Unexplained mysteries of medicine

New Scientist magazine published an article that could perplex any specialist. It describes events are surprising, in part — misunderstanding, but are documented and studied by scientists from around the world.

Allergic to water

It sounds absurd — given that our body is 60% water — but some people really are allergic to water.

They certainly can drink it. The problem is caused by water contact with the skin. A few minutes a bath or shower — and their skin is covered with itchy red spots.

For the first time, this state (denoted by the medical term akvagennaya urticaria) was described in 1964. It still has not found an explanation. Cause of such an allergy can be, for example, the cytotoxic response of the skin on contact with water or ultra-high sensitivity to its ions.

People chimera

Imagine now that a genetic test shows that you are not the mother of his children, but know exactly who gave them life. This is not science fiction. Such situations are noted in several countries.

It turned out that the mother in such cases by man-chimera (two in one). She — the fruit of the merger of two fraternal, that is obtained from different maternal ova twins.

No one knows how often people are born chimera, but modern techniques of artificial fertilization, obviously, the spread of this phenomenon.

Foreign accent syndrome

If you woke up with a strong Jamaican accent, despite the fact that never in my life have not even heard about this island, so you have developed foreign accent syndrome.

The most famous such case occurred in 1941, when a resident of Norway out of the shock after being wounded in the bombing and began to speak with a strong German accent.

Previously it was believed that the roots of psychological symptoms, but scientists now believe that the reason for its development — damage speech centers of the brain as a result of strokes or injuries.

Perhaps the focus and as such does not appear, and we are listening, subconsciously trying to classify it modified the victim.

Morgellonova disease

Its symptoms are: the growth of fibers out of the itching of the skin, accompanied by sharp pain and feelings of quickening — as if the person is infected with parasites.

Thousands of people in the world suffer from this disease, and the cause is unknown.

Going to the doctor, they hear it — a well-known mental disorder called delusional parasitosis, in which the sick person firmly believes that the discomfort caused by the presence of parasites in the hearth.

Who is right? While it is unclear, but studies are underway. Some scientists believe that the reason for the increase described fibers — the bacterium Agrobacterium, causes tumors in plants.

Madness of King George 

British King George III suffered from significant mental disorder, for which he had to tie a straitjacket.

Scientists believe that the reason for this is a genetic disease — porphyria. But in 2005, as a result of the study was obtained by the hair of King unexpected result, high concentrations of arsenic.

It is believed that the drugs that were given to the king, containing arsenic, thus burdening the disease.

Filthy finger

In one issue of the journal The Lancet in 1996 has been described an unusual case. 29-year-old man complained that his finger, five years ago accidentally punctured a chicken bone, has long exuded stench. The smell could be heard at a great distance, and examine the patient in a closed cabinet was just unbearable.

The reason for the stench was so clear, modern antibiotics — suggesting that the infection was guilty, although sow microorganisms could not — did not help the patient. Therefore, this article, the authors asked the help of colleagues who could deal with such cases and successfully cured.

What happened to the poor man's next? The author contacted the board takes ill. The response was even more surprising: "After a while, the disease suddenly disappeared, in itself, that it was — it is not clear."


The hands and feet of Mr. Dede, a resident of West Java in Indonesia are like twigs, and he — on-poluderevo polucheloveka.

The reason? Fortunately for the patient, the mystery solved recently.

In his state guilty rare immunodeficiency allowing pappilomavirusu — known to everyone suffering from warts — go out of control of the body.

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