Ukrainian police beleaguer camp followers Tymoshenko

Ukrainian police beleaguer camp of supporters of Tymoshenko

By campground supporters of Julia Tymoshenko Tribunal under the Caves in Kiev police arrived. Law enforcement officials protected the area occupied by the opposition, steel sheets, reports UNIAN.

On the street that hosts the opposition tent camp, arrived several police buses and emergency vehicles, the protesters hid behind shields. The defense of the right hand controls Tymoshenko the party "Fatherland" Alexander Turchinov, ITAR-TASS reported.

The decision to ban the holding of peaceful assembly about Pechersk district court adopted the tribunal in Kiev last NIGHT MODE. Together with the fact tribunal did not specify whether a hold of people in their own deputies reception in this place, and the supporters of the former prime minister of Ukraine declared its intention to continue the practice of accepting the people in the camp.

Supporters Tymoshenko began a lifelong campaign in support of the night from Friday to Saturday, setting about 30 tents on the pedestrian part of the center of the capital Khreschatyk Street. On 20 tents hanging signs that say it is "Public reception" MPs from the opposition. On iron fencing- about Tent inscription — "The new order — the whole country has become a zone", "The Fellowship of Dorval not until", "When will you throw out of the apartment, it is too late." About tents are on duty law enforcement officers. Entrance to the yard of Pechersk Court blocked a steel fence and guarded by special forces "Gryphon". Along the street Khmelnitsky are 5 buses with darkened windows that says "Noble Guard of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine." Special Forces soldiers are inside.

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