Ukrainian Navy: it is easier to come up with the past than to plead for real

Ukrainian Navy: it is easier to come up with the past than the present to take care ofUkrainian nationalists — the people to a large extent deprived. The vast majority of historical dates in their version of the story — the tragic and apply only to complaints. Because they, Ukrainian nationalists, are making every effort to find dates and events that are at least can hardly be regarded as a holiday. And in the end make quite unimaginable in a pointless design. That any hassle Konotop battle will be called. That day Ukrainian Black Sea Fleet will celebrate …

Usually just try it and celebrate Ukrainian nationalists now the fourteenth of January. The fact is that in this day in 1918, the Central Rada adopted the Provisional Law about the Ukrainian People's Republic fleet. Nothing, nothing immediately start giggling — in their fleet was, even with the flag and coat of arms. However, at the time the law was not there … Just since the late seventeenth year, even before the October Revolution, the Central Council, "Tishkov-Nishke" became "Ukrainise" ships of the Black Sea Fleet. This was done in agreement with the Provisional Government, without removing units of the Russian army on the ships were equipped with "Ukrainian" of the team by gathering sailors Ukrainians in various courts. Exchange of sailors — and uniformly accumulated several crews conditional Ukrainians.

And there are so useful — as conceived in the first time — there was the October Revolution. On the Provisional Government could not to pay attention, and October 12, 1917 the Black Sea Fleet was ordered — one day lift everywhere blue and yellow flags. At that, the Central Rada immediately received a reminder that, despite the untimely ambets Provisional Government fleet as previously found by means of Russian national treasury. Because there is nothing to encourage sailors to separatism, gentlemen Kiev crooks. And men are not very provoked. The order was made through the stump-deck crews were terribly unhappy. Even in the "ethnically pure" — based on the beliefs of the Central Council — the ships actually did not raise flags. Or raised, but absolutely incredible bezlepitsu — a few different flags at once. In November of the same year, the crew of "George" such as the Central Rada admitted — but flag not raised. Also in November, raised the same Ukrainian flag cruiser "Memory of Mercury" — but it is two hundred square meters of sailors who do not want to be called "the Ukrainians", and all the officers left the cruiser, taking the battle Andrew flag. In general, and left the fleet — from "In Memory of Mercury" from the battleship built in Nikolayev "Will" and, allegedly, of 3 destroyers, which, according to Kiev, too, were "Ukrainianised." So it or not, but fleet Central Council lasted two months. On all the ships began reddish riots, and the sailors threw their hands blue and yellow cloth … well, let's say, to oblivion. This is some reason Ukrainian nationalists do not remember. They adore only the traditional myth about raising the blue-yellow flag of the Black Sea Fleet sailors — and then, perhaps, there was a flag that at least for one day did not rise at least one of the Black Sea ship. What do you want — the upheavals in the country one by one. How long does the Central Rada "spetspayki" — as many sailors and transformed into "Ukrainians."

It is curious why, with all this love guardians of the fatherland not remember what fleet they received during the collapse of the Soviet Union? Since it is very shameful to think about it, looking at the rusted U-boat to the pier. Since then we need to remember the position of the poor and the few sailors who now have not fled to the Russian Black Sea fleet — simply because there are not so easy to escape. Much nicer to build a silly design heroic past of state. Perhaps a ride — for inconsiderate people.

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