Ukrainian tanks for Thailand: break through the front line of information warfare

Ukrainian tanks for Thailand: break through the front line of information warfare

The news that Thailand will purchase 49 of the latest round of Ukrainian tanks "Hold", after an avalanche on the Ukrainian media. In fact, tell the acting director general of the municipal enterprise "Ukrspecexport" Vadim Kozhevnikov majestic lurking not opened — the contract was signed in September 2011, and the parties did not hide.

In this case, the message looked appropriate in view of the fact that arrived in Ukraine Municipal Thai delegation led by Thai Army, General главнокомандующимКоролевской Chan-o-Cha acquainted with combat abilities Ukrainian T-84 "Citadel" during a visit to the landfill 1st separate tank brigade of the 8th Army Corps, Army APU. Thai General praised the properties of Ukrainian military equipment. "I am sure that Ukraine really competent in the matter of tank building. Train highly qualified professionals Here armored forces. Our Ukrainian Army" Citadel "We plan to equip three tank battalions," — he said.

It seems that it may, in conjunction with past agreements for the purchase of armored personnel carriers, Thailand was on this day naikrupneyshim buyer Ukrainian armored vehicles. In general, this partnership does not appear now, and successfully developed a couple of years — from the moment in 2007, Thailand had acquired from Ukraine 96 BTR-3E1 to four billion baht (about 130 million dollars). However, then to give the ordered vehicles had difficulties. Namely, according to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the delay in delivery BTR was the fact that Germany has refused to supply parts to Ukraine. Yet, while the Ministry of Defence of Thailand stated that in all aspects of supply appreciates the products of Ukrainian tank builders and keeps her enthusiasm. Then in 2010 the Ministry of Defence of Thailand stated that he wants to izderzhat unspent funds own part of the military budget for the purchase of 121 Ukrainian armored personnel carriers. In the end, in September 2010, Thailand received a shipment of Ukrainian BTR-3E1, and then it was announced that except the armored Thailand will also receive spare parts, accessories and after-sales service in a period of 3 years.

Segodnyaschy purchase of new Ukrainian tank "Hold" is very crucial for the Ukrainian tank builders. First — because it is the first zabugorny contract for the supply of these machines are very promising. A means the beginning of the operation, "a stronghold" in thai army becomes possible to successfully push them to the outside market, where there is usually very suspicious of the new "neobkatannym" swatch weapons.

In Ukraine itself, this tank is composed of weird fate. On this day, nominally tank "Hold" is a part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but here it was like to armament in 2009, because up to now in the army and not beheld. In other words, like the Ministry of Defence and ordered the tanks to the amount of 295 million USD (10 tanks — one tank company), and at the beginning of 2012 the contract was not completed because of the missing funds. It is interesting that in 2009 the Ministry of Defense stated: 2 of these tanks were still in the army, but now their fate is not known — it is possible that they returned to the manufacturer for lack of funds in the military. At least, in the official reports of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the purchase of arms and military equipment for land forces Ukraine During 2009-2011, in the "Hold" is not listed.

Meanwhile, today's "Thai contract"Ukrainian arms makers gave a severe cause for optimism. Thus, GC "Ukrspecexport" has managed to declare that Ukraine hopes: main battle tank "Hold" will be popular in the arms market Tahookeanskogo entire Asia region. And as said. about. General Director of "UkrSpetsExport" Vadim Kozhevnikov, he relies on optimistic market outlook tank. "The agreement with Thailand to supply" a stronghold "- is the first swallow. Thai military will test tank. This will be advertising in this region, "- quoted in the state-owned Kozhevnikov. According to the company, he said that in case of a successful execution of the contract may be increased production of the tank. In" Ukrspecexport "also highlighted that the results of the tests" Bastion "The Thai side highly evaluated the properties of the tank and reaffirmed its willingness to contribute to the promotion of modern Ukrainian armored vehicles in the region.

At the same time, this contract has a severe foreign lowdown. Specifically, in July 2011, the international media was the message that the command of the Army of Thailand decided to purchase 200 Ukrainian main battle tank T-84U "Hold", which caused a severe response in the expert community in Ukraine and Russia. In Russia, the news took almost as a national insult, as in the Thai bid chief rival Ukrainian machine was specifically Russian T-90 (also took part in the tender German Leopard 2A4, with a much higher price, and the South Korean K1). Added piquancy of the situation by the fact that back in 2009, when Ukrainian "Hold" finishing pass tests in the Russian media carried a powerful information attack to discredit this tank — Russian edition headlines such as "The Tank" Citadel "no one will be needed."

At the same time, at that time, and in Ukraine, and in Russia learned of the victory of Ukrainian "a stronghold" in Thailand from 1st source — the Thai newspaper Bangkok Post. This naikrupneyshaya everyday English newspaper in Thailand the government level, but still it does not an official mouthpiece of the government or the country's Defense Ministry. From the side created a memory, disk imaging that drain into Bangkok Post organizers tender to probe the ground for participants' reactions to the victory of Ukraine. Representatives of the Ukrainian defense industry and then claimed that the tender is not officially named the favorite. Although later confirmed that it was specifically "Hold."

But there was in this tender the next exciting moment. At a time when Thailand just announced the launch of the tender tank, which Ukraine is actually and presented its own "Hold" and the Ukrainian BTR only began arriving in the Thai army, external players tried to inflate around the Ukrainian exporters of arms scandal. Namely, certain actions were accompanied by criticism of Ukraine (again, first of the Russian Federation) by the subject, that in the same September 2010 batch of 100 Ukrainian tanks and armored personnel carriers had Tipo Cambodia, which has complicated the case with Thailand. This was the first newspaper said the Cambodian Phnom Pehn Post, and the information captured Russian media. According to the disk imaging, armored vehicles arrived in the port of Sihanoukville, but what specific machine put the Ukrainians — not specified. Critics Ukrainian supplies based on the fact that in the current time program from Cambodia implements arms modernization, increasing military capabilities. According to the views of analysts, this is due to the resumption of the conflict with Thailand over the disputed land areas adjacent to the Hindu temple of Preah Vihea. Both sides are positioned on the border of their own military, between which occur from time to time clashes.

Ukraine has denied this inf
ormation, saying that any agreements with Cambodia for the supply of weapons did not exist in nature. Ultimately two variants appeared clarify the situation, either Ukrainian DIC cunning, and supplies in the Kabmodzhu still being implemented, or against Ukraine passed the information campaign. Judging by the fact that of international organizations was no evidence of similar supplies, most likely, we are still dealing with a "black PR". The latter is of interest to many. In 1-x, Cambodia itself, which is so Makarov could derail or, at least, delay the implementation of plans for re-Thailand modern armored vehicles. And in-2, the participants of the tender tank, which discredited in the eyes of Ukrainian gunsmiths of Thai government could be so makarom remove unsafe opponent.

It seems that there may be, Thailand has not directed much attention to this hype in the press. For Ukraine, this agreement is really promising, taking into account what kind of customer it is harsh. Namely, Thailand intensively increases military spending: having back in 2007 military budget of 2 billion dollars, in 2012, he increment military spending to 5.5 billion dollars (equivalent to 1.4% of its GDP). And in 2013, the Thai government planned to see defense spending by 10%.

As for the Asia-Tahookeanskogo the region to which Ukrainian gunsmiths plan to go through Thailand, here are stunning outlook. In the past year, analysts noted that Asia has shrouded the growing arms race, in which the country together and compete with external players in the struggle for the local and regional impact. The real extent of the arms race were outlined in the report, available international institutions' strategic research (IISS), in which they say that Asian countries on their cost of weapons for the first time operezhdayut Europe, financial constraints due to the economic turmoil. In the report, the organization reported that in addition to India and China, the costs of producing the highest in Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. In fact, according to the views of IISS, there are three prerequisites: in-1's, hitting the Asian economies grow at a rate of 2's, in South-East Asia, there is a lively process of arms procurement in orientation to China, and in 3 's, plays the role of the economic crisis in the West.

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