Upgraded AN-70 was flight tested to verify the improved equipment

Military transport aircraft (MTC) AN-70 with onboard equipment, which passed thorough modernization,

successfully flight tested to check the features of this

Notices by running three test flights.

According to the company, "Antonov", the tests were carried out from 27 to 30 September.

The AN-70 was installed new and upgraded aircraft systems, including engines Turbopropfan (TVVD), a system of control of the aircraft and the mechanization of the wing to create a high-lift, as well as control the surrounding environment in the cockpit. The results of the tests confirmed the willingness of the An-70 military-technical cooperation to participate in the joint program of flight tests conducted by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and Russia.

Work to improve the on-board equipment of AN-70 included the modernization of the power plant by equipping its improved fan with a lower level of generated noise and improved engine management system and propfans. Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) has been replaced with a new, designed to work in the broader conditions.

Almost all the avionics An-70, including indicators in the cockpit, has been improved due to the improvement of hardware components and new tasks at the request of the customer. However, mathematical models and algorithms for control of aircraft and its components are subjected to change. In this regard, to ensure the continuation of previous flight test and the results they achieved.

According to the program of preliminary tests improved An-70 is planned to conduct 20 flights, which will be attended by experts of the Ministries of Defense of Russia and Ukraine. After that, the aircraft will be transferred to the final stage of state joint tests, during which will be held on 75 flights.

The crews and technical staff involved in this program, prepared in the training center of "Antonov".

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