Universal Fighter: The Pros and Cons

Universal Soldier: The Pros and Cons

As protectors of the fatherland needs any state, for the preparation of fighter time to spare can not be, and it is perfectly realized by the leaders of various countries at all times. In the old Sparta, for example, training fighters began specifically from the boy's birth. Newborn babies males subjected to serious selection, rather than kids who qualified, according to Plutarch, dumped from the mountains, past a selection of boys were brought up in a very formidable criteria: they had to learn to go without sleep for days, constantly improve their physical abilities endure the cold, beatings. In the end, strength, stamina and cohesion Spartan warriors, not just glorified them on the ground of the Eastern Mediterranean, and left the memory of them forever.

And from that time on throughout the last several centuries of military science is trying to find a way to fast-track training of soldiers who can kill without remorse, fearless and tireless in combat.

After the end of the second World War, it was assumed that the men will not have to take a specific role in military conflicts, providing all business technology: tanks and missiles, and the military can only control the process by pressing the appropriate button. But time has shown that in the XXI century war can be long and painful, example is in the military operations of recent years, when the soldiers had to fight knee-deep in mud and dust.

The prospect of a metabolizing learning on the fly tireless and fearless fighter is particularly attractive also because for the soldiers ended up treated as cannon fodder, and to prepare them to spend more money from the state budget. But the development of the real Terminator robot-killers, hardly makes sense to dream in the coming decades, as modern boats while hardly do simple tasks such as climbing stairs.

Another great success scientists have been able to achieve in the creation of technology that turns the living into a fighting machine. According to Michael Hanlon, only this year the Pentagon has sent 400 million dollars for research through the creation of the perfect man-warrior. And this summer, the company Lockheed made a presentation robot a suit «Hulc», (Human Universal Load Carrier), in fact, is a universal transport device for humans. This armor allows the average person does not just raise the stokilogrammovye cargo, but to run, not letting it go at the speed of 16 km / h

Scientists do not sidestep the problem of lack of sleep and fighter, associated with the necessity long wakefulness. In general, this problem is rooted in the dark ages, and different peoples in different time in its approach to its solution. In the old Sparta boys trained to do without sleep, and Inca warriors for the same purpose chewed coca leaves. In a later time, people began to use nicotine, caffeine, amphetamines, and other groups of stimulant drugs, as modafinil, which allows fighters of modern special forces mission not to interrupt the execution of its own obligations, even after two days without sleep. But chemists continue to work on the extension of the act of modafinil.

Another discrepancy is the struggle with psychological disorders of war, namely, post-traumatic stress disorder. At the current time this ailment cure psychotherapeutic techniques and the use of antidepressants, which is fine, but it is very expensive and takes away a lot of time. Because chemists continue to search for high-speed drug capable if not completely erase the unnecessary memoir, then, at least, to remove them. Harvard psychiatry Roger Pitman teacher conducts experiments with beta-blocker propranolom commonly used in the treatment of hypertension. In the experiment are participating young people, who at one point experienced a traumatic accident. During the experiment it was found that taking propranola helps people not to respond to the tragedy of the video to their role.

South American psychologist Albert Rizzo to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder without the introduction of chemical means was created by computer game "Virtual Iraq", immersion in a virtual world which should assist veterans relieve stress.

Compared to other attempts to influence the psyche of a soldier in particular stands latest development of modern neuroscience, through which the world learned that a strong magnetic field in an unusual way affects the human brain, stimulating memory and thinking. How exactly this happens, scientists have not been able to find, but the test participants could understand at once the content directory. But the effect has a short-lived temper. Yet further implementation may be the magnetic field to facilitate the study battle electronics and other devices zamudrennyh military.

Yet, the transformation of man into the perfect fighting machine that knows no remorse, do not actually feel pain and have no fear, regardless of merit, has its flaws. After all, the natural reaction of the body and are able to bring their favor, the horror provokes our brain on the development of solutions, allowing us to once again not to endanger themselves and others, lethargy is a signal to the body, which testifies to the overvoltage, and the existence of common standards and values helps bring people together.

And most importantly: creation versatile fighter and unresponsive zombies are not a guarantee of victory, because people who fight for the idea, always found a method to win spoiled fruits of civilization mercenaries. Patriotism, battle spirit and team spirit — the key of success in the war against what enemy though.

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