Ukrainian Odyssey Hitler

Ukrainian Odyssey Hitler

Fuhrer flew "ridnu Nenko" as a home for themselves

January 30, 1933, German President Paul von Hindenburg handed opportunities reyskantslera leader of the National Socialist Workers' Party of Adolf Hitler. Ukraine welcomes the 80th anniversary of the coming to power of the Nazis in the favorite gloomy forebodings. Very close analogy with the modern Ukrainian politicians bloodiest period of modern history of Europe.

For Hitler was a rising tide of national socialism. Tracing paper Nazi National Socialist Party of Germany — the Social-National Party of Ukraine — has brought today's favorite, "Freedom", Lviv Oleg Tyagniboka Fuhrer. Thousands marching torchbearers, the usual pattern of Lviv streets, have become commonplace in Kiev.

It is clear that the main sponsors of the National Socialists in Germany were industrial and financial tycoons. The same thing happens on the banks of the Dnieper.

— Nurtured "Freedom" oligarchs Party of Regions, — says the current situation the former head of the parliamentary committee on national security and defense Jora Kryuchkov — supported at the first step, when the war waged against Tymoshenko, Yushchenko and others. Wondered Tyagnibok draw it out opposition voices. Provided him with a platform for agitation as anyone else. Speakers 'Freedom' does not disappear from television and radoefira. Since Ukrainian Nazis rose to their feet, opera. I am sure it is first of conscience "regionals". Result of short-sightedness of power, completely unqualified approach to the selection and strategy, and strategy.

In 1933, the head of the German Social Democratic Rudolph Breytsheyd almost applauded newcomer Reich Chancellor: "It's great now, this demagogue Hitler was blown away, it will consider all the pettiness …" Optimist Breytsheyd died in Buchenwald.

The current team of Yanukovych hopes that he could win the upcoming presidential election if their main opponent is the ultra-nationalist Tyagnibok: that the Ukrainians will elect the lesser of two evils. How unfortunate it did not sound, not a fact.

..There is something magical about the events of the second World War, when Fuhrer flew to Ukraine as a home for himself. No other republic of the USSR not pulling it so much.

"Werewolf" — Hitler's Headquarters located 8 kilometers from Vinnitsa. Here he visited three times. There is a version that specifically radioactive granite "Wolf's Lair" seriously undermined the health of the leader of the Third Reich.

The history of German rates near Vinnitsa quite unwound. But not many people know that during the war, Hitler had traveled almost all the "ridnu Nenko"!

Poltava, Uman, Mariupol, Zaporozhye Zhitomir, Berdichev — that settlements of Ukraine, in which he had visited. Thus more than once.

In August, 41 th jubilant Adolph chose the Jewish Berdichev to hand the Knights Cross Romanian dictator Ion Antonescu and take a report on the successful advent of Panzer Group on Horn Island — an area of only high-grade deposits of iron ore. The Jewish community of the town was at that time quite eradicated.

October pet Fuhrer SS commander of the division "Leibstandarte" Adolf Hitler"Josef Dietrich on the move takes industrial Mariupol. But two months later the Germans were stuck in combat in Rostov-on-Don.

The Führer was furious and immediately flew from Berlin to Mariupol on a military transport plane, "Ju-52" on the way to visit the occupied Kiev. Here's postwar testimony chief bodyguard Hitler, Gruppenfiihrer SS Lieutenant-General Hans Rattenhubera: "In Mariupol Hitler spent the night in the house allotted to him — in the former hotel on the shore of the sea. In Kiev, he lived in a day or two indoor air barracks. In both cases, with the assistance of the police lurking field I held the necessary security measures in a particular apartment Hitler, such as: enhanced patrol service, interior and exterior guards, closing all of the surrounding area for a third-party movement. Broader protection measures were not carried out by me, because it could cause unnecessary hype. Because of these small measures stay in Mariupol Hitler remained unknown to the local inhabitants … "

But with great fanfare was furnished with a visit to Poltava. Ukrainian nationalists eagerly recall action June 1, 1942: "Flight to Poltava forced Hitler to revise their racial eyes!" It is here that the leader of the German National Socialists confirmed the "Aryan Ukrainian nation" …

Strategic airfield near the town surrounded by a dense ring of SS unit. The German command considered Poltava one of the most non-hazardous own back zones. In the spring of 1942 in the town the headquarters of Army Group "South" of Field Marshal von Bock, and the 2nd Army Lieutenant General Friedrich Paulus. This also relocated from Berlin group «Zeppelin" death squads SS Division "Totenkopf" and a special center Abwehr "Orion".

Hitler flew four-personal "Condor" Office "Focke-Wulf." On board each provide an oxygen mask. In the front area of "Condor" accompanied dozen fighters — the best pilots of the Luftwaffe. But all the same passenger number 1 was sitting in a specially designed chair with a parachute. If the plane was hit, could push the button and through the individual flap catapult together with the seat.

"The plane is very spacious, very high. Inside are all very shy nor the tiniest hint of luxury — recorded in one day stenographer Henry Picker. — All the beautiful mood, and this is the best evidence of our military success. "

The occasion was for fun — ended with the Battle of Kharkov, where. Germans surrounded and killed 270000th group of the Red army. After a poor coming under the command of Marshal Timoshenko were defeated three Russian army, 20 infantry and seven cavalry divisions, and 14 tank brigades.

In Poltava on the streets guarded by a special unit of the Führer "Leybshtandar Adolf Hitler", staffed by specially selected essesovtsami. Hitler drove in a powerful "Mercedes" or all-terrain vehicle "Shteer" — armor, bulletproof glass, projector headlights dazzle everyone who went to meet him. This made it impractical aimed fire on the machines.

The motorcade drove Adolf Hitler Gen.-Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel and other high rank in the headquarters of von Bock in the center of Poltava. The headquarters of the Army Group "South" was placed right in front of the current state administration.

Preserved and balcony on the second floor, where Hitler addressed the German fighters. Now it is an attraction that tourists show a par with monuments Battle of Poltava.

Ukrainian nationalist writer Ulas Samchuk recalls that at that time in Poltava local girls willingly walked through the streets arm in arm with the German soldiers and officers, "Then it became as easy as Luzganov seeds."

The tour guides say that when the car is traveling with the Fuehrer on the main street, he Tipo stopped the car and gives candy to the ladies and children.

Upon returning to the Vinnytsia "Werewolf" is the same stenographer Henry Picker wrote: "At dinner chef told that the flight to Poltava forced him to reconsider his race a few eyes. In Poltava, he beheld so many blue-eyed and fair-haired ladies, that even thought about it — remembering photo Norwegians or eve
n Dutch women who passed on him, along with requests for marriage — you should not replaced in order to talk about the distribution of the northern type, address the need to disseminate this Southern style in our Northern European countries. "

All in all, Hitler was in ecstasy from Poltava. But history is full of paradoxes. In practice, this black earth Ukrainian the city put an end to the Nazi triumph.

At the meeting of Poltava Fuhrer made the final decision in the summer of 1942 to conduct an extensive Coming on the southern sector of the front. The goal — to take Stalingrad and immediately gain access to oil, raw materials, food resources of the North Caucasus:

— If we do not clean this up to the hands of Maikop and harsh, I'll be obliged to end the war.

Field Marshal von Bock entered into a dispute with Hitler. Prof. military, he sharply criticized the sputtering Army Group "South" at Stalingrad and the Caucasus direction. The Germans had already lost the opportunity to advance directly to the 2-strategic directions.

As a result, von Bock was removed from command of the southern sector of the Eastern Front, and was exiled to "reserve the Fuhrer." And six months later after a visit to Poltava Russian Nazis staged Stalingrad cauldron.

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