Ukrainian politician: Our homeland is to pay us $ 3 trillion for the Ukrainians murdered

Ukrainian politician: Russia should pay us $ 3 trillion for the Ukrainians murdered"If during the Russian authorities destroyed 20 to 30 million Ukrainians, our homeland should pay for all these sacrifices minimum of $ 100 thousand for each "- said in a March 12 interview with" controversy "Ukrainian politician, the deputy chairman of the Ukrainian Republican Party, the head of the charity fund" Ukraine Rus' Rostislav Novozhenets.

"In this I am not original. Other nations did the same thing with their offenders. When freed from the yoke of another already-independent countries as they claimed compensation and reimbursements to the former occupiers. In such cases, always give the example of the Jews. They are uniquely able to protect their dignity, namely, in the instances and international courts. Israel, as we know, the Holocaust was not in the nature. appeared in 1948, the government of Israel and immediately put the question to Germany — pay for every Jew killed 100 thousand dollars. I will not discuss how much exactly was destroyed by the Jews. But the Jews have set the bar 6,000,000 for each — 100 thousand. So should do each people. So should arrive Ukrainian government, if it was so in fact, "- said Novozhenets." Having received full payment from the Germans for every dead Jew, they are now demanding compensation for the wronged Jew. In other words, the granddaughter heard from parents, like, say, her grandfather died, she felt this caused her moral injury. Israel prepares mass actions against Germany, so again, "milk" it and get compensation. Why do we need a different attitude to the Russian Federation, which is the successor to the Russian Union which should take not only the assets and the liabilities? Take Chernobyl, will pay for that in the times was the Russian Chernobyl. Pay us for the Afghan, where our boys were killed, we will pay for the Solovki. For reddish terror. For the fact that the Ukrainians were cannon fodder during the so-called Russian war. Pay us for all these sacrifices, then we'll see what will be our home. None of the budget of the Russian Federation itself will not stand "- continued policies.

Replying to a question whether he really put itself question to Russia, Novozhenets said: "This question you need to put all means. But in order to put, it is necessary that was Ukrainian power. Now we are not just a pro-Russian power. At all decision-making positions, in the main, Russian Jews, who successfully help them. Jews have always helped those who are stronger. This strategy of this nation. We thrashed the Poles in western Ukraine — the Jews were in the train of the Poles. We thrashed fighters in eastern Ukraine — Russian Jews helped. In the Cheka were also Jews. Now in power in Ukraine non-Ukrainians. I've read that in Ukraine there is a policy of apartheid. No president would not allow anything like that. There are claims to Kravchuk, and on the staff, and to deliver nuclear weapons. There is a big claim to Kuchma. We know that he was an ethnic Russian. But he never allowed himself to conduct such a policy. He was under the rule of many Ukrainians, were both Russian and Jewish. And in fact, the entire top of Yanukovych gave Russian. "

Responding to a question, the place at the moment in the political process takes ERM Novozhenets said: "We are conducting negotiations, which would have allowed not only embody our idea through effects in the Verkhovna Rada, but one way or another to become a parliamentary party." Next he gave to understand that if the "Freedom" will offer to go to the polls on the basis of his own party, URP will support this idea. "We are for. Inappropriate ERM, let it be" Freedom ", let the other party. But we need to calculate. BDS is actually a nationalist party, and called the Republican. We never had a rejection in the east of Ukraine. Certainly, brand URP better. And if we say that under the guise of BDS merged all the political parties … Well, the title is not bad, and the story excellent, and Lukyanenko (Levko Lukyanenko — a favorite of ERM) know everything. I think this configuration should give more chances. We should also work with the East, that they realized that nationalism is simply necessary for the construction of the ideology of the country. "

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