At the current time on the Ukrainian armed forces consists of two aircraft. This kind of technique has been developed in the Antonov design bureau. It is designed to transport and landing of goods, people and compact equipment at a distance of two thousand kilometers. It w
as created on the basis of the passenger An-24. Given plane has the highest take-off and landing characteristics and terrain chassis, so that can be used throughout the year on the ground of relatively small size. At the current time, the An-26 is in service with the countries of the CIS, also heavily used in 26 other countries. This plane was used in the process of fighting in Afghanistan.

Ukrainian naval aviation - it's hard, but the outlook is

As for Ukrainian aircraft data, they were converted by the type of amphibious aircraft Be-12 and can use the discharged inflatable rescue boat. There is a Ukrainian Navy and the An-2 record for the duration of the release, after the first model was produced in 1947. Previously, he was executed in Poland and the Soviet union, currently being done in China. In 2012, in the world were in operation more than 2,200 aircraft An-2, more than half of their thousand — in Russia. As for Ukraine, then in service then there is only one "corncob". It is used as a cheap means of preparing paratroopers.

Ukrainian naval aviation - it's hard, but the outlook is

On arms Ukrainian naval aviation and helicopters are amphibious Mi-14 and Ka-27. The Mi-14 was created on the basis of an amphibious helicopter Mi-8, which has proved itself very well. The Mi-14 can carry on patrol aqua spaces in long hours, being far away from the base. There are several variants of this technique. On arms Ukrainian aviation is Mi-14PL, which is designed for magnetic and radioacoustic control aqua space, detect submarines and identification.

Ukrainian naval aviation - it's hard, but the outlook is

Ukrainian The Ka-27 is presented in 2-versions — LT and SS. Ka-27 submarine is designed for the destruction of nuclear submarines and surface ships. It is able to detect targets at a distance from the ship bolshennom home. The export version is designated as the Ka-28 and has some differences in terms of weaponry and equipment. Ka-27PL — this search and attack helicopter of the last generation, which has replaced its predecessor Ka-25PL.

Ka-27PS — is a search-and-rescue variant of the helicopter, which designed for emergency and search and rescue operations on the water. Helicopter in the middle of the special equipment is necessary to emphasize the modified radar, which is connected to the hardware detection of vessels that are equipped with radar beacons.

And the Mi-14 and Ka-27 are maintenance and service on the Sevastopol ARZ. To increment the life of both of these helicopters have undergone a process of modernization, as a result of which on their own, among other equipment, installed new radio station that is largely due to the improved quality of the NATO forces in peacekeeping operations.

If we talk about air bases, which at the present time there are in Ukraine, starting from 2004, the only such place is the air base in the town of Saki. Here were transferred Be-12 from Nikolaev, 555 th Regiment of the helicopter antisubmarine Ochakova. In October 2008, all of these parts were merged into the marine air brigade. In the same town located training center for pilots and carrier-based aircraft, which known under the title of thread. Ukraine received after this center section of Black Sea Fleet. At this point, there are deployed 25UTG Russian Su-33 and Su-. Russian pilots have permission to hold its own in the center of activities. But, apparently, the Su-33 will soon be removed from the center, and they will be replaced Indian MiG-29K. In addition, there is a possibility that there will also be trained Chinese pilots carrier-based aircraft.

Ukrainian naval aviation - it's hard, but the outlook is

With specific regard to the very center, then its active operation carried out in the 70's and 80's. So, first off from the springboard then performed the MiG-29K in 1982. The first landing of the Su-27K was held with 2 years later, in 1984.

After the dissolution of the Union and the division of the fleet in the Ukrainian armed forces were three regiments of long-range bombers Tu-16K and Tu-22M2, one razvedpolk Tu-22P, and in addition, the different divisions of the Su-25, MiG-29 and Be-12 .

By the time the Soviet Union, "history", in the town of Saki based MiG-29K fighters, Yak-38, Su-25UGT, was placed in the center of Nikolaev retraining of pilots and combat deployment, armed with which consisted of Be-12 and Tu -22M2. The center was 555 th Independent ASW Helicopter Regiment, who was involved in retraining pilots for Mi-14, Ka-29 and Ka-27.

Later, a significant portion of these units were laid off, and the technique has undergone utilization (ie, Tu-22R, Tu-16K, Tu-22M2).

The last unit of the Ka-25 also were laid off and were retired in 1994, the same year was cut a huge amount of Be-12 and Mi-14, and the Navy's Su-25 and MiG-29 were part of the Ukrainian Air Force.

So Makarov, first in 2012, according to official disk imaging of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, armed naval aviation is 7 Be-12 in 2-versions (PS and SP), 8 Ka-27PL, Mi-14PL, several units of Mi-14PS and Ka-27PS, two AN-26 and AN-1 2.

They all require timely maintenance and modernization as well as it should, — and significant funding. If such funding will not be provided, then such things as protecting the interests of the country and the Ukrainian security in the Black Sea region will be purely nominal concepts …

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