Ukrainian prosecutors investigating the case of the supply of anti-aircraft missiles to Georgia

Ukrainian prosecutors investigating the case of the supply of anti-aircraft missiles to GeorgiaThe General Prosecutor's Office conducts investigations acts in a criminal case initiated on the fact of supplies from the territory of Ukraine of anti-aircraft missiles to Georgia, "Interfax".

Unscheduled inspection passes municipal company "Ukroboronservis" refers to the supply of the 2005 anti-aircraft guided missiles and 9M38M1 3M9M3, reports

Security officials suspect the officers of the company in illegal contracts of sale tools. At the current time, the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine (Hcp) inspects documents showing cooperation "Ukroboronservis" with personal Ukrainian-Russian "Parallax. "In a criminal case, which is investigating the GPU are the director," Parallax "and his deputy. They blame the conduct of operations on purchase and sale of missiles without a license for the implementation of ammunition.

As explained to the company what to sell and let them take a rocket license for the implementation of military equipment, which was with the company at the time of the transaction. They added that the anti-aircraft guided missiles 9M38M1 use specific terminology such — military equipment, as the licensing provisions, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers does not contain a precise definition of the term "rocket"And did not refer it to the munitions. Apart from this,"Parallax"Insured scandalous missiles at an insurance company" Capital Insurance. "In June, the GPU has initiated a search office of the insurance company, but at the registered office was not there. In the criminal case also generally accepted VAB Bank. In 2006," Parallax "from a bank loan in the amount of 11.814 million hryvnia. source at the bank said that investigators from the prosecutor's office has spent the recess relative to the movement of funds in the bank accounts "Parallax".

At the moment, the prosecutor's office reaches of the cancellation of the contract of sale of missiles, as payment of compensation by the State with an excessive amount of 33 million hryvnia.

Recall that in 2005 "Ukroboronservis" signed a contract to buy for the Ministry of Defence 9M38M1 52 rockets, 48 of them — fighting, two — training and two more — models of rockets (the ammunition used in the anti-aircraft missile systems "Buk-M1" and " Buk-M1-2 "). For this purpose, was awarded a contract with the "Parallax" in the amount of 27.85 million hryvnia.

In 2008, the head of the Interim Commission of Inquiry on the events of finding and fact-finding supplies to Georgia Ukrainian military equipment Valery Konovalyuk said that the Commission has found evidence of supplies to Georgia.

Konovaliuk argued that the supply chain guns tied to the then President Viktor Yushchenko, and that he even received a gift from his own colleagues Misha Saakashvili of Georgia — two armored Land Rover jeep price of more than 100 thousand dollars each, which Tipo go by the head of the country and his cronies. Although these vehicles, one of the above mentioned persons are not beheld. By the illegal trafficking of guns, according to Konovaliuk, are involved in the enterprise, "Ukrspecexport", "Ukroboronservis" and "Ukrinmash."

In late 2008, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has stated that all unfounded allegations and speculation regarding the supply of products Konovaliuk military mission in Georgia do not correspond to reality and are insinuations to the detriment of national security Ukraine.

But in May 2010, the General prosecutor's office Ukraine still has opened a criminal investigation into the supply of data.

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