Ukrainian-Russian alliance — that America is afraid of?

Ukrainian-Russian alliance - is afraid of America?The South American government once again is making every effort in order to bump heads Russia and Ukraine. Americans explain their actions very simply: the rapprochement with Russia Ukraine can bring great harm. Because European integration in this case looks much more presentable. But what in fact is going on? And what are the real plans of the South American government official?

About two decades back in the world had the idea that the more fundamental questions of world politics and prepyadstviya solved only with the permission and in particular participation of the United States of America. It is clear that smoke, there's fire, and a similar confidence appeared not the case, because after the collapse of Russian Union of USA was the only superpower in the world society.

When the European continent was just beginning its own path to development, and China has never been so massive state, as in real time, South American currency was the world's sole reserve currency. And if the South American government has decided that any government "Behaves" correctly, it was doomed, regardless of the position of the other members of the international community, and even more so, without taking into account the views of the population of the state of the victim.

The strength and power of America is particularly pronounced in Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union. And almost always the greatest importance in these countries was not an official government, led by President and head of the Cabinet of Ministers, namely the South American salting. And on the other and could not be, because this was no ordinary politician, and a representative of the interests of the South American governments, the undisputed global leader.

What does happen in the real time? According to the views of the former South American Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer, the rapprochement of Ukraine and Russia, instead of European integration, will harm the very first Ukraine. Reported in an interview given immediately after the press published a statement of Ukrainian Ambassador to Russian Federation Vladimir Elchenko the ability of the accession of Ukraine, under certain circumstances, to the Customs Union.

Pifer sure that the majority of the Ukrainian population does not want to be a part of. He also noted that in certain qualities of such an alliance can not be profitable and not very suitable for Europe, but not critical. Apparently, in the words of former Ambassador lies a hint of the fact that the main strategic task States is not to prevent the formation of the post-Soviet space, independent of municipal strategic formation, which would be able to pursue an independent policy independent from the United States. This was the same 20 years ago, read Paul Wolfowitz, who was then president of the United States as an adviser on security dilemmas.

On the one hand, such expressions can only be considered only personal views taken separately adviser, of which there were many. But then on the other hand, all the while the South American presidents listened to the views of very different advisors and assistants. In the end, foreign policy of the United States of America has been focused on "promoting" the establishment of democracy and economic development in different parts of the planet.

Together with the fact similar to Wolfowitz expressed guesswork and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. According to her, as soon as there is some Sovietization of the region. But it will not be the Soviet Union and the Customs alliance, or alliance Eurasia. Clinton believes that a similar association is not profitable for the United States because Washington will do everything possible to slow down the process that either did not prevent its implementation. Noteworthy that a similar South American Secretary of State made a statement shortly before a meeting with Sergey Lavrov. Moreover, it was manufactured on the same day, when ratified by the "act of Magnitsky."

In addition, Hillary Clinton said that in Russia are increasingly occurring violations of the principles of democracy and human rights, and exactly the same thing is happening in most of the post-Soviet space. According to her, the progress that is expected to America after the Soviet Union, no, and hard to resist this.

All expressions Clinton commented on the Russian political governance, namely, the press secretary of the head of the country D.Peskov. According to him, all judgments concerning the integration of South American politics are wrong. According to him, the situation that the currently observed on the territory of the former Soviet Union — is a new type of integration based on economic convergence and assistance, and nothing more.

In addition, Putin also said more than once that the development of relations in the Eurasian space does not involve restoring Russian Union.

There is no doubt that the recovery of even a semblance of the USSR can be. But judging by the statement of Clinton, America opposes all attempts to integrate the former Soviet Union. Hence it can be completely certain conclusion that in Russia such statements will be very bad. According to the chairman of the State Duma A.Pushkova, similar utterances Americans can only achieve even greater tension. In addition, he said that neither the establishment of the Customs Union, nor the Eurasian Union is not in the competence of the foreign department of the South American. We are talking about the development of an economic union that will not threaten anyone. Such education is and in Africa and in Europe and Asia. Because the selection of the Eurasian Union as a potential adversary that wants to fight America can be seen as aggressive in relation to RF. So Makar, politics reboot no longer have to read and confrontational tone of the South American governments can be seen as some kind of ultimatum to Russia.

Because, according to the Propagation, Russian government will be compelled to reconsider the prospects for cooperation with the United States of America specifically in the areas that are of particular importance to Washington.

Certainly, in this situation, almost all depends on the subjectivity of perception. Thus, for example, south american ex-ambassador is not sure that Ukraine wants to be a part of. But we are about it and does not go. Customs alliance — is at first, a closer cooperation in the economic sphere.

Coupled with the fact, according to the poll, conducted in conjunction Russian research organization "Levada-Center" and KIIS (Kiev international institute of sociology) percentage Ukrainians, who are well of, decreased slightly. And if such first year was 86 percent, the active time of 83 percent. There is nothing unusual in the fact that most positively inclined towards the adjacent state of Ukrainians living in the southern and eastern areas (91 and 90 percent, respectively). The least support the business with Russia in the western region (about 63 per cent of the inhabitants). In the central regions, the figure is about 87 percent.

At the same time, with regard to the Russian population, the actual year of his attitude to Ukrainians significantly better. Thus, at the present time percentage positively disposed to Ukraine and Ukrainians Russians is 74 per cent (from 64 per cent first year). But it is not bad or poor attitude — Is far not the most important, there is a much more fundamental category.

So, namely, and the Ukrainian and Russian pop
ulations in most of his own desire, that both countries were are independent, but retained for all that friendly relations and open borders, no customs barriers and visas. In Ukraine, about 72 percent of the population supports this view, in Russia — about 60 percent. With all of this in Ukraine, the number grew by three per cent in the near future, in Russia — there were virtually no configurations. At the same time, in Russia by approximately 6 percent (from 20 percent to 14 percent), the number of those who wish to do inter with 2 states were more isolated in the Ukraine this figure the least significant (it decreased from 13 to 11 percent).

So Makar, of course, that the people of both countries want a tight fit relationship between with 2 countries, and political management should not ignore a similar desire.

But then the question arises: who did not profitable rapprochement of Ukraine and the Russian Federation? There can be only one. Department of the United States, namely, its Foreign Ministry, "is in error" as to what the will of the majority inhabitants of the Ukrainian and Russian countries do not coincide with the interests of Washington's long …

Customs alliance — is one of the steps of economic integration, which allows to minimize the barriers that hinder the growth of trade between nations. And in the criteria of the global economic crisis, the model only regional financial integration is, for many countries the only way out. But whether it is satisfied with America?

Of course, the government saw in the South American customs union real strong opponent, so take many attempts to stop its activities.

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