Upgraded commuter train ÝÄ4Ì

At JSC "DMZ" at the beginning of September this year, was made the first section of the upgraded commuter trains ÝÄ4Ì number 0500. Another pull wagon is active in the production period. In October, planned to send this train on the certification tests. After that, will be negotiated with JSC "Russian Railways" and determined the order for mass production of electric trains in this series.

JSC "Demikhovsky Machine Building Plant" (Moscow region, is part of JSC "Transmashholding") — the parent company of Russia on the development and mass production of electric commuter and regional reports of direct and alternating current. Of "DMZ" produces more than 80% of all electric trains, manufactured in our country, and is Europe's largest plant under construction in the number of electric cars.

Electric designed to carry passengers in a suburban and inter-communication on electrified railways of 1520 mm at nominal voltage in the contact system to 3000V.

The train may be used for lines with both high and low platforms.

Distinguishing features:

• Energy-saving electrical equipment (reduction in power consumption for traction in sredneekspluatatsionnom mode, allowing up to 20% reduction rheostat losses at start 2 times, reduction of current loads of traction equipment, increasing reliability.)

• Modern design of the exterior and interior of cars (new frontal part of the modern streamlined. Sleek body without external corrugations. Coloring electric polyurethane enamels with applying a protective varnish. Protective lacquer pokrytieobespechivaet increased UV resistance and resistance to corrosion.)

• Conditions for the passage of passengers with disabilities (Head cars equipped with electric folding ramps that allow people with disabilities to easily get to a salon trains. In electric drive provides space for wheelchair users. Free complexes adapted for use by people with disabilities).

• The air conditioning system in the interior of the car (Allows you to provide a comfortable passenger travel, automatically maintain the desired temperature in the interior of the car in the winter, autumn and spring and in the summer, in accordance with the requirements of sanitation and safety rules and regulations of NB VT.)

• Modern ergonomic beds (designed from the modern wear-resistant materials that provide increased service life. Sofas are a modern ergonomic design and optimally positioned in the cabin, which creates a more comfortable passenger travel. Depending on the direction of electric operation, at the request of the customer can be ustanovkakak six-seat chairlifts blocks and 2-D and 3-seater chairlifts blocks.)

• Video surveillance system in salons and vestibules (CCTV allows you to register the events and store them in non-volatile memory, real-time information is displayed on the operator's console. CCTV system is automatically activated when the supply voltage. Installing this system allows you to improve the security of passenger travel in the electric train .)

• Use of energy efficient technologies in lighting (LED light line in the salons, LED signal lights and tail-lamp, LED lights control drop-off/pick-up, LED lights in lobbies) (high durability, energy saving, high light output, high mechanical strength and stability; wide operating temperature range.)

• Unified driver panel, which meets modern requirements for ergonomics and safety of the driver, a function of a complex diagnostic equipment carriages, built-in automatic driving ipozharo-alarm system. Constructive PGA, the location of displays and controls, the amount and type of information provided allow the engineer conducting electric "one person" without an assistant driver.

• Static converter auxiliary PSN-80 (Designed to provide auxiliary power consumers, including air-conditioning system. More reliable operation over the rotating converters, high power. Best voltage, noise reduction).

• Asymmetrical pantograph (smaller mass of moving parts. Fluctuations collector when driving less rocking elements of contact network that provides the best runner collector clamp to the contact wire and, thus, the best current collection. Takes up less space on the roof, which facilitates the placement of skylights equipment. Less material consumption . require less drive power for lifting and lowering.)

• Sealed inter-vehicle crossings (Sealed intercar transition eliminates the need for mezhtamburnyh doors, eliminating gender difference and the transition adjustment, provides full protection of passengers from rain. Through the installation of these transitions are increased thermal insulation cars, reduced noise level inside the cars.)

• Sealed reclining sliding doors and door design of the control unit allows for safe transport of passengers and prevent cases of clamping body parts and personal belongings in the wings of the passenger door and signals the engineer door closure.

Reclining sliding doors provide sealing of the car, have a modern look and enhanced corrosion resistance.

• Mezhvagonnyebezzazornye coupling devices that provide a better ride and low noise. Reducing the dynamic loads on the car. Reducing the dynamic loads on passengers when driving a train (no punches in the loop link.) Wear reduction circuit links. Improved ride. Coupling device allows you to perform an inter-vehicle transition smooth, which provides a more comfortable transition from car to car.

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