Ultrasonic Toothbrush — progress lasts

Ultrasonic Toothbrush - progress continuesAt all times people have paid increasing attention to oral hygiene. Teeth — the main tool in the use of food. At the moment, teeth and smile are also aesthetic value — a beautiful, healthy smile helps to build benevolent contacts between people.

Our forefathers in the care of his teeth were munching grass, which owns antibacterial qualities. Later toothpicks were invented. Later they began to appear wood sticks that on the one hand softened — for cleaning teeth and sharpen the other — to remove any debris between the teeth. Much later, in China, about in the 15th century there were models of modern dental brush. In contrast to his own contemporaries, old toothbrush was made of beech sticks, into which the bristles. Strengthen the bristles are not perpendicular, as a modern layout, and in parallel, as in the common brush. In Russia, similar devices have appeared in Ivan the Terrible.

In the centuries unchanged form dental brush, but remained constant introduction of natural bristle. These toothbrushes are a good medium for germs. It was only in 1937 the population of the earth was able to get a non-hazardous product for cleaning the teeth, was invented nylon. Around the same time, was invented the first electric toothbrushbrush. It not only cleans the teeth, and using micro-electric shock and cured them. Since that time, was invented and patented by no one weaving similar devices.

Some models of electric toothbrushes have additional attachments that allow you to clean your teeth in inaccessible places. Also, electric toothbrushes for cleaning produce pulsating movements which soften dental plaque, and also back-and rotational movements that it is removed.

His replacement toothbrushes engaged in mechanical cleaning of the teeth, come ultrasonic toothbrushes. Such devices possess antimicrobial activity. It is necessary to bring an ultrasonic toothbrush to the teeth as by sonication membrane collapses pathogens that form dental plaque. Especially effective is this brush with gum disease, when the counter at least some mechanical action. Because ultrasound affects all bacteria in the mouth, it has a beneficial effect not only on the teeth, and on the gums.

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