Upgraded hovercraft Mars 2000

In "AKS-Invest" has a long tradition of always being a leader. To do this, we do our best to ensure that our technology is superior to the highest expectations of our customers. To modernize amphibious boat "Mars 2000" was the decision of several major issues — improving reliability components and assemblies, enhancing comfort for the passengers and crew, increase the service life of the vessel, reducing maintenance costs. In 2012, the design of SVP "Mars 2000" introduced the following innovations:

  • On the new boat "Mars 2000" used marine engine brand FNM (Italy), made specially commissioned "AKS-Invest". Their design is optimized for installation on the SVP of our production. These engines have a lower fuel consumption compared to the previously used.
  • In the pilothouse installed instrument cluster, consisting of blocks of modern electronic display and control, which displays all the necessary information about the modes of the engine. 
  • First applied electro clutch, drawing the Italian company with the design office "AKS-Invest" especially for SVP "Mars 2000". Was also developed and implemented a system of protection against abnormal operation of the engine and error skipper.
  • The system paging skeg applied solenoid valves. 
  • Boats equipped with powerful long-lasting electric compressor swap skeg made in Italy.
  • Redesigned front doors for easier opening and closing.
  • Enhanced gas exhaust can improve fire safety and reduce noise.  
  • The boat is equipped with nominally modern radar equipment, allowing you to connect and display the radar signals from the sonar, night vision, thermal imaging, surveillance cameras and any other necessary equipment. The touch screen has a wide viewing angle, high brightness and clarity of the information display.

Design Bureau "AKS-Invest" is constantly working to upgrade, use the best components available on the market, which increases the quality and reliability of products under the brand name "Mars".

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