Universe — a big illusion?

December 22, 2012 0:48

Universe - a big illusion?

Why the world looks the way they did? As he is really like? Why it happens is what we call miracles, and why do not always work the laws of physics? Can I learn to control reality and the events that are happening around us? There is only one theory that explains it all: the so-called material world does not exist …

That was when there was nothing

On the origins of the universe thought people in ancient times. Theologians believed that it was created by the Creator for a few thousand years before Christ. But archaeological and paleontological findings prove that the Earth and life on it at least a million years.

Much closer to the truth, it seems, was Aristotle, who asserted that the universe has no beginning and no end and will last forever …

For a long time the universe was considered static and unchanging, but in 1929 the American astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered that it is constantly expanding. Consequently, it is not always existed, and is the result of some processes, he reasoned. This is how the Big Bang theory, which billions of years ago gave rise to stars and galaxies. But if, before the Big Bang did not exist, what led to it?
In 1960, physicist John Wheeler has developed a theory of "pulsating universe."

According to it, the universe is repeatedly passed through cycles of expansion and contraction reverse, that is such a large explosion was throughout its history, at least somewhat. Another theory implies protovselennoy: first matter was to appear, and then rang the big bang.
Finally, there is the hypothesis of the emergence of the universe from the quantum foam, which are affected by fluctuations in energy. "Foaming" quantum bubbles "inflated" and generate new worlds. But again, this did not explain the main thing: what existed before the formation of a matter?

Researcher tried to resolve the paradox known astrophysicist James Hartle and Stephen Hawking, in 1983 offered another theory. It holds that the universe has no boundaries and its structure is based on the so-called wave function that describes the different quantum states of particles of matter. This makes possible the existence of a set of parallel universes with different sets of physical constants.

Nonphysical world picture

The main drawback of all scientific models of formation of the universe is that so far they were based on the so-called physical world. But it could be other worlds! Worlds where the laws of physics do not work.
We've learned that we are surrounded by matter? objective reality given to us in sensation. But the feeling of something everyone has their own, individual! Let us remember the same Plato, who believed that there is a world of ideas (eidos), and matter are the only projection of these ideas … Here we come to the most important around us does not matter, and the ideas, images!
Consider the phenomenon of autism. A child born, perceives the world around it in the form of images and sensations, and not as a collection of objects. In time, he learns to see the world as a whole picture, linking various objects and concepts.

Autistic people may perceive the same reality, but they can not analyze it.

But they are able to absorb a lot of the "primary" information that is not available to most of us.

So, Iris Swede Johansson, who, suffering from autism, yet able to adapt to the "normal" world, and even a profession of the teacher and a psychologist to feel the so-called "life energy." As a child living in a family of peasants, where the cows were kept, she has always seen which of calves did not survive. In his youth, Iris worked in a barber shop and learned, making the women hairstyles, restore energy potential clients if he was exhausted. Client left the barbershop, feeling an unusual burst of energy. Thanks to Iris has become a very popular master. The usual people on such miracles can not.

Evidence of illusion

Physicist Hugh Everett proposed that thought or action the emerging reality

Physicist Hugh Everett proposed that thought or action the emerging reality

But what about the magic and religion? Eastern philosophers believe that the material world — is an illusion, Maya. Ancient Slavs divided the world into reality, Nav and right: the material world and the spirit world and the world of higher principle, control reality. What if through certain rituals we can influence reality?
Any psychic will tell you that when you hover the damage or non-traditional treatment of human impact is at the level of energy. But here is a specific mechanism that occurs at this point, you do not explain even the most advanced magician. He knows just what to get a certain result must hold a certain ritual.

Mage because working with ideas, not with the physical picture of the world.

How, then, to make the idea work for you? First of all, you should realize the fact that there are parallel realities, the number of which may tend to infinity. And they are not "out there", and surround us. Only we do not see the process of "transition" from one reality to another. Or notice, but see it as a miracle. Say some thing disappeared and then reappeared.
Seeing something unusual, we will immediately take the vision of hallucination, whereas, most of all, we have to look into one of the many parallel worlds. By the way, we used to perceive reality as something stable and orderly, but people with certain brain disorders are able to see it for what it really is commonly perceived by us as delusions and gives rise to twist a finger to his temple.

The phenomenon of materialization

The once brilliant physicist engaged quantum mechanics, Hugh Everett proposed that any thought or action leads to the selection, which forms a so-called reality. At the same time, "unrealized" options continue to exist as a parallel.

For example, you go one way, got stuck in traffic and late for a job interview, so that it never received. Went the other — arrived at the time, and the interview went well. Is it possible to "move beyond" the one "branch" of the many realities of the other? Here's what we do when we are trying to rebuild their lives.

This very well illustrated by Vadim Zeland in its series of books "The eBook URL." He explains why the strong desire is often not true. If we want something badly, then there is excess capacity, and reality begins to redress the balance. No wonder there is a saying: "If you want to make God laugh — tell him about your plans."

In recent years, there was excitement about the system Simoron. In essence, we are offered an option of so-called positive thinking, but with the use of various rituals. How does it work? Man "shakes" borders familiar picture of the world (call it simoronisty RMB) and falls on the other "wave", which for him is more desirable. For example, calling simoronisty often jump into another world. How? Very simple — jump from a chair or bed, saying to myself, I jump for a new job, a new apartment, with its half, and so on.

Mothers Against Chaos

But why should we then do an objective reality? Is not it better to be in a world of illusions, since they can be manipulated at will?
The fact that the material world? it is a kind of protection from chaos. Imagine that you're on a tiny island in the middle of an endless sea. You, at least, solid ground, and if you dive into the waves, they carry you to God knows where.
Rather, once people actually saw the world as chaotic as it is in reality. And have created the so-called physical reality, to avoid unwanted metamorphosis. In essence, this theory explains everything: the UFO, and the appearance of ghosts and telepathy and clairvoyance … After all, the "true" world, no boundaries, and it can be anything.
But if our world is an illusion, there must be some ultimate source that generated it. This is the mystery of God. If all this is indeed the case, then who created him? It is unlikely that there will be at least one scientist or philosopher who can answer this question, because, most likely, our limited consciousness simply does not make sense given the answer.


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