Universal Italian-made transport helicopters — AW169 and AW189

In the middle of 2010 at the Farnborough International Air Show was the first time introduced a new Italian Helicopter 2-motor performance AW169. helicopter can move up to 10 passengers on board. According to the manufacturer «AgustaWestland» they will cooperate closely with the different departments that will allow them for the next 20 years to sell about 1,000 copies AW169.

Universal Italian-made transport helicopters - AW169 and AW189

March 2011. The European Commission gave "good" for the allocation of state subsidies for the development of new helicopter models 4.5 and 8 tons of Italian company «AgustaWestland». The Italian government has allocated 272 million euros at an interest-free loan for almost 20 years. The Commission estimates that the Italian helicopter will be able to save this makarom about 30 percent of the 95 million-euro if he took a loan from commercial organizations. AW169 will be one of the necessary helicopters because helicopters with a takeoff weight of 3 to 6 tons at this time in Europe, in fact.

In the middle of 2011 at the ongoing exhibition «Paris Air Show» Italian company «AgustaWestland» showed its newest rotary-wing aircraft — AW189. The helicopter has a takeoff weight of 8 tons, created on the basis of a military transport helicopter mission AW149 is absolutely modern machine. 2-motor rotary-wing aircraft can carry up to 18 passengers at a distance of up to 230 km (total range of up to 450 km). Passenger seats are made in the 4th rows of 4 seats. In addition, the helicopter can take a payload of up to 2.7 tons for external load. On-board equipment is unified with his younger brother AW169. It is expected that the AW189 will be certified in 2014.

Universal Italian-made transport helicopters - AW169 and AW189

In the middle of 2011 «AgustaWestland» receives an investment from the Government of England in the amount of 32 million pounds with the condition that certain components will be assembled at the factory British airline.

21.12.2011 year. Layout AW189 for the first time rising into the sky. The flight took place at the plant «AgustaWestland» in the town of Cascina Costa. This helicopter is designed for testing and the certification of avionics equipment. The subsequent flight, which is scheduled for 2012 year will be used for tests on the strength of the machine. The helicopter is provided with 2 engines «CT7-2E1» from the company «General Electric» total capacity of 4000 hp The flight speed of up to 275 km / h Avionics from «Rockwell Collins». There are already orders for helicopters from companies such as «Bel Air», «Bristow Helicopters», «Weststar Aviation Services». It is expected that the AW189 will be certified in 2013, and in 2014 it will begin serial deliveries.

February 2012. Signed the first contract for the supply of new and AW189 helicopters AW169 the Russian Federation. The agreement was signed with «Exclases Holdings Ltd», which is positioned as the exclusive distributor of «AgustaWestland» in Russia and the former Soviet mills. We are talking about 2 copies AW169, 2 copies AW189 and 2 copies AW139. Russian helicopters customer data is not specified. It is expected that in the Russian market, sell more than 50 copies of each helicopter.

Beginning in May 2012. Russian commission dealing with foreign investment, gave "good" for the acquisition of 50 percent stake in Russian helicopter «HeliVert» Italian «AgustaWestland». The company has a factory power in the suburban town of Tomilino. While the assembly is scheduled helicopter AW139. It is expected that within a couple of years «HeliVert» will be able to produce 15-20 helicopters year.

10.05.2012 year. In the sky for the first time rose the most experienced helicopter AW169. In that year he was joined by two prototypes and one in 2013. Chapter «AgustaWestland» B. Spanolini noted that the helicopter is the only model from the beginning of the millennium in the category of 3 to 6 tons. There are already preliminary orders for more than 50 copies of the AW169.

Universal Transport AW169
Avionics new helicopter Italian helicopter is the latest technology for the greatest understanding of the situation and all weather situations. It comes compatible digital glass-type enclosure with 3 LEDs AMLCD 8 by 10 inches with excessive graphics capability. The helicopter provided by the digital 4-osnym autopilot with dual control system «FMS», satellite navigation «IFR LPV». Security systems — avoidance system «TCAS II, HTAWS / SVI», system obstacle detection "guardian." The helicopter is made with the introduction of advanced environmental solutions, engines can run on low-emission, which provides low noise produced. Corps helicopter is made of environmentally unblemished materials with the introduction of modern technology. During rescue operations, the helicopter can carry two stretchers with victims, two huge sliding doors. The power plant is made for security technology explosion containment. Helicopter has a great in store modernization and to enhance the maintainability. The helicopter can be provided with all-weather search radar, thermal imaging, FLIR, medical or rescue equipment.

The main properties of the AW169:
— take-off weight of 4.5 tons;
— power plant — two PW210A from the company «Pratt & Whitney» total of 2000 hp;
— class load — ISA +20 SL, MGW;
— seats — Pilot 1-2, 8-10 passengers;
— additional fuel tanks;
— retractable landing gear, rescue winch;
— cargo hook, emergency rafts;
— outdoor camera cable system frisky descent;
— Anti-Shock Protection System;
— modern console;
— external speakers;
— spotlight.

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