Unidentified object nearly caused a disaster in the skies over Denver May 14, 2012

May 19, 2012 13:29

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident in mystical sky. Mysterious object flying over Denver, nearly causing a crash, as it became known edition 9 Wants To Know. As far as the participants of the investigation, a mysterious object did not show up on the radar Monday. The researchers believe that this may be a serious threat to the safety of aircraft. Broadcast LiveATC.net confirms that the pilot reported a strange nervous facility at 5:17 pm on Monday. The pilot hears the dispatcher: "Remote-controlled aircraft, or what? Just something goes wrong … about 20-30 seconds ago. It was like a big radio-controlled device. "

Corporate jet Cessna Citation CJ1 525 was flying at an altitude of 8,000 feet (2.44 km) above sea level on the Cherry Creek when a mysterious object close enough to make anyone nervous pilot.
"This is a problem because we now have in controlled airspace, which is dangerous," — said the former expert of the National Council for Transport Safety and aviation analyst Greg Feith channel 9News.
Faith listened to records with the negotiations said the pilots and the object could be one of the 3:

  • military or police drone;
  • remote-controlled aircraft;
  • big bird.

"Whether it was a drone that was part of any law enforcement operation? Maybe someone without warning launched large airplane model? Or is it just [can be a bird] was something that caught the attention of the pilot that he felt for the aircraft, but it was a very large bird with a wingspan "- said Faith.
Any of these things can lead to disaster, if faced with the aircraft. Three years ago, a bird shot down a commercial airliner, which managed to land safely in the Hudson River. All passengers survived. Press Secretary of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, Mike Fergus said the participants of the investigation will be to talk to the pilot and to look for other clues.
"This is a threat in terms of the risk of collision. We will do what we can to see to it that there was at that time. Perhaps you should talk with some aviation clubs, and in that spirit, "- said Fergus. The task of the research group is to identify the mysterious object before it will happen next, or something worse.

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