Ukrainian peacekeepers are doomed to be cannon fodder

Ukrainian peacekeepers are doomed to be "cannon fodder"

It seems that the defense minister Dmitry Salamatina "light hand". March 21, during a visit to the base "Bondsteel" in Kosovo, communicating with the commander of Multinational Battle Group "East" Jeffrey Jay Lithenom, take it well and lyapni: say, for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine the main issue is the safety of Ukrainian peacekeepers. "The safety of our people — the basic for us question"- Said the Minister.

No sooner had the words fly off the mouth of the brain Ukrainian strategist in Africa slammed Ukrainian peacekeeper. Thank God, not to the death, but still do not enjoy much. Namely, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo unknown opened fire on the helicopter Mi-24 helicopter from the Ukrainian squad in the UN mission. As a result, PE was injured citizen of Ukraine — on-board translator captain Sergei Vaskivsky. He shot in the foot. The wounded man was hospitalized in military infirmary Indian peacekeepers, where our friends the Indians had his surgery.

The Ministry of Defence immediately portrayed intense activity, has made a "special task force", which, they say, will be to find out all the events of this incident. Naturally, there was inevitably a question: Who the hell needs this investigation, in addition, provided that such instructions in order? What might be the results? Surely gentlemen investigators from the Military Service Law Enforcement Forces of Ukraine will trample in the Congo, prosherstila tropical undergrowth and down, and went out and brought removed from elephant dung poor, foolish shmalnuvshego the helicopter, well, get to know the whole truth, the uterus. Vytryasut who has advised a shot at bringing peace and security on the African continent Ukrainian peacekeeper, what is the goal pursued a black bastard, what he did not hit white helicopter with the letters «UN»?

It was as if, without any attempts a "special task force" is not clear that the war in the area of armed conflict (and especially in a country where everyone has a gun first), from time to time and even shoot happens to fall? Or, perhaps, the Ministry of Defence on the results of the investigation report to the Supreme Commander valiantly in the face of Him who sent there guys Yanukovych: so and so, in a painstaking investigation, it was found that the locations of Ukrainian peacekeepers various nasty things happen, which in some cases may even threaten their health and even life. Yanukovych, of course, bitter tears will flood the gold bathroom fixtures in Mezhigorie and immediately all of our brave soldatushek withdraw home.

The same Salamatin, riding on Kosovo at public expense (by the way, that there has forgotten this sovereign, whose phrase "armed conflict" and "peacemaker"Apparently only associated with Hollywood movies?), Said the commander of Multinational Battle Group" East ":" We hold hope that the concept of politics Yankees save the people to continue in the future. " This is a hint that, say, the Ukrainians again "help" of NATO in Kosovo for free, then it should save them there.

Well, not rudeness? Salamatin would be better said, when "the concept of policy to save people," will appear in Ukraine.

It's great to be judged that the Ukrainian peacekeepers as "cannon fodder" is much needed West and serving his interests the UN, to have sounded immediately after our injured officer Congo statement of Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon: "We could not cope with the situation in Cote d'Ivoire without the contribution of the 1st of the country — Ukraine."

Defense immediately rejoiced these words, and let all the corners of the jingle: there, as we praise, we would have been without the UN in Africa would not cope! That's great, of course, there is only question: What a triumph? Why the UN praises Ukraine, without which — and precisely, without its military — as without hands, and not, for example, the United States or England, Germany, in the end? Maybe because these countries if and where to send their troops, then know exactly for what purpose and to protect the public interest. And Ukraine is sending military wherever requested.

In fact, if the words of Ban Ki-moon, translated into accessible language, they sound like, "Well, you and fool!". Although some schoolboy in the world knows that the Ivory Coast — a former colony of France, where the power keeps its regional interests and defends them in every way. "Operation Licorne" — a purely French, where the same as "cannon fodder" through the United Nations make a match of many, but fools there was a time or two and a handful. And Ukraine — in the forefront, which climbed into the wrong disassembling a "thank you" without any enthusiasm or fully benefit from this role. That's something to be proud!

The Democratic Republic of the Congo — a former Belgian colony, bordered by the Republic of Congo — former colony of France itself. Western countries, although nominally deal with African powers are independent, then retain its harsh economic interests, and they have not been reported. By the way, fun fact: the uranium from which the warheads were made the first American atomic bombs (including fallen on Hiroshima and Nagasaki), was produced specifically here. And then forget that Ukraine, whose interests and what is there to protect Ukrainian military?

Why is this hyperactivity in peacemaking Yanukovych and the entire current government — is understandable. This is a reason for them even in something to show their necessity to the West, the opportunity to purchase semblance of legitimacy in the eyes of his provided "cannon fodder." Here Yanukovych just not too long ago said that the highest evaluation of professionalism Ukrainian peacekeepers were given the "international partners of Ukraine." Fuck it, we got a "high score", and then what? Who from this assessment is cold or hot, not counting the very Yanukovych which in the sight of their own "international partners" looks even something useful?

The military itself too rod in peacekeeping missions is very intense, but not a good life at the level of their foreign exchange content in the Ukraine, "peacekeeping earnings" look very convincing.

But what does it need the State of Ukraine and its people? That is the question.

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