Ukrainian Soviet heritage

Welcome to the "empire of evil" can not divide its third decade. Means it is not so bad.

Ukrainian heritage of the USSR

Khreschatyk, the beginning of the 50s. Conceived under Stalin. Completed under Khrushchev. And we use now …

December 30, 1922 the first All-Union Congress of Soviets approved recently signed a contract for the formation of the Union of Russian Socialist Republics. The municipal flag — reddish. Anthem — "The Internationale." Official authority — the "dictatorship of the proletariat." And in fact — the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the RCP (B.) — Russian Communist Party of Bolsheviks. The contract was signed four republics — perfectly known to the public of the RSFSR, the Byelorussian SSR and the USSR, and where the least popular now Russian Transcaucasian Federative Socialist Republic (ZSFSR). With this quartet started the history of Russian Union — the one superpower, which were at the peak of the power of "fifteen republics, fifteen sisters," as taught in school the creator of these lines.

Now brothers and sisters scattered in all directions, and the USSR was a good tone to abuse, ritually affirming allegiance to "democracy." Oddly called names Russian The Alliance! South American President Ronald Reagan: "The Evil Empire." Margaret Thatcher: "Upper Volta with missiles". But can you name the empires of good England starve millions of Indians, or the United States, Vietnamese napalm burns out like bugs? And are there any light on the "good" of the country?

I was never a communist. My class was the last one in the Komsomol. Moreover, even in the summer camp of perestroika in 1990, where I was on teaching practice counselor, I was kicked with the wording: "For lack of faith in the possibility of building a communist system." Until now, I am quiet happy to remember a teacher of Ukrainian language and literature Tyutyunov Vasily Petrovich, who placed me "two" with the comment: "I do not Radyans'ka schoolboy Mauger Buti ulyublenim lіteraturnim geroєm Ostap Bender."

In the possibility of building communism do not believe now. Is a staunch supporter of free enterprise and private property. I had my way, in general, have restored the feudal estates with comfortable, whitewashed mud huts and a three-day serfdom, never known unemployment. Neither Lenin with the faithful Leninist, nor, much less, Trotsky and the Trotskyists it does not make me even a hint of warm feelings. But, nevertheless, I do not consider it necessary now to throw a stone in the late Russian Alliance, who turned 90. For all of us, one way or the other, or the post-Soviet Russian people. Even those who consider themselves to be anti-Soviet and ultranationalists. We came out of USSR, as the Russian literature of Gogol's "The Overcoat". You can pray in the morning till the night of Mazepa, wearing wreaths at the monument to Shevchenko and chanting: "Bandera shall come, I will bring order," but none of Ukraine within the present boundaries would not be, do not originate so called "Russian the project. " Segodnyaschy Ukraine — not the heiress of the Ukrainian State Hetman Skoropadskiy or Petlyury Ukrainian People's Republic, not weak ZUNR, which defeated the Poles in a few months, and that Russian Ukrainian Socialist Republic, which is December 30, 1922 became part of the Soviet Union. More precisely, "Ukraїnskoї Sotsіalіstichnoї Radyanskoї Respublіki (USRR)" — so then it is officially named.

Ukrainian heritage of the USSR

Joseph Stalin. The most prominent "Ukrainian Hetman "- one of the founders of the Ukrainian SSR

And three of the most majestic Ukrainian "Hetman" — not Sagaydachny, Khmelnitsky and Vygovskiy and … Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev. First attached to the Ukrainian Donbass, destroying the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic. Second, because of the Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact and the Russian victory in the war majestically, increment Ukraine Galicia. A third — added to all this goodness controversial Crimea. Here's to you and the "Soviet legacy" shanovne panstvo! Are you ready to turn away from him? Do you have a case? For example, the same Galicia. How do you explain to the fact that the head chieftain UNR Simon Petljura without batting an eye, gave Galicia, Poland, according to the Treaty of 1920? A "bad" Stalin, on the contrary, that Galicia has withdrawn from Poland and annexed to you? Maybe he's not too bad per se, at least, from the standpoint of the idea of "collegiality"?

We hammered that Lions — is the capital of the "Ukrainian Piedmont". But who made this Ukrainian city? The same Stalin and the Russian government! Prior to joining Western Ukraine to the Ukrainian SSR Lions — ordinary Polish town surrounded by Ukrainian villages. That's how I saw it, for example, the correspondent of "Russian Gazette" Alexander S. in 1915, at the height of the First World War: "Lviv — joyous, luxurious, green city … Houses — stylish. Churches, for all the monumental breathtakingly simple lancet soar lines … On the streets of the Polish language, Polish shops, Polish signs and, perhaps, a Polish delicacy. "

According to the census of 1931, in Lviv lived 198 thousand Poles, 45 thousand Jews and only 35 thousand Ukrainians. Armed attempt Western Ukrainian village in 1918 to capture Lvov from the Poles are one hundred percent failed. One of the founders was published back in the 30s "Іstorії Ukrayinsky vіyska" Bogdan Gnatevich wrote about those fights in Lviv, "Ukraїnski warriors, perevazhno dіti village if priyshlo to boїv at the majestic mіstі, sered enchantment, lack of knowledge of the population th minds, lose heart i there brakuvalo de їm energіynogo provіdnika, conceded before the enemy dovolі just abo, alkaline gіrshe — dezertiruvali. "

Ukrainian heritage of the USSR

1918. And so it all began — compare with a map of modern Ukraine

Galician village led by the hand to the city only Comrade Stalin. Moreover, he presented it to the Polish city of the Ukrainian village! And not only it. Our semi-official propagandists do not forget to remind the Poles in 1947 during the campaign "Vistula" evicted 350 thousand Ukrainians. But I always forget to mention the more than 1.5 million Poles, who at the same time left the town in Eastern Galicia — Lviv, Stanislaus, Ternopil, Coloma. This was the so called Stalin "exchange." Iosif Vissarionovich bred on different sides of the border forever nibbled among themselves Poles and Ukrainians, Galicians. May they never kill each other. It is interesting how many lives because of this policy, he was rescued by preventing the disaster forever, like the famous Volyn massacre, which fears fade before any anti-Jewish pogroms?
< br>Russian idealism. Materialistic, at first glance, paradoxical way Russian project was one of the most striking manifestations of idealism. The idea transformed reality. No wonder philosophers joke that a dispute of right and left Young Hegelians quite resolved in 1942 at Stalingrad. I admire the highest pre-revolutionary culture. But the media has made her only Russian power. Until 1917, 60 percent of the inhabitants of the Russian Empire could not read and write. The power of the Bolsheviks not only completely killed illiteracy in the country, and gave the children the opportunity to work and train farmers in high school, almost equal in terms of knowledge of the Royal Grammar School. At first, this school was seven years. Later became the decade. Knowledge which she gave the disciples were at the highest international level.

A striking confirmation of the technical potential of the USSR was the second global war. France — the country with the deepest democratic tradition — has refused to defend them and meekly surrendered to Hitler in 1940. A symbol of the liberation of Europe from Hitler and the "brown plague" was coined in Kharkov Russian "Thirty" with a reddish star in the tower. Why European Democrats have not been able to counter fascism? A Russian Alliance was able to! One of the ironies of history is that not only segodnyaschy Ukraine, and the European Alliance would be impracticable without the USSR's contribution to the defeat of Nazi Germany. Instead the EU there have hitherto sprawled 3rd Reich, and in Buchenwald instead of the museum and now a quietly smoldering furnace crematory. And by the way, Israel would not be a. Welcome to create it gave Stalin, who are trying to stick yarlychek "anti-Semite." Win WWII Hitler, he would have a government in the Middle East just would not be tolerated.

One of the worst problems of political Ukrainians in the pre-Soviet period has been acquired by the inability to look for a compromise among themselves. Khmelnytsky uprising majestically over the ruins, during which candidates for the mace to destroy each other without mercy. Skoropadskyi overthrew the Central Rada. Petljura — Skoropadskiy. Bandera OUN arranged in a brutal civil war with the shooting of nationalist rivals. The main opponent of Bandera was no external enemy, and melnikovets is now also trying to push into the subconscious. The main argument — a polemical article, or even blocking the rostrum, and shot an opponent in the back. The Sovietization of Ukraine, for all its excesses, forever put an end to this primitive savagery. No matter how many Ukrainian politicians today denied his Russian roots, but they are — from Lugansk to Uzhgorod — were junior school in the Communist Party and Young Communist League. No role in the attack, and the Komsomol meeting was to be their first experience of public activity.

Specifically Russian authorities for the first time in practice, not in theory, tried to get a "Skhid i Zahid time." She invited the Ukrainians and one spelling program from one school. The same John Franco would have remained obscure uzkooblastnym writer, who wrote in Galician dialect, if not the policy of Russian Ukrainianization 20s. It was introduced in the program for school children in eastern Ukraine, where Galicia was still a Polish province. Another question — if it was worth doing. After all, no delight readers of any literary value of his writings it is not added.

"Warlordism" was not just a Russian phenomenon. 30-40s — the era of majestic dictators. Stalin was a contemporary of Mussolini, Franco, Pilsudski, Antonescu, Horthy and, incidentally, the same Roosevelt confiscated during the Depression majestically golden bucks from the Yankees completely totalitarian predatory ways. In those days, it was hard not only in the Soviet Union and in the world. The measured sites, so sit tight, there was not anywhere else. Is that the Swiss banks to hide in their own seals of precious metals dug from the teeth of victims of Nazi concentration camps. But unlike many dictatorships, Russian has found the ability to liberalization.

USSR appeared exactly year after the proclamation of the NEP as a country with a mixed public-private economy has passed through the nationalization of the accessories in the 30s, the Khrushchev thaw and reincarnated in the end, the bourgeois government with a multiparty system and freedom of speech so rampant during perestroika, who did not dream of any Western democracies or "orange" revolutionaries. I remind you that no one is exposed Communists as Communists themselves. It's them under Gorbachev first started talking about the famine, and with 2 decades earlier when Khrushchev criticized Stalin's methods and abandoned them.

85% FOR Brezhnev. By participating in one of the programs nedavneshnih "Big Politics", I was sincerely surprised that 85 percent of Ukrainian viewers voted that Brezhnev was a positive historical figure. In defending this thesis is on the air, I, nevertheless, did not count on so stunning success. But in practice, the audience felt the difference between stagnation which now referred to as the "gold" and "independence", when in 20 years the population of Ukraine decreased by more than 6 million people.

Ukrainian heritage of the USSR

T-34. Made in Kharkov Russian tank became the emblem of the liberation of Europe — the father of the European Union!

At the Union of Russian critics have less arguments. Behold the people that even the most generous words mean nothing. Remember how only recently criticized Khrushchev? For tightness. For low ceilings. For the lack of elevators. But is now one of the "critics" giving them away for free, as the Russian authorities to ordinary citizens under Nikita Sergeyevich? At least some "little Ukrainian" with pleasure would have taken such a panel on the ball "kopeck piece" with a combined bathroom. Only suggestion is absent. A "watch" for apartments for the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, the curse Russian past, for some reason remained — for themselves social guarantees totalitarian era MPs have not forgotten to save.

At one point, Paul first, hated the age of Catherine's "Eagles", asked the 1st of the retinue: "How to correct wrongs done Potemkin?" The court replied: "Sire, the Turks return the Crimea." The same can be said about the "evil" Russian era. If good, the rest of the Soviet Union, can not divide the third decade in a row, if the fruit is stately Russian war are even "Tyagnybok" and "fArion" if the Crimean beaches, Donetsk mine and the Carpathian slopes are not only quite good as got out of hand "sovіtіv" then return it all, and themselves back to the hideout.

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