Ukrainians and we (Part 3 end)

Ukrainians and we (Part 3 end)Do not give up the Russian land!

I am well aware that many in exile do not give to yourself yasnago report and what are the fundamental obligations on their shoulders. They do not understand that under all circumstances, everywhere and anywhere, you need to exercise this the people's will, of which read Alexander Shulgin with the words of Ernest Renan.

And I hunt because to address my fellow countrymen, to those immigrants that came from the southern Russian provinces, to the ancient umolknuvshego friends, but still somehow zvuchaschago "Kievlyanina." 20 years ago back in anticipation of notorious 1918, you Kiyani, a private hardness and friendly our unity, in spite of the Austro-German storm and contrary to the revolutionary Ukrainians get stupid, have defended for his mom Russian cities of Kiev, millennial, the sacred and regal, Russian name. Now is the time for you to once again pronounced the weighty word, recalling the saying of the Chronicler, "on which the city decided to do, on the suburbs and become." Tell your sons and grandchildren:

— In no case, on any principle or petty judgment does not call itself Ukrainians. Read fiercely ukrainstvuyuschago Chigirina of his words do you make sure that a real, genuine, eternal Russian, What do you Southerners, there is in the world! you have and indisputable right, and your sacred duty Russian name not only to preserve and conserve, but the bright, juicy, bright, identify and approve of the outside world — specifically, for the moment, into the murky era when Ukrainians Thieves steal from you at every international crossroads. Let them fight back! Pick up the gauntlet On every Ukrainians at you attempt to character, suitable and your youth and the importance of the subject, answer modernized Svyatoslav words: do not give up Russian land!

Something French.

But because the former minister of foreign affairs powers Ukrainians loves explained in French, we believe our pleasant duty to the attention of His Excellency something to diplomatically language.

December 18, 1938 Paris newspaper "Matin" nizhesleduyuschiya printed words of the Grand Prince of Vladimir Kirillovitch.

"Si je dois rtgner un jour, ce serait sur toute la Russie, Comment at on pu me preter l 'intenton de revendiquer separement l' Ukraine, ou meme d 'en accepter le trone? C' est ignorer l 'histoire de la Russie imperiale. L 'Ukraine n' en a jamais ete separee, elle en a ete lee berceau. La Russie s 'est agrandie en partant d' elle. Elle fait la partie du territoire russe … " (*)

(*) "If I ever destined to reign, I will reign over the whole of Russia. How can I assign my rights to show intent only on Ukraine, or the same, even more so, to take the throne of Ukrainian? It means not to know the history of Imperial Russia. Ukraine has never been of the Russian Federation is divided, it was the cradle of Her. Our home has grown from Ukraine. Ukraine — part of the Russian land … "

From this text frantsuzskago Ukrainians diplomats should be clear that the spirit of the Grand Prince of Vladimir Svjatoslavovicha Kievskago live in Prince majestically Dzyadyk, to whom, under suitable circumstances, destined to be the King of All Russia. The words of the Grand Prince, in what feels right and true to the tradition Protz ardor of his youth, enliven the hearts of future subjects buduschago Sudar faith in the dynasty Romanov, as the successor of Great things Rurik.

The same faith were executed Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky and his associate Vygovskiy when they are in 1654, read as a royal ambassador nobleman Buturlina:

"Grace de God above us, like of stateliness of old when Prince Vladimir, as well, and now their kinsman Stately The governor and The stately Prince Alexis Mikhailovich, Autocrat of all Russia, he looked on their sovereign fiefdom Kiev and Little Russia by his grace, Thou eagle covers her nest, tacos and he, sir, have deigned to take under its tsarskago Majesty the upper hand, and Little Russia Kiev all their eternal gosudarskago Majesty. "

(Acts relating to the history of the South and West of, Tom X. St. Petersburg. 1878).

We would recommend Alexander Shulgin is a historical testimony to what emotions Little Russia joined the majesty translate into French, his friends diplomats had the right idea of the Anschluss in 1654.

We are.

Together with the fact we think and Chigirin A. and A. Shulgin, as well as other Ukrainians, that will make me the honor to read the real story will be in the end, it's nice to find out who are these we so boldly inscribed in the title.

— We are the ones that surrounded the keeper veschago Ryurikova at home, in 882, the year when he prophesied by looking at Kiev, "it will be a Russian mother of cities"

— We are the ones that eight centuries later, together with Bogdan Khmelnitsky, not permitted, so "in Russia has not become Russia"As it is now and then from us sought and achieved.

— We are the ones in 1654, was called to the throne orphaned South Russia Tsar of Russia North, of the house of Romanov.

— We are the ones that are now in 1938, seek to merge around heir "Rurik and Romanov" (**).

(**) — We are also those hardened in their own opinions Republicans who do not own hopes of tying the resurrection Dynasty, still yearn to behold "liberated people" from slavery Ukrainstvuyuschago separatism.

— We are the ones that have a strong belief in the heart: the time will come when instead of heresy and misanthropy Ukrainians splitters the truth will prevail, harmony and love for the highest hand One indivisible Russian Federation!

Carpathian Rus.

And then there are some we, which hunt to say the last word.

Tribe, surrounded on all sides pointing menacingly on their bayonets: Czech, Polish, Magyar, German … And kazhdago iron tip, fiercely, like the drop that wears away the stone falls:

— Betray his Russian name. Renounce. Name the Ukrainians. And good for you to be, and all the blessings of the earth will pour on you.

But this small people, the last major school longish number of centuries, hardened in their own smallness, abandonment and loneliness, stands firmly at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. He tries to keep the Russian flag on the western Cloquet Russian land. Let, where every day is the day-star, magic is accomplished: Russia let the sun rises at sunset! Ex occidente — lux!

In this day in a very sudden nuance implemented veschiya Stolypin words:

"I firmly believe that the West has caught light, the light of the Russian State Ideas do not go out, but will overshadow all of Russia!"

But if the magic will not happen if Carpathian Rus fall under intolerable pressure Ukrainians circle gathered around her, do not throw stones at her. On the contrary, it put a monument in his own heart. And let it be cut out words, so it is appropriate from the mouth of a courageous representative of the Galician Russian youth on Talergofskih graves:

"There is no need psen, no tears deceased,

Give them the best honor:

Go without fear for the dead tlam,

Wear them the banner forward … "

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