Ul.Staraverav: I will not go to court because he did not believe in its truth

Vitebsk journalist Vladislav Staroverova be tried for disorderly conduct. The police detained him on April 26, when a guy to share pictures of mourning anniversary of the accident at Chernobyl, accusing him of insubordination and using foul language. Mr. Old Believers chose "not to go to this circus."
On the process in the October district court of Vitebsk gathered only witnesses — police officers who beat a journalist during his detention, and local activists who are ready to confirm that the man suffered unjustly.
Tatiana Seviarynets, who came to support the activist, spoke about the details of the detention:
"Vladislav Staroverova knocked to the pavement and began to beat when he pulled out a camera to film the funeral" Chernobyl "share. Turns out that the police officers present did not like what they get" the shot. "And the journalist was beaten by no means ordinary, and the chief of police of public Safety Internal Affairs Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee Igor Skarinovich and his counterpart from the October police station Alexander Kalinowski, who is also responsible for public safety. "
The trial that started on April 27, had begin on May 10 at 14.30. But an hour before the start of Vladislav Old Believers told on the phone that does not come into judgment, and that the next few months plans to be outside of Belarus:
"I understand that the acquittal Judge Alesia Zharikova not be able to endure, as evidence against me is ready to top militia leadership. Charges of disobeying police and cursed I do not recognize, but to prove it in court do not expect, so I just decided not to go to this circus. Suppose the court takes a decision what you want, but in my absence.
Vladislav Old Believers says that from Belarus is not going away forever, and that will not leave journalism, whatever the obstacles.
In This year, Independent Journalist police detained and beaten twice: the first time it happened March 25, when he began to take video campaign to Freedom Day. Then, in the department of the police said that it seemed to them like a maniac pedafila, which is sought.
Last year, there were four arrests. And in the end, the regional prosecutor's office issued an official warning to Vladislav Staroverova for cooperation with foreign media without accreditation.

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