Underwater City

Many people know how famous pyramids of Egypt. Have you ever wondered if there are any where — what — something like that?

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Indeed, the huge stone monument found near the island of Yonaguni underwater. It was accidentally discovered scuba diving tour operator in 1987. This monument did not attract much attention until the scientists have not taken pictures of this unique plant and released him from the ground.

It was found that a complex of different buildings, which included castles, monuments and even a complex system of roads. It was a town that was submerged in all probability during the earthquake. The largest building, found under the water, it looks like a pyramid that rises out of the water at 25 meters.

Scientists recognize that this construction is natural and has been transformed people. How else to explain the steps on this stone sculpture of leading from the terrace, which is reminiscent of the main entrance to the upper terrace. These rock formations used by ancient civilizations, an example can serve the Sphinx in Egypt.

Also found at a depth of underwater sphinx, archaeologists have nicknamed him "rock goddess". Was found a round stone like a human face, many believe that it is the giant Atlas. Who praised this sunken city.

Found many stone tablets with hieroglyphics like Egyptian. Each installation has not yet been deciphered, but it is believed that they say about the history of the sunken city. Often depicted on the plates pyramid.

In 1771, the island of Yonago strong tsunami struck, scientists believe that this disaster and led to the death of an ancient advanced civilization.
Many archaeologists have come to the conclusion that civilization came 5000let ago, but scientists suggest that advanced civilizations existed 10000nazad and were razed to the ground after disasters.

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