Unconventional outlook. Quantum Realism

November 2, 2011 20:56

Unconventional quantum world realism considers a Sofas and interaction in a high state of matter. Interaction between 6 and 7 states of matter are the principles of quantization.

In the traditional world of materialism have to do only with the potential fields. When the medium has a resistance.

Energy is the source of life. In the potential field energy flows from a higher potential to lower the resistance according to the environment.

High energy states of matter, 6 and 7, is the source of all reality. But how is the interaction in the medium has no resistance. Wednesday 2nd sostoyaniyas is superconducting. Therefore we environment 6 and 7 states do not notice, but they are.

Interaction in superconducting quantum fields is on the principles of quantization. The sustainability of the quantum structures that interact at very high speeds. These quantum structures have everything in reality. Quantum structures have a man. What happens in quantum structures, then determines a person's life. If you need to fix something, you should go to the appropriate quantum structures.

Quantum structures can not be in a static state. When disturbed the flow of energy, that is, a person becomes a closed system, then the process of the destruction of a structure of the results of disease, aging, black bars failure, and death. The basis for solving problems is to increase the openness of man and higher states of matter formed by their bodies.

Expansion of the living space is the main doctrine of survival and safety.

Ships once gave Columbus the opportunity to open for the first time in Europe a continent America. Focused on the new continent has inaugurated a new light — America, as a new type of society.

Outlook quantum realism allows a person to make a much more — discover other worlds. From these worlds affect our lives. Affect our safety, health, longevity, success, and happiness.

However, the path to that necessary to overcome the chains of slavery of old philosophies of materialism — idealism, become reliable sources of danger, disease, poverty, death, failure, hopelessness.

The collapse of the socialist camp, only a small beginning of "New construction of the World", which is held under the radiation quantum realism. Have to overcome the plague world communism, national socialism, socialist realism, anarchism, and more. We have to gradually regain and strengthen the status of an elite human master role, as in the Masonic, and in a high, closed from the ignorant, elite organizations.

In the traditional world of idealism partially implemented the concept of quantization. When the relative system man — habitat unit closes the inflow of energy quantization second state of matter, in Christianity, this node is called a sin in Buddhism — Dharma, Taoism — blocking the flow of life energy.

The experience of thousands of years of existence of these religions, saying how important it is for the development of higher states of human matter.

In themselves these religions say that an era when the old technology can not ensure the security of the old civilizations. The real hope only to master. How many of them on the ground? Six — ten million. How little life to form civilizations.

The main problem of people that do not have enough life masters. What to do? — Become themselves masters of life. Do not wait for a miracle rescue. It will not.

Activation of higher states of matter, 6 and 7 levels, untrained people do not survive. Devices show a continuous increase in the emission of high states of matter. It turns out that there is such a background radiation, which is a reference to life. The radiation is not only nuclear, electromagnetic, and higher states of matter. The lead in this activity is the emission seventh state. So far the black hole space — not far away. We are in the influence it.

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